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Search Results for: fart girl

Daisy Layne 12

I like this kind of girl, standing up for herself and knowing how to turn you on. Daisy Layne has some serious gas problems and she decided to share it with us, you know why? Just because she can! Now that ís what I call hot! Don't be fooled by her g... 5031 views

Daisy Layne 13

What a sweet girl! She wants to try something new and she wants to share it with you. She may look sweet but this blonde girl has some fetish that would make you horny as hell. She wishes you could share that intimate moment with her, your face up he... 6504 views

Destiny Dicks 2

I hope it does not sound evil, but sometimes, other people's problems give us pleasure. This is one of those moments where we can rejoice with a person's problem. Destiny Dicks is having some serious gas issues today, but you know how naughty this gi... 6997 views

Destiny Dicks 3

Today gentlemen, Destiny Dicks is going to use the ultra famous fart chair, it's this really awesome contraption that makes any girl give the perfect fart, the loudest, foulest and sexiest farts you will ever hear, see or smell. This time destiny has... 9025 views

Eden Alexander 8

Eden Alexander is all hot and bothered, rubbing her pussy, just trying to get herself off. The more she rubs her pussy, the more she has to fart - and the vibrations coming from her butthole as she releases her stink, just make her more excited! Each... 6407 views


Oh boy, are you in for a special treat today! Making her debut is a sexy ebony girl named Essence, and she's got a lot of gas right now. She's wearing a mini-skirt with no panties, and she sticks her bare asshole right in the camera lens and blasts s... 3214 views

Essence 7

Essence runs into the bathroom, pulling down her pants, and sits on the toilet. She sits down and starts blasting huge, juicy farts! You can see how painful those farts are by the look on her face. Her farts really echo in the bowl, and boy do they s... 4485 views

Gia Jakarta

Damn that is one mighty fine ass! This new girl absolutely has it all, beautiful face, gorgeous rocking body and some amazing talent when it comes to farting. She's got one tight ass on her, and she sure does let you have it! And the POV shots in thi... 3962 views

Gia Jakarta 2

This amazing new girl can really imitate the sound of ripping jeans through her ass. Not to mention that the tiny denim shorts looks perfect on her. What more can I say, this girl is gorgeous, kinky and gassy, the holy trinity of fart heaven. She is ... 4170 views

Gia Jakarta 3

A drop gorgeous fresh meat will try out the fart chair for the first time. Let's see if she can compete with the pros around here. Here it goes, damn she can really let it rip, you can almost smell that gas seeping to your nose then straight to your ... 4510 views

Honey 2

This smooth ass bitch seems to be asking for it, I fucking wish I was there to bask in the aroma of her farts and screw her big time. Her positions are so gorgeous and that ass, so tight and smooth. Every guy with fart fetish deserves to go home with... 3865 views

Honey 3

This is our kind of girl, she gets down to business without much talk. A date should be like this, after introducing your name you should instantly get naked and start turning a guy on no matter what he wants. And you know gentlemen? I know what you ... 3870 views

Jasmine Jolie 3

Nothing makes a gassy girl, like Jasmine Jolie, hornier than hearing the sounds of her own farts as she lets them explode out of her asshole! Only a real fart lover would get turned on by the stink of her own ass! If you're in the mood to watch a far... 5851 views

Jasmine Jolie 4

Jasmine Jolie is so full of nasty gas; she'll do just about anything to get some relief! This dirty girl is letting all her toxic farts rip, her gas is so horrible that the stench is almost too much for even her to handle! Fart lovers, you won't want... 5132 views

Jasmine Jolie 5

You better watch out, because when Jasmin Jolie says she has to fart, it's guaranteed to be loud and smelly! Her farts are so explosive that she almost looks like she's in pain as she lets them rip out of her smelly asshole! That chocolate booty of h... 13118 views

JR 8

Today you're in for a special treat - JR in the fart chair! That's right, fart fetishists. Tattooed alt girl JR hops her ass right up into that fart chair and unleashes her deepest bowel aromas right into your face loudly and extremely close-up so y... 4274 views

JR 9

JR greet us in a school-girl skirt with her sexy tattoos and piercings, but she has more than a little gas. She removes her panties as fart after fart is released while her brown-eye and sweet pussy winks for our camera. JR lies down on a table and ... 4205 views

JR 11

Bad girl JR is sexy as ever in her boy briefs with her tattoos and piercings. But she also has a little gas, that has to get out one way or another! Her red briefs can't hope to contain the farts that come from her ass as she bends over and spread h... 4007 views

JR 14

Talk about a tight ass and a tight girl who can really rip it off. JR is not only gorgeous and brunette, she has a nice and tight body as well. The sounds of her nonstop farts are enough to turn any guy who worships farts on. The hotness just keeps ... 4032 views

JR 15

That may just be the skimpiest skirt we've ever seen, it fits her really well especially when she's going to put on some wild and crazy fart show for us. The skirt is enough to tease and perfectly enough to show a peep on her ass while she lets it al... 4058 views

JR 19

There is something amazingly hot about seeing JR in plain casual clothes and those nerdy glasses. It is great to see her in good girl mode once in awhile. The thing that gets to me the most is seeing this hot nerdy chick in jeans get into all sorts ... 4736 views

JR and Daisy Layne

JR and Daisy Layne meet our camera crew on their bed, ready for a fun romp smelling each others gas! The playful pair take turns putting their faces next to each others booties and sitting on each others faces as they fart again and again for your p... 4729 views

JR and Daisy Layne 2

Our playful pair returns, but this time blonde girl-next-door Daisy is submitting to riot grrrl JR with her tattoos and piercings and both are nude! JR shows she's a natural at face-sitting as Daisy smacks her lips in anticipation of her farts " a... 10743 views

JR and Daisy Layne 3

The fun-loving duo returns for their third video together, and the chemistry between these two is obvious as they please each other with a series of farts! They meet us on the couch, topless in sexy panties. They take turns ass-spreading and farting ... 3814 views