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Search Results for: fart girl

Scarlett Pain

Today we introduce Scarlet Pain, a cute girl in a tight red dress. Scarlet has been farting up a storm all day. She lays back on the bed and strokes her pussy, then blasts huge farts right into the camera! She pulls her ass-cheeks apart and blasts so... 13386 views

Summer 10

Summer does another candid toilet farting clip, this time she's in a pair of short shorts and a black tank top. You get lots of her booty squeezing out some nasty smelling and gross sounding girl farts! This hottie blondie farts very sexy on the toil... 4003 views


Tracey is our newest girl here at Fart Fantasy. She's a sexy ebony babe with booty (and farts!) for days. In her first clip she's on a dresser with a boustie type thing on and no panties! For her very first clip she bares all! Watch as she bends over... 4594 views

Tracey 2

Tracey has returned to fart some more! She is so gassy and enthusiastic about it too! She loves to fart! Check out this sexy ebony girl as she busts ass in her full bottom black and white panties and tank top. She's in bed and gives you lots of bendi... 3585 views

Tracey and Kitty 2

Tracey and Kitty have returned (together!) for more sexy female farts! They have decided to get together and have a bed fart contest! Kitty is wearing a sexy pink dress with some purple thong panties while Tracey has got on a black one piece sexy out... 4605 views

Tyla Wynn 16

Naked Tyla is getting into the bathtub for a fart bubblebath. She blasts several farts before her ass even touches the water - WOW! This girl sure is full of gas today! She gets her ass wet and farts into the camera. Then she farts right on her rubbe... 3932 views

Veronica Jett 2

Veronica has returned for more, hot, sexy ass farting! Today she's dressed like a nice little school girl in a sun dress, glasses and some yellow thong panties, so sexy! Watch Veronica as she bends over, lays on her back, spreads her cheeks and expos... 7844 views

Veronica Jett and Mya Mason

A trip to Mickey D's has given the gals a bad case of the farts. Veronica and Mya are laying on the bed, and they can't stop farting! Mya farts right into Veronica's face, and she sniffs it right up! Girl-on-girl action! Wanna know whose spread-out, ... 6622 views

Victoria DeVille

Victoria is our newest farting booty here at fart fantasy. She has never done anything like this before! A farting virgin, perfect. This sexy, petite latina girl has got some of the nastiest smelling gas around. - And she thinks it's the funniest thi... 6828 views

Victoria DeVille 2

Victoria, our cute new latina fart girl is back for another stink session! This cutie can't stop farting and she thinks it's just hilarious. In this clip she's wearing a pair of tight jeans and a white tshirt with rolled up sleeves. For such a petite... 6825 views

Victoria DeVille 6

Victoria, our little latina fart machine is back from eating a mexican food dinner and she's ready to blast off! She's wearing a tight little green tshirt and surfer girl style shorts and she's farting up a storm! She bends over, lays on her back wit... 4839 views

Alice Frost

Alice Frost is just so full of nastiness, and she knows the best way to push that hot gas out is to bend over her bench so she can spread her asshole open wide - letting all those farts just explode out of her tight butthole! One after the other, tho... 4522 views

Alice Frost 7

This gassy girl, Alice Frost, has a few special fart moments for you to cherish forever! Alice is pushing out her stink, and smacking that pretty, plump booty of hers - all to give you a show you won't easily forget. If you're in the mood to have you... 5296 views

Alice Frost 9

Alice Frost is all tied up in rope, completely nude - with her ass on display! She's making the best of her situation by stretching out so she can get all her farts out - right in your face! Alice's pretty little face is turning red from the force of... 7508 views

Asia Zo 22

Aww, the poor tiny thing ate a little too much earlier and now she must really really rip it off. You know what that means guys? It is our lucky day! You may be thinking that there is only too much gas that this little girl can handle but damn, her f... 4299 views

Asia Zo 23

When a tiny little Asian gal is on top of the bed naked like that, clutching her perky tits and giggling like a little school girl, you just know that your cock is going to get hard like a rock. But lo and behold! This babe Asia Zo has some really aw... 4533 views

Asia Zo 24

When a girl has some gas in her stomach you would think that she can let it rip just by bending a little forward and softly releasing that smelly air. But Asia Zo is no ordinary girl, she wants to do it in style. And by style I mean being completely ... 4628 views

Asia Zo 25

Damn Mexican food does not agree with this little Asian's tummy! Poor Asia Zo, having another stomach problem because of it! Mexican food always makes this petite little beauty gassy but you know what? She simply must be doing it on purpose. This sil... 30383 views

Brandi Fox 2

Brandi Fox is going to fart out all her stink, just for you! This gassy girl is jiggling her ass and wiggling out all the nasty smells! She\'s loaded with nasty farts, and she\'s not going to stop letting those huge farts explode out of her asshole, ... 4650 views

Brandi Fox 6

Brandi Fox is shaking out all her farts... letting them slide right out of her ass without any worries! Her gas is really stinky today, but that doesn\'t stop this gassy girl from letting it all right out! She can try to fan that funk away all she wa... 4416 views

Brandy Gomez 6

Brandy Gomez has some explosive farts flying out of her ass for you today! We don\'t know what she ate, but we\'re happy she did, because this gassy girl is filling the room with her funk, and those tiny little shorts of hers can\'t contain all the h... 5115 views

Brandy Gomez 7

Our Latin gassy girl, Brandy Gomez, is bent over with her ass in the air... the position that fart lovers (like you) love best! She\'s serving up nasty loud farts in this clip, so you don\'t want to miss it! Watch along as she lets all her putrid ass... 4944 views

Britney Stevens 38

That is a good girl, yes, be all tied up like that and make sure you can\'t get away and go anywhere even if you need to go to the bathroom so bad. You naughty little slut, that\'s right, fart your ass off, make it loud, the smellier the better! Stru... 4396 views

Brittany Lynn

Today we introduce Brittany Lynn, one of the hottest fart stars out there and it is an honor to present to you this awesome babe, with the sexy tattoos, delicious and tight little body, her pretty face and her blue streaked hair. Seeing this girl nak... 10072 views