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Search Results for: fart girl

Rose Lane 12

Rose Lane is a one-woman show who dispels the myth that girls don’t fart! Even during a hot session of solo masturbation, some sexy girls squeeze out gas to accentuate the eroticism of their pussy play. Rose is one such girl! Her pucker is competin... 7740 views

Rose Lane 13

Radiant Rose Lane loves to show off, and when you watch her fart, it puts a smile on her pretty face. To thank you for all of your previous ass adoration, she is treating you to sexy slow-motion farting that is an pucker-lover’s dream come true. Wa... 5546 views

Sindell Angel 13

Egg salad is Sindell Angel’s demise! This thick hottie met her match in diced eggs and mayo, and unfortunately finds herself quite gassy. She needs someone to commiserate with when she returns home with a sour tummy and a honking ass, and she’d l... 7352 views

Sindell Angel 14

Burritos prove to be Sindell Angel’s downfall once again! She’s made a mess of her stomach, which, in turn, is making a mess of her toilet. Looking hot in jean shorts, Sindell rushes into the bathroom just in time, as her tumultuous tummy has to ... 9030 views

Sindell Angel 17

Pussy rubbing does something to Sindell Angel! She is never this quiet, but her sweet, soft moans are barely audible as her ass steals the show with outrageous farting while she is massaging her kitty. She’s a bit of a freak, which we all deem her ... 5907 views

Sindell Angel 19

Sindell Angel is a hot number, and you benefit greatly from her ease and expertise in the area of sharing her farts in all their uncensored glory. This red-hot little tease uses her bottoms to play a little bit of pucker peek-a-boo, but soon they sta... 8789 views

Alice Frost 26

Feeling the burn at the gym has rendered Alice Frost’s ass on fire! She saved up most of her poots to release at home, to not embarrass herself at the gym, and her sweaty, stinky ass is making up for lost time! Yikes! Even though she is wearing her... 9063 views

Alice Frost 27

Big and beautiful Alice Frost has a lot going on! Stationed on the potty, voluptuous Miss Frost is making a massively smelly deposit. She is even peeing a lot, as her ass is busy honking and spewing nasty, dirty things, all while she is shrouded in s... 6163 views

Alice Frost 28

Alice Frost is a dirty little lady, and she loves indulging your kinky love for curvy girl farts! She is not exactly a fan of the smell, but she knows you like stinky ass holes, so she is more than happy to give you an uncensored view of her busy ass... 6546 views

Ashley Luvbug 8

School cafeteria pizza is kind to nobody, and darling Ashley Luvbug is feeling the burn from her ill-fated lunch. Finally home from class, she is on the sofa, defiling her pretty pink shorts with her outrageous ass acoustics. Miss Luvbug is happy thi... 7918 views

Ashley Luvbug 9

Ashley Luvbug feels the burn in more ways than one! Post-workout, she’s slightly sweaty and has a suddenly sour tummy upon completing her squats. Eating right before a rigorous exercise session proves to be a poor choice, and sexy Ash is shooting g... 5107 views

Ashley Luvbug 13

Ashley Luvbug in a sweaty state is never disappointing! She is back from a run, feeling sweaty and gassy. Miss Luvbug knows you love her loud ass catastrophes, so she saved them for you and is farting in her tight, black workout pants while taking gr... 6776 views

Ashley Luvbug 19

Gassy Ashley Luvbug does not know what to do. With gas so bad, the smell makes her ill, she needs to figure out a remedy, fast! She is at a loss as to what she ate to make her this gassy, but the succession of these gassers is simply unbelievable! Sh... 4749 views

Kiki Daire 2

Kiki Daire’s bathroom has never smelled so foul! This curvy blonde beauty is extremely gassy and has plopped her booty on the pot to deposit more than gas. Just listen to her blasts - they are extreme and powerful. Kiki is struggling with the rumbl... 7791 views

Kiki Daire 5

Kiki Daire wants to know what you like when watching a girl on cam. She shifts her body in some hot positions and gets so comfortable, a huge fart pushes out of her butthole. When she realizes you are into that sort of thing, she unleashes more gasse... 4843 views

Lucky Starr 26

Take a peek at Lucky Starr looking hotter than ever in a sexy pink thong and bra! She has taken laxatives to remedy a sour stomach, and since she adores sharing her farts, she is pulling her thong to the side and letting her sliders greet you with gu... 9164 views

Verta 2

The tinkle Verta makes in the potty is the most dainty happening in her bathroom, since her ass is up to some daunting deeds! Wow, she’s so slender and sweet, but while alone in the bathroom when she thinks nobody can see or hear her ass antics, he... 8388 views

Verta 3

Verta is fresh from the beach and feeling so sweaty in her outstanding bikini. She says she has something that will make you hard - clearly someone filled her in on your fetish for black girl farts! Her flawless form is the ultimate eye candy, and th... 6981 views

Amber Cream

Sweet and sassy Amber Cream is not accustomed to farting in front of others, but on a very gassy day, she pushes dastardly blasts through her short denim shorts, and the sound and smell are atrocious! There is not a shy bone in this girl’s body, an... 5123 views

Amber Cream 2

Captivating Amber Cream casually walks into her bathroom and careful places her hot ass on the pot after she has slid her sexy bikini bottom to her knees. Poor thing is battling some serious gas, and her little tush is giving it all its got to get th... 4741 views

Amber Cream 5

Peek in on Miss Amber Cream giving her black kitty a phenomenal massage while her chocolate pucker produces an array of audible delights! This gassy girl is a horny little vixen, and her self-pleasure is in no way interrupted by the urgency she feels... 6495 views

Ashley Luvbug 21

Adorable Ashley Luvbug has some serious business to take care of in the bathroom after her lunch goes south. She has an ass full of gas and so much more, and her farts are ridiculously loud as she causes quite a ruckus in the loo. Don’t get too clo... 6353 views

Ashley Luvbug 24

A sexy, young girl farting on your dick? How does that sound? As your doting girlfriend, Ashley Luvbug knows you love her stinky pucker, so she is treating you to an outstanding adventure that includes her farting like crazy on your stiff dick. You l... 5143 views

Ashley Luvbug 26

Post-meal regret plagues adorable Ashley Luvbug as she has returned home, feeling the burn from the consumption of cafeteria food. This girl is in a bad way and has her sexy black thong pulled to the side as she farts, one right after another. Her su... 6163 views