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Search Results for: fart girl

Olivia Rain 6

Olivia Rain is sexy as heck in white bottoms pulled the side, and gassy as heck after eating something she shouldn’t have! Or maybe she’s always this gassy? Either way, this sex kitten is sharing detailed views of her sweet ass hole, while making... 5576 views

Olivia Rain 7

Olivia Rain is a gassy girl and has a barking ass to prove it! Her dark full moon is farting up a firestorm of stinkers, and Miss Rain is sharing them in sexy slow-motion! Go ahead and get right between those cheeks…Olivia isn’t interested in kee... 5867 views

Taylor Starr 21

Taylor Starr had to excuse herself from the barbecue when she found herself gassy and bloated after macaroni salad and beans did not settle in her belly. She hopes you don’t mind being privy to her putrid poots while she lies back, shorts unbuttone... 4934 views

Taylor Starr 22

Tempting Taylor Starr is in from a swim, but the sun’s rays have rendered her a sweaty mess, and hot dogs have left her extremely gassy. She sullies her sexy bikini bottoms with her ass explosions before taking them off and wiggling her sweet ass t... 5396 views

Taylor Starr 26

Get on your knees! Bootylicious Taylor Starr wants you there, and doing as told yields a delicious reward. She’s going to let you taste her farts after she has passed a plethora of gas through tight, conservative panties. Once those knickers are ca... 6965 views

Taylor Starr 27

Taylor Starr’s delicious ass is gorgeous and gassy! She is a kinky girl who loves to savor her flavors, and she is dipping a finger into her black hole to taste her butt with scrumptious finger licks after they have invaded her ass hole during a so... 7437 views

Taylor Starr 28

Dirty butt smells are like an aphrodisiac to Taylor Starr! She is stationed on her couch for a healthy pussy rub session, and she is enjoying the smell filling the room, courtesy of her farty, black bottom. Miss Starr's fingers never seem to get tire... 6213 views

Taylor Starr 29

Taylor Starr’s sexy black ass has been busy! She’s a gassy little thing, and she loves to show off! She is sharing today’s gas surplus in slow-motion and bringing you as close as you can get to her stinky butt as her pucker widens and the room ... 6510 views

Destinee Jackson

White chocolate leaves Destinee Jackson gassy, and she is a bit worried about your reaction to her noisy butt! She is in no way accustomed to farting in front of others, so when her ass takes over, she turns into a mix of embarrassed and amused. Know... 10169 views

Destinee Jackson 3

Finding a girl who can fart as loud and as long as Destinee Jackson is no easy feat! She is a force to be reckoned with when her ass is in overdrive! In a sexy pink bikini, she is filling her swimwear with an insane amount of gas until she slips out ... 9850 views

Destinee Jackson 6

Destinee Jackson has a round pucker that likes to perform! When she shows off her round, black hole in slow-motion, the results are fantastic! She knows exactly how to fart for the camera, starting slowly, so her farts last forever. For several sexy ... 13019 views

Destinee Jackson 7

Slender chicks should not sign up for eating contests, and Destinee Jackson is living proof of how a small girl is left rather gassy after competition. Normally, she comes out victorious, but her consumption renders her gassy, and she has a bad time ... 14511 views

Gia Love 10

Gia Love knows you love farts, meaning she knows you are a dirty boy. Lucky for you, she isn’t afraid to push really hard when giving you a closeup view of her pooting pucker. With her ass cheeks spread, her perfect center is in your face, forcing ... 4723 views

Gial Love 11

Gia Love is saving her most forceful gas for last since she loves it when you cum all over her ass while she’s farting. She is inside to get rid of some gas during a lively pool party and was pleasantly surprised to find you there. So she is going ... 8242 views

Gia Love 13

Slow-motion farting is so loud and detailed, you may want to skip the ear buds when Gia Love’s rosebud is working to whip gas in your direction! Her perfectly formed pucker has a job to do, and with grand gusto, gas is flying out of her perfect whi... 8430 views

Gia Love 14

Gia Love’s food of fault is hamburger meat. The grease leaves her incredibly gassy, and she ends up with her hind-end hurting each and every time she chomps on a burger. Gia’s heavy bombers hurt her butt, and she is so uncomfortable by the gas sl... 7708 views

Gia Love 15

This is not an endorsement for Muscle Milk! Gia love has been on the stuff, and those darn protein shakes made her so gassy! Her butt is out of control, and all Gia wants is to feel better. Shaking out her dastardly farts, Gia looks so sexy once her ... 9973 views

Kay Love 16

Kay Love rushes into the bathroom and hikes up her cute chevron skirt before her ass explodes in the toilet. She hasn’t a clue what has done such a number on her tummy, but she sure is miserable and pushing out more than stinky air with her ebony c... 5940 views

Kay Love 20

When Kay Love says she has “so much gas,” she isn’t fibbing! Her hot, round and young black ass is busy, and we get to enjoy the view as she shares her pucker’s exertion in sizzling slow-motion! There is nothing left to the imagination when s... 7945 views

Kay Love 21

Kay Love’s ass is darker than chocolate, and she’s sweeter than pie, as she shares an unhindered view of her ebony pucker at play. The shade of her sable abyss is so dark and textured, the eye candy factor is off the charts, and Kay stinks to hig... 5868 views

Olivia Rain 9

Olivia Rain has a belly ache and has rushed into the restroom in a sexy bikini to do some rather unsexy things on the pot! Her dirty butt is ungodly gassy, and poor Olivia is in a world of hurt as she tries to rid her stomach of more than gas. Her fa... 5204 views

Olivia Rain 12

The sweet, dark folds of Olivia Rain’s pussy are massaged with such finesse when she’s alone and horny! Her ass is competing for attention with some majorly loud gassers slipping out as she rubs her pretty kitty, making this a hot solo session fo... 5912 views

Olivia Rain 14

Olivia Rain has a tight tummy, and she knows just how to make herself feel better. She lounges in her living room, pulls her thong to the side and releases the beasts! Wow - her gas is super-smelly, and she is working hard to share the nasty. These l... 5231 views

Rose Lane 9

Wow! Rose Lane is dropping ass and stinking something fierce. She has rushed into the bathroom to dump a load, and the result is nothing short of disastrous. Rose is making a major mess of her toilet bowl and breaking sound records in the process. Sh... 8485 views