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Search Results for: fart girl

Blair Winters 21

We’d like to thank the person who gave Blair Winters the bright idea to add a mini-trampoline to her workout regimen! Her entire workout is a total turn-on, but there’s just something about they way this gassy babe busts ass while bouncing on her... 6403 views

Caramel Lee 2

When Caramel Lee works out she feels the burn in more ways than one! This gassy girl is exercising in her living room, and all the bending is causing her to spew some hot wind out of her tight ass hole! Her attire selection is commendable, as her tig... 8718 views

Caramel Lee 4

Caramel Lee has a sexy surprise for you in the form of formidable farts she wants to launch directly on your tongue! Enjoy this smelly sweetheart’s overactive ass hole as slithers pass her sphincter, covering your face in her trademark smells. Go a... 5171 views

Caramel Lee 5

There’s no scientific evidence to back it, but it seems pussy rubbing makes some girls gassy! Caramel Lee is home all alone and is massaging her pussy and expressing some pretty petite poots. A few of them pack a punch, but for the most part, this ... 6108 views

Kay Love 8

Kay Love’s killer light blue unitard is thoroughly sexy and really complements her petite frame. She is hanging out on the couch reading, looking like the delicate darling she is - until the precious princess is plagued with a mind-blowing amount o... 7422 views

Kay Love 10

Welcome back, Silver Bullet! It’s been a while since Kay Love played with a favored toy, and she is busting out the Bullet and busting ass in the process! With her panties pulled to the side, she has her buzzer on high and is reaching erotic height... 8035 views

Kay Love 12

Tonight’s dinner was an entire pizza for cute Kay Love! How does such a little thing eat a 12-inch pie by her lonesome? This lactose intolerant babe is feeling the burn inside her belly from all that cheese, and the dairy has also left her constipa... 7063 views

Kay Love 14

Perhaps Kay Love needs a trainer and a dietician. This gassy girl is working out and cannot believe how out of shape she is, and her fierce farting throughout sure makes it appear as if she needs to make some changes in her diet for total body health... 6896 views

Lisa Tiffian

Introducing hottie Lisa Tiffian, a young lady who has never farted for the camera but does have some related experience. Farting for boyfriends is something she has done in the past, and Lisa is now sharing her ass blasts with you. Sure, she is a lit... 11406 views

Lucky Starr 19

Sassy Lucky Starr is reading a saucy erotica novel! Not sure what the title of today’s selection is, but it’s extra steamy while she’s reading aloud in black lingerie and passing ass blasts while reciting the text. She is fifty shades of sexy w... 4963 views

Lucky Starr 20

Expose yourself to Lucky Starr’s sensual side! This sex kitten is normally very playful, but today this sultry beauty is immersed in an impassioned self-pleasure session that sees her fingers all over her slit while her ass is releasing popping far... 6513 views

Lucky Starr 22

Lucky Starr wants you to bask in the ambiance! She is ready to go, looking like a sexy Dominatrix in her black corset, boots and long gloves. There are no bottoms on this babe, though, and this makes her farts flow freely while she shares them with y... 6434 views

Lucky Starr 25

Lucky Starr barely gets those cute panties off in time as she rushes into the bathroom in order to get her butt on the potty when she has work to do! Watch this hottie in action while she is pushing with everything she’s got while on the pot. Her f... 8934 views

Nikki Ford 33

Catch captivating Nikki Ford at the tail end of her workout as she’s bouncing on her trampoline. Watch that phat booty shake as she’s forced to fart while bouncing. Nikki isn’t upset by the gas, though. Being surrounded in stink is her thing, a... 8174 views

Nikki Ford 36

Bikini-clad cutie Nikki Ford is self-pleasuring while stinking up her lounge chair with a healthy dose of girl gas. Reaching into her bottoms to massage her twat, while also farting near her fingers, enables her to reach such a blissful state because... 6464 views

Nikki Ford 38

How the hell does a girl as slim as Nikki Ford produce such fantastically loud farts? This girl is giving her jean shorts a workout today as she’s seated at the table trying to get things accomplished when she is forced to focus on the task at hand... 6803 views

Paris Marie 10

Paris Marie’s popping polka dot bra is the ultimate eye candy as this inked-up beauty is on the pot with a plethora of gas spewing from her ass. Her cute butt plops on the seat, and instantly she is smelling up the joint! Phew! Thankfully, she is p... 5941 views

Paris Marie 12

Paris Marie has a few treats for you if you don’t mind your goodies coming out of her tight, smelly ass hole! She has saved all her farts for you and is getting you good and close to her barking ass hole and assumes you will not be too bothered by ... 5601 views

Paris Marie 14

Put down the burger, Paris Marie! This sexy sweetie is eating fast food, and it has a fast effect on her digestive system! She is farting before finishing her fare and is wishing she had not selected such a greasy menu item - but it tastes so good! D... 3097 views

Savanna Ginger 20

For our sake, let’s hope nobody gets a gym membership for Savanna Ginger! This sex kitten is on fire working out at home in a gold unitard. She is working hard on her body in the privacy of her living room and farting up a storm, just the way we li... 6204 views

Savanna Ginger 21

Savanna Ginger has some naughty tricks in her arsenal of allure today and wants to take you along for the ride! She knows you like those nasty farts in your mouth, so she is going to treat you to all the girl gas she has been saving up. The icing on ... 5256 views

Savanna Ginger 23

Celebrate your promotion with Savanna Ginger! Now that you’re making more dough, she’d like to make you filthy rich with her dirty butt hole swathing you in her stench! Stroke that dick to this hot Latina’s sexy talk while she has her skirt lif... 7472 views

Silvia Rubi 2

Silvia Rubi simply seeks to curl up with a good book and is bothered by a sour tummy. This sultry Latina is on her couch in only a white bra and pink thong, looking hot as hell while hot wind flies out of her tight ass hole, hidden by her thong. She ... 7749 views

Silvia Rubi 3

Silvia Rubi is in a dominate mood today and wants you on your knees with your tongue on her ass! She is giving every indication she will not take “no” for an answer, but with her sultry, throaty voice making commands, how could you say no? Why wo... 8619 views