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Search Results for: fart girl

Shae Spreadz 11

Student Shae Spreadz is getting ready for school by covering her sexiest parts with pink lace panties and a matching bra. Before she gets to her slutty shorts and tiny top, she has to take care of business by getting the gas out of her rancid ass. Sh... 6743 views

Shae Spreadz 12

Simply using a butt plug to do her own ass is too ordinary for Shea Spreadz! Donning sexy black and silver lingerie that reveals her ass hole, Shae is plunging her own pucker with a plug and upping the appeal by farting all over her little toy. She f... 6049 views

Shae Spreadz 15

Shae Spreadz knows her ass is gorgeous, and she is excited to share her smelly goodness with you. This dynamic diva wants you stroking your cock to the sound of her ass acoustics, so do not disappoint our ebony beauty! Shae is pulling out all the sto... 5423 views

Shae Spreadz 16

Raw and nasty are the words Shae Spreadz uses to describe the farts she has for you, her special fart boy. Naked Shae is smelling so nasty, but that’s how you like her filthy ass, right? Go ahead and get your face in her glorious black ass until sh... 5365 views

Shae Spreadz 17

Shae Spreadz is looking fine in an immodest thong and matching animal-print bra. Home all alone, this babe is rubbing her pussy with curious fingers while ridding her tush of pesky gas. She sure does smell to high heaven, but that’s how we like sex... 5914 views

Amiee Davis

Exuberant Amiee Davis is home from work and feeling gassy, so why not share her stink? This youthful hottie hasn’t ever farted in front of anyone, but there’s a first time for everything! She says it feels good to let it all out as she strips dow... 7558 views

Amiee Davis 3

Ever wonder what pretty girls look like when they are all alone in the bathroom? Demure Amiee Davis doesn’t know anyone is watching, so she isn’t giving any thought to the obnoxious poots she is depositing in the pot. She is such a sweetheart and... 9740 views

Aimee Davis 4

Any girl who pulls off tight shorts after telling you she wants you to stroke your cock is a keeper! Aimee Davis is in overdrive as she is proffering the poots she knows you adore. Her sweaty ass doesn’t smell too great, but should be good for a fe... 6946 views

Aimee Davis 5

Aimee Davis is a fresh-faced youngster who is hot as hell with a body of perfection. She is a bit gassy, though, but everybody farts! What is so fantastic about Aimee is she loves to share her farts with admirers, and is sometimes rather crafty when ... 7289 views

Aimee Davis 6

Aimee Davis says her tummy feels weird, and her ass is backing up those claims! Her pronounced pucker is front and center when this gassy girl is letting ‘em rip. Sweet Aimee looks fantastic in pink and black lingerie that does not cover her boiste... 5266 views

Blair Winters 22

Take a peek at how Blair Winters dresses for dates. She is fresh from a date to an Indian eatery and has worn a skimpy ensemble and a striped thong. Blair could not invite her new love interest into her apartment because the Indian cuisine left this ... 4734 views

Blair Winters 23

Blair Winters isn’t letting anything get in the way of her self-issued pussy massage. With slender fingers stationed at her clit, she’s making herself feel good, but her sweet spot isn’t the only thing being sated! She is making her tumultuous ... 6951 views

Blair Winters 24

Blair Winters has a stomach ache and is doing her best to rid her body of all the gas she is plagued with when she steps inside her small bathroom to see if farting on the potty does the trick. What she has to expel smells awful, and rubbing her bell... 6563 views

Blair Winters 26

Blair Winters says, “You’re such a pervert,” like it’s a good thing because this classy chick appreciates a guy with good taste and delightful kinks! She is on hand to give you the farts you crave and might just enjoy it more than you do! Thi... 6658 views

Blair Winters 27

Blair Winters is gassy, and in trademark Blair style, she’s not shy about it. Today, however, her farts smell worse than normal, and she is getting you close up to watch her strained pucker pass powerful toots. Her moans express all the pressure sh... 6093 views

Blair Winters 28

Blair Winters has a sexy treat to make your workday fly by when she makes a saucy video for your enjoyment. Finding herself gassy, she decides to record herself to turn you on from afar! How sweet of her to share the foul smells you love so much! Bla... 7009 views

Gia Love

Meet, Gia Love, a self-described prissy nerd, as she farts on queue with some trepidation at first. She has never done this before, but is up for the challenge! With the sexiest sphincter we’ve seen in awhile, this brunette stunner does an A+ job c... 7574 views

Gia Love 2

Gorgeous Gia Love is a dream come true when she shares a masturbation session with you while also inspiring your fondness for farts as she passes nasty gas while rubbing her pussy. The room smells foul enough before this darling dares to slide out of... 8313 views

Gia Love 3

Ever dedicated to keeping her lean body in top shape, Gia Love is home from lifting at the gym and is gassy from her pre-workout protein shake and jerky. Her farts smell disgusting, but Gia knows you love to sniff them up, so she is sharing with you,... 13612 views

Gia Love 4

Poor Gia Love! She is shrouded in stink and has no means of making it better. Digging in her purse yields no air freshener, and her butt burps are over-the-top and terribly stinky. She has sped into her bathroom to rid her bottom of gas, and she is f... 10519 views

Gia Love 5

Do you like hot, stinky ass? This is Gia Love’s query - as if she had to ask. This fresh-faced sexpot is serving up all the goods as she is exposing tits and ass while farting in your face. She is young, but she knows what you like, and is certain ... 12005 views

Gia Love 6

Wow! With an ass that fine, Gia Love should be required to have a license to carry a concealed weapon! She is sharing her alluring ass antics in slow motion, and she is farting strong enough to make that precious pucker open up like the dawn of a new... 6097 views

Gia Love 8

You have not seen a pucker protrude and dangle during daunting ass blasts the way youthful Gia Love's ass hole does. Wow! In sexy slow-motion, her ass is outstanding as gas escapes the pink confines of her beautiful butt hole. Nobody delivers such a ... 8365 views

Lacher Brelle

Sexy Lacher Brelle hasn’t been following a strict diet, as evidenced by her terribly gassy belly and her sweet ass making the grandest ass acoustics through tight denim. Her ass is so divine, and there are no panty lines on this hottie as she is fa... 10346 views