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Search Results for: fart girl

Brianna 12

Here is Brianna in all her glory, straddling you high in her fart chair! With careful precision, she opens her anus to blow you a kiss! Brianna's pussy lips hang delightfully within reach as she entices you nearer to taste her farts! When Brianna is ... 9315 views

Brianna 13

Brianna is one sweet down-home fantasy in her tight denim shorts. But something's wrong: this country girl's blue jeans are overflowing with farts! Fortunately, Brianna has plenty of rural hospitality and instructs you to jerk off to her anyway! Her ... 5324 views

Brianna 14

Brianna has been studying away at her homework, but sitting like that for so long has caused gas to build up in her stomach. Fortunately she is wearing her cute pink skirt and matching panties and they are just perfect for blowing farts through! Taki... 8637 views

Nicky Ferrari 8

Nicky is doing some stretching to press out the gas bubbles in her stomach and they come out of her ass in long, squealching spurts! This lithe Latina is farting so hard while she stretches it's amazing she doesn't blow a hole in her spandex pants! I... 9400 views

Nicky Ferrari 9

Nicky Ferrari is ready to hit the beach. But first she has to fart on her beach ball! The only thing bigger than her tits, the poor beach ball gets thoroughly coated with a heavy misting of flatulence as Nicky presses her bikini-bottomed butt to it a... 8224 views

Nicky Ferrari 10

Damn, Nicky! What did you eat? Whatever it was, it doesn't stop her from masturbating her pussy, even while her ass is just ripping one big, juicy fart after another! Nicky has to pull her blue lace panties aside to let all the air out, giving you a ... 14390 views

Nicky Ferrari 11

Things get "muey caliente" when Nicky gives you masturbation instruction in Espanol! It doesn't matter if you can't understand: her orders to stroke your hard dick are easy to understand, plus farts speak every language! That's right, Nicky has a but... 12769 views

Nicky Ferrari 12

Nicky is one cool blue fart queen. She's got her lovely blue skirt lifted up, her big Latina butt spread wide, and plenty of hot and horrible farts to propel her as she rolls around on the bed! Nicky's farts are so foul she can't help but waft the st... 10840 views

Nicky Ferrari 13

Nicky gets nude and lewd, farting on her fingers and then going ass-to-mouth with her own dirty digits! Lovely Nicky spreads her ass wide and then fingers her anus until the farts fly free! But the sound an smell aren't enough for this daring beauty.... 13462 views

Nicky Ferrari 14

Nicki is all dressed up with no place to go... except to the toilet! This busty beauty is adorned in tantalizing black lingerie, but her stomach is so distraught she'll be spending tonight in the bathroom! Dolled up, yet doubled over, Nicky strains a... 16444 views

Nikki Ford 8

Nikki's farts have ruined a night out with her friends, but they're going to make a night in with you very special! As soon as her black and white dress comes up, Nikki's ass comes open and horrible noises begin to come out of it! When Nikki's big eb... 6522 views

Nikki Ford 9

Nikki is ready to repay nasty unto nasty. Her boyfriend jerked off everywhere and just left the tissues lying around so Nikki does the only sensible thing she can think of: she farts all over his clean tissues! Revenge is anything but sweet when the ... 5336 views

Nikki Ford 10

Nikki really needs to exercise more. She can't even stretch. All that happens when she tries are great big, smelly farts! Nikki bravely assumes various positions in an effort to tone her body and the resulting farts assume a variety of different musi... 8460 views

Nikki Ford 11

What did Nikki do between eating lots of cheese and broccoli and partying with her friends at the nightclub? She ripped open her stockings so there's be nothing between you and her flatulent butthole! After the day Nikki's had she needs you to help h... 3697 views

Nikki Ford 12

Nikki can be so nasty at times. She doesn't bathe and saves up her farts to make the room smell really bad. This is what turns her on, though: undulating on the bed in the stink of her own armpits while gaping her ass open for a big, gassy release! W... 4771 views

Nikki Ford 13

Nikki just can't get to sleep at night unless she spends some time prepping the world's luckiest pillow! That's right, Nikki is so fart-obsessed that she can only sleep on a pillow puffed up with her own gas! So she does what she has to do, humping t... 3748 views

Nikki Ford 14

Nikki can't believe she ate the whole thing! One cheese pizza adds up to one long night on the toilet for nude Nikki who must fart her way through an epic bought of constipation! Nikki doubles over and spreads her ass in her quest for relief, but far... 4618 views

Osa Lovely 10

Osa is being very candid today and talking about her lifelong battle with chronic flatulence. It's no laughing matter: this poor woman cannot stop farting! Osa doesn't let her keep it down though. In fact, she loves her farting, flatulent, noisy body... 5716 views

Osa Lovely 11

Osa looks so sexy and seductive in her pink bra and matching thong panties, but she is feeling seriously uncomfortable. Her stomach is completely blocked up with gas! In fact, Osa is so blocked up that she has to shake, flap, and wiggle her ebony boo... 5791 views

Osa Lovely 12

"Don't judge me!" Osa begs in a whisper as she farts into her hand and then smells it. What we can judge is that a hand cupped to her ass, ready to shovel farts into her face is pretty damn sexy! Osa begs her ass to give her gas as she keeps it old s... 3722 views

Osa Lovely 13

Osa is spending some quality time on the toilet and she's impressed by your desire to be in on the action! As Osa works the gas out of her body, she works into the kinky idea of being your fart fantasy! Determined to find a release from the brimstone... 7366 views

Osa Lovely 14

It isn't easy being a woman in the business world. It's bad enough when employees make you lose money, but it's even worse when they get shocked that your passing gas while on the phone with them! But Osa is the boss so she can fart whenever and wher... 10047 views

Osa Lovely 15

Osa's workout plan really should not have included cheap protein shakes on top of a long jog. Now she's sweating up a storm and about to fart herself right out of the room! All she wanted to do was relax on the couch after a hard workout, but now Osa... 5088 views

Osa Lovely 16

Osa is ready for you. She has a big, strong, brown ass full of big, strong brown farts! The only thing that's missing is your nose deep inside her pulsating asshole. Osa knows how much you love the smell and she loves to save it for someone who truly... 7722 views