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Search Results for: fart girl

Jessica Taylor 3

Jessica is lovely, leggy, and looking for action. But thanks to some pills she took after a hard day, she's too gassy to go out to the club! Now poor Jessica has to hunch over the chair and fart out all the awful, nasty gas! With big, percussive fart... 6734 views

Jessica Taylor 4

Jessica is serving up some straining action on the can! Miserable and hunched, Jessica can't get a break from all the pressure in her bowels. She strains and squeezes, farting as much as she can but the sensation is still there! Even beautiful blonde... 8724 views

Jessica Taylor 5

Bounce your cock for leggy Jessica as she pulls aside her thong panties and farts! Jessica's mission is to get you off, but you must eat her farts in order to gain her permission! As you give Jessica analingus she knows your cock is getting harder an... 6194 views

Jessica Taylor 6

Jessica is still looking for her roommate her gave her fart-inducing medicine. Since she can't find her, she churns up a delicious revenge by farting all over her roommate's pillow! Wrapping her long legs around it as surely as if it were her victim'... 9466 views

Katya Ivanova

Katya's bedtime reading gets interrupted by an unwelcome sound: her ass releasing the last of the day's gas! The farts creep up one by one and won't leave this curly-haired lass alone. She's trying to read and feed her mind, but what her body ate ear... 2093 views

Katya Ivanova 2

Katya's workout regimen is sure paying off. Just look at those muscles when she flexes! But her heavy protein intake has a flatulent side effect! Fortunately, Katya has no problem adding more smell to her body that already stinks from working out. Sh... 3221 views

Katya Ivanova 3

Katya's naughty red negligee is made to be jerked off on! She is out to control your masturbation, however, and will not let you cum until you've smelled a good share of her farts! Her ass is up to no good and Katya spreads it, knowing how dirty you ... 1724 views

Katya Ivanova 4

Katya isn't happy to be on the toilet, but the relief she gets on it makes a big difference! She goes into the bathroom with her belly hurting, but each deathly fart clearly satisfies. As she rocks and writhes upon the toilet, Katya's anus makes its ... 1873 views

Katya Ivanova 5

Katya's golden curls stream down from above as she dominates in this face-farting close-up! Every detail of her purple-pink pussy is on display as her tight little anus begins to flex. Her farts are relentless and merciless as she pours them into you... 1950 views

Katya Ivanova 6

Kartya is trying to make plans with her boyfriend over the phone, but it's her ass that does most of the talking! Why she didn't wear panties to work is anyone's guess, her completely-exposed ass is making it very hard to hide her farts! Katya grows ... 2452 views

Katya Ivanova 7

Beautiful, exotic Katya is minding her own business when a fart creeps down her ass crack. This gives Katya the idea to make her panties as dirty as she can! Pulling the thing deep into her ass crack, Katya rips some impressive ones and tests it by s... 1818 views

Londyn Taylor 8

Londyn came inside to get a break from the heat, but once she is on the bed recovering her own flatulence catches up with her. She gets more than she bargained for when she disrobes to release the smell. But Londyn doesn't let her gas get the best of... 6427 views

Londyn Taylor 9

Londyn is gassy and she wants to share it with you! No frills, no bull, just a fully nude ebony beauty with an asshole that is on fire! Get ready to inhale because Londyn's asshole is on fire! With her legs in the air she makes her asshole creak and ... 9124 views

Londyn Taylor 10

Long, strong Londyn takes her fitness seriously. She works hard to stretch and tone her body. But no amount of fitness can change the fact that she's got an ass full of gas like everyone else! Still it's a pleasure to watch Londyn's taut belly and lo... 7612 views

Londyn Taylor 11

Londyn Taylor gets up in the night to go to the bathroom, casually casting her comfy black robe aside as she relaxes upon the toilet. Once she gets situated, Londyn proceeds to light up the night with some truly fearsome-sounding farts! It's hard to ... 2149 views

Londyn Taylor 12

Londyn has arranged a birthday surprise for you. It involves her farting ass and your cock! Keep your attention focused on Londyn's ebony ass because some serious birthday butt belches are about to come out of it! Where is she keeping all that gas? L... 2256 views

Londyn Taylor 13

Fully nude, Londyn begins to masturbate. Slow and sexy, she slides her fingers in and out of her wet pussy. But then her bowels begin to relax and soon the sexy sounds of her wet cunt are interrupted by farty blasts from her colon! Londyn doesn't car... 5856 views

Londyn Taylor 14

Poor Londyn beats a desperate retreat from a party where she just ripped a horrible fart! She is repulsed by the foul, uncontrollable gas that is coming out of her, and cries out in alarm as the smell gets worse and worse. She just wants to stop fart... 6623 views

Nicki Blue

Nicki Blue is all pretty and curvy in her electric purple leopard print panties. This giggly blonde beauty is delighted to fart for you and describes the asparagus smell radiating from her ass in vivid detail! Her ass, so round and lovely, releases e... 7028 views

Nicki Blue 2

Nicki's floral-print panties don't smell like flowers today! Nicki likes to let it all hang out while she relaxes and looks at her phone, which means quiet little farts are escaping from her bunghole! Nicki does not let her active bowels get the best... 4380 views

Nicki Blue 3

Ever track a leopard by smell before? Nicki makes it easy by farting through her leopard print panties! Clad in her matching gold heels, this fierce predator wants you to stroke your cock while you smell her previous meals! The hot winds flow from he... 5491 views

Nicki Blue 4

The view of Nicki's striped panties is lovely as she struts into the bathroom, but she won't be wearing them for long! She's got business to take care of and that toilet is about to take a beating! Nicki is so gassy, and she means and groans as she d... 7345 views

Nicki Blue 5

When Nicki has a protein shake followed by a hard workout, it's a gassy combination! This curvy exercise enthusiast pulls down her shiny track pants just enough that you can see her asshole working to push out all her saved-up gas! Her ass is so big ... 7726 views

Nicki Blue 6

Nicki was so ready to get laid on her date that she didn't put any panties on! Since that plan didn't work out, she is pretty in purple and ready to fart for you! As she exposes her ass, spreads it wide, and poots for you, Nicki makes it perfectly cl... 5698 views