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Search Results for: fart girl

Kim Chi 6

What sounds like a farm tractor off in the distance is simply Kim Chi’s hot ass working in slow-motion to rid her belly of gas! Oh, she makes quite a racket when she works her butt but good, and the close-ups of the calamity are commendable. Her pu... 5756 views

Kim Chi 7

Go ahead and give adorable Kim Chi’s divine booty a few lengthy sniffs! She does not mind a bit. In fact, she is naked and gassy, all for you! She’s a rude and crude cutie who adores the attention when she’s doing something dirty. Kim is going ... 5618 views

Sedusa D

Meet sexy Sedusa D, as she farts on cam for the first time. Poor thing has consumed some raunchy fare, and her farts are there to bear the burn. This short-haired stunner sharts in her cute jean shorts again and again and is embarrassed by the smell ... 6204 views

Verta 16

Most girls grow out of giggling at the sound of their own toots, but not sweet Verta! She is very gassy and has sped into her bathroom to release some tremendous farts. After her sexy black lace panties are pulled down, it’s game on! Verta really g... 5107 views

Amber Cream 15

Oh, Amber Cream, you never fail to amaze! Ebony ass-lovers would agree that this girl is too good to be true when she shares views of her busy ass hole winking and working to rid her tight tummy of the gas that seems to be in immediate need of escape... 5752 views

Amber Cream 16

Alluring Amber Cream has had enough to eat to make her tummy rumble, and you know what that means. Never a girl to let good gas go to waste, Amber is going to pull her sexy thong to the side and treat you to the smells you crave, coming straight out ... 5176 views

Amber Cream 17

Amber Cream’s emoji pillows have seen better days! She has two of these cute plush characters on her couch and has decided to take pleasure in stinking them up with her smelly ass! They look nearly new, but they will not smell fresh after Miss Crea... 3811 views

Amber Cream 18

Amber Cream is not known for quick trips to the bathroom! She seems to always linger on the bowl, struggling to make a deposit when she is exceptionally gassy. Today is no exception, as she is perched on the pot, with her dark chocolate pucker produc... 5387 views

Amber Cream 19

Look at Amber Cream’s ass being hugged by her sexy jean shorts! Oh to be those shorts! The temp in Amber’s living room is far too high, and she is far too gassy. As she lets farts fly out of her tush, through the denim, things get much hotter in ... 4365 views

Amber Cream 20

Captivating Amber Cream heard you like her farts, and she loves being a favorite! It turns her on and motivates her to push limits and really proffer a palpable display of passion! Watch her wiggle out of short boy shorts as she lets you taste her ch... 7141 views

Ashley Luvbug 35

Ashley Luvbug is gassy as a girl can be, and she is not too pleased with the smell escaping her tight, toned tush. With her cute thong pulled to the side, she is letting that pucker practice the release of putrid gassers, and the view leaves little t... 5083 views

Ashley Luvbug 36

Red-lipped Ashley Luvbug’s yoga routine was interrupted when she was abruptly hit with a bummer bout of gas. Poor girl wants to get a good workout in, but there’s no way she’s doing downward dog with her butt so busy. Then there is the smell - ... 7560 views

Ashley Luvbug 38

Sweet and sexy Ashley Luvbug is giving you an invitation to sit back, relax and enjoy the view as she proffers some whoppers from her perfect ass pucker. Some of her toots are loud, and others she describes as a whisper. Either way she lets them fly,... 4779 views

Kahlista Stinem 2

Pretty Kahlista Stinem is no stranger to ferocious farts, but her bout with gas today is almost too much to take. Her sexy stomach is in knots, and her gassers are making the crudest noises as they creep out of her tight pucker. Kahlista’s dark cho... 6563 views

Kahlista Stinem 3

Join Kahlista Stinem and her huge mop of black hair as she speeds into the bathroom to take care of business. She looks like an ebony angel in a sleek white dress, but what happens when her ass makes contact with the commode is less-than-angelic! She... 6015 views

Kahlista Stinem 5

Kahlista Stinem hopes you already have your dick out because she has a special, smelly surprise for you. Knowing you love to jerk off to the sight of a hot black chick passing gas, she has a reserve of bombs to drop for you while you stroke your manh... 7307 views

Kahlista Stinem 6

Alluring Kahlista Stinem isn’t wearing a stitch of clothing as she is reclined on her lounger, giving her pussy a valiant rub. She’s a bit gassy, so while her fingers are busy with her pussy, her ass hole is honking the loudest farts, in rapid su... 6573 views

Katt Lowden 37

Cute, nerdy teen Katt Lowden is home from school and quite delighted to have learned a ton about the digestive system! She wants to share her education with you and proceeds to explain a bit about her inner anatomy as she demonstrates with loud farts... 4372 views

Kim Chi 8

Kim Chi’s ass is always an amazing sight, but when she shares sexy views of her tush tooting, it serves as outstanding fodder for the spank bank. She’s in possession of an ass that does not quit, and she’s quite talented at opening up her Asian... 9291 views

Kim Chi 10

Is Kim Chi really going out to the club in that slutty outfit? Seems as such, which is nearly as shocking as the farts shooting out of her ass hole. She is passing gas before shaking her ass in the club, and this kinky sex kitten just realized how he... 4836 views

Kim Chi 11

Naked as a jaybird, Kim Chi has rushed into her bathroom to tend to some seriously stinky business. Her tummy is not feeling the greatest, and it is easy to hear why! Her toilet farts are loud and lewd, just like this sexy Asian alt girl’s personal... 4051 views

Osa Lovely 17

Osa Lovely is as sexy as she has ever been when she decides to share her bout with gas in fantastic slow-motion! This special effect makes her toots more tenacious than ever before. She’s back with a vengeance and is sharing her session up close. E... 6449 views

Osa Lovely 18

Stunning Osa Lovely swears she only ate broccoli, despite the fact her gassers boast a meat scent. She is farting on film because she knows you are a kinky bloke who loves the scent of farts, and she has even read online that the best position to get... 5364 views

Osa Lovely 19

Osa Lovely feels the burn in more ways than one when she works out! With a protein shake doing numbers on her belly while she exercises, she finds herself rather gassy after her reps. In sexy boy short bottoms, she’s pushing out farts to make herse... 6659 views