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Search Results for: fart girl

Stephanie Saint 9

Sultry Stephanie Saint is allocating her time wisely when cuddling up with a good book while wearing nothing but a virginal white bra and a delightful snowy thong. She’s sexy in spectacles and doing her best to concentrate on the text despite bein... 4683 views

Stephanie Saint 10

Stephanie Saint is cute as a button but not in the greatest shape! That changes today, as this sweetheart endeavors to begin a workout regimen. She is working hard to tighten her hot body, but is plagued by a case of nasty gas that surrounds her with... 5148 views

Stephanie Saint 11

“Get down; I’m gonna fart on your face,” are some powerful words when uttered by a woman as utterly hot as Stephanie Saint! She has donned a cheetah-print bra and panty set and is her good-natured self, as always, while she is pointing her poot... 5520 views

Katrina Kox 27

It has been a spell since the outstanding Katrina Kox has been in our midsts. Is her ass as awesome as always? That’s a resounding, “Yes!” She wants to share some farts she has been saving in anticipation of you joining her on the couch as she ... 3915 views

Katrina Kox 28

Katrina Kox doesn’t mind waiting for her date to arrive as she spends time farting on her favorite table. She delights in the sounds her fierce, smelly farts produce as they blast against the table’s surface. With her legs spread wide, the view o... 3266 views

Katrina Kox 29

Kinky Katrina Kox knows you love the sound and flavor of her farts and invites you to bring your face and mouth up close to get better taste of the gassy handouts coming from her sweaty, stinky ass hole. The veins surrounding her pucker are like line... 6387 views

Katrina Kox 31

Join sultry Katrina Kox in her upscale bedroom as she has the lights down low and has put on a sexy bra and thong just for you. That’s not all this vixen has in her bag of tricks. She has so many farts for you to rub your big cock into while she re... 8976 views

Katrina Kox 32

Sitting in school all day, holding back gas, has left coed Katrina Kox in terrible pain. Once she is all alone in her room, she is farting in her tight jeans and really making a ruckus while pushing hard and creating some noisy honks. Young ladies do... 12839 views

Kay Love 3

Kay Love is looking for some attention, and is pleading with you to play with her while she farts. Her sweet little voice makes it easy to become enamored with this sexy ebony hottie! She’s so polite while asking for just the tip of your dick in he... 10554 views

Kay Love 6

Isn’t it adorable how Kay Love squeals with some of her startling squeaks? She has a dirty little butt, and her cute jean shorts are paying the price for her formidable flatulence. Despite the ferocious fetor, Miss Love endeavors to get up close a... 8288 views

Nikki Ford 23

Playful Nikki Ford enjoys her bouncy yoga ball and is curious what her farts sound like against the ball’s plastic exterior. In an adorable bikini, this tantalizing gal is going to test it out. She slides out of her bikini bottoms to fart directly ... 8497 views

Nikki Ford 26

Is Nikki Ford’s thong of the day embellished with tiny, red lip prints? Looks like it! But her cute thong doesn’t stay on for long once this sexy ebony goddess has farted on it a few times, then brings it to her nose for a few strong whiffs befor... 6557 views

Nikki Ford 29

Nikki Ford’s stomach is killing her, so she has sped into her bathroom to express the gas lingering in her ass. Her farts are hitting her toilet with gusto, as this is a girl who has gotta go! Listen to her farts overcome her as she complains about... 6660 views

Savannah Fox 24

Spy sultry Savannah Fox as she readies that hot body for a night on the town. She enters nude and slowly slides on adorable matching pink bra and panties then a tight dress, farting up a storm the entire time! Pretty girls fart, and Miss Fox is no ex... 9574 views

Savannah Fox 26

You thought you were going to finally get to sample Savanna Fox’s sweet pussy, but that is not going to happen after you’ve forgotten to make a deposit into her bank account enabling her to shop online while you were away. Sultry Savannah is not ... 9717 views

Savannah Fox 27

Who needs enemies with a roommate like Savannah Fox? She is pissed her roomie, Ashley, has left her yoga ball out in the living room so decides devious justice is in order and takes it upon herself to fart all over the sizable pink sphere! Savannah... 8460 views

Savannah Fox 28

Talk about sphincter control! Savannah Fox is a pro. She uses her manicured nail to slightly spread her cheek to work out a series of small toots during this dynamic display of farting, diva style! Sure, she can be a bit bossy, but would we want this... 8832 views

Scarlet Lavey 3

Scarlet Lavey has something sexy in store in the form of fierce, smelly farts. She’d like to give you all of her farts with intimate views of her putrid pucker releasing foul smells right into your mouth. Her luscious ass cheeks and winking ass hol... 8886 views

Scarlet Lavey 4

Scarlet Lavey isn’t reserved or refined as she is sharing a highly personal moment on the pot! She has rushed into her bathroom with an explosive ass and needs to find relief. With her sexy jean shorts at her ankles, this edgy diva is spilling it a... 9330 views

Katie O'Riley and Jennifer Anderson 2

Sweet, sexy brunette Katie O'Riley returns with her lovely new fart-toy: lovely brunette Jennifer Anderson, in this hot girl-on-girl scene. Katie leans back nude on our couch and has Jennifer lick her asshole as she release stinky fart after fart in ... 11348 views

Katie O'Riley and Jennifer Anderson

Sexy brunette Katie O'Riley is here to dominates brunette Jennifer Anderson in on our couch, making Jenifer her fart slave in this sexy girl-on-girl scene. Katie immediately forces Jennifer to put her face into Katie's tight butt and take her farts a... 6272 views

Blair Winters 15

With such a beautiful, white leather sectional, why would Blair Winters dare to sit sans panties while her ass is in overdrive with disgusting farts that might just leave a mark? The sound of her squeaks hitting her sofa are pretty impressive, but th... 6430 views

Blair Winters 16

Hottie Blair Winters is dressed to kill and about to be picked up by her guy. Wonder if she’s hoping to get lucky since she isn’t wearing any panties under her tight dress! When she realizes she has been hit with a bout of terrible gas, she works... 6074 views

Blair Winters 18

Do chips and salsa taste better with a side of smelly farts? You’d sure think so from the looks of Blair Winter’s noshing while knocking out some hardcore gassers. In nothing but a fitted tank top, Blair is seated at her kitchen table and doing a... 6653 views