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Search Results for: fart girl

Kita Zen 13

Kita is gonna fart for you today! She gets on the bed and pulls her legs up into a rimming position and starts blasting away right into the camera - WOWIE KAZOWIE! She tells you it stinks and you can tell she's right! How can one cute little Asian gi... 6943 views

Kita Zen 17

Sultry Kita is on all fours in a chair wearing a red bra and panties, but she immediately drops those panties and gets back up on all fours in the chair. Her tummy hurts, and she says she has a good one for you, and she does! She blows out a huge air... 5004 views

Kitty, Tracey & Stacey

Kitty vs. Tracey vs. Stacey. Wow, talk about fart-o-rama! This is our first 3 girl fart contest, and man was it stinky! Kitty is wearing a thong, so is Tracy and Stacey has got on some spandex pants. There is so much farting going on in this clip tha... 11663 views

Lexi Veracruz 2

Remember the new girl from the other day, Lexi Veracruz? Well, today she's back with another bellyful of gas for you! She's wearing a bra and thong panties, and she sticks her ass in the air and lets an airy fart hiss through her thong! Then she lays... 4135 views

Lucky Starr

Ever seen a filipino girl farting? Well, today you're in for a special treat as we introduce Lucky Starr, a hot little filipino girl with a bellyful of gas to fart out for you! She had Mexican food today, and she's nude on the bed. The camera zooms i... 4839 views

Lucky Starr 2

Remember the cute filipino girl from the other day? Well, today Lucky Starr returns to show you how her asshole can talk to you! She's wearing a sexy little skirt and no panties, and she lays back with her legs way up and as she farts, she translates... 4517 views

Marlena 8

Remember the sexy farting latina girl, Marlena? Well, she's back with more gas for you! She's wearing a sexy see-thru bra and thong panties, and she leans over and blasts a fart! She wants to show you her sexy outfit, but she keeps blasting farts! Sh... 3961 views

Nevaeh Keyz 2

Remember Nevaeh, the new girl from last week? Well, today she's back, and she wants to treat you to some jeans farts! She sits in a chair with her butt to the side, and fills those jeans with huge, juicy, bubbly farts! She says her tummy hurts, so yo... 5561 views

Nina Devon 2

Remember the hot new ebony girl from the other day? Well, today Nina Devon is back, and she's wearing a gold shiny bra and she lays back and spreads her legs and pulls up her skirt as the camera zooms in and you can see her bare asshole pooch way out... 4868 views

Rachel O

Length: 2:46 Today we introduce Rachel O, a cute girl with honey-brown hair and a bad case of the farts! She\'s on the sofa and she spreads her ample booty and blasts a whole bunch of farts right into your face! Then she gets up on her knees an... 4354 views

Risika 2

Remember the hot new girl from the other day? Well, today Risika returns to blast you with her farts! She\'s miserable from bad pizza on the sofa, so she lifts her ass and spreads her legs and blasts a huge stinky one through her lace panties! She ta... 3835 views

Roxanne Bliss 4

Roxanne is squatted over the coffee table, when she blasts a fart! She's wearing a sexy strapless top, boots, and no panties. Roxanne stands up and spreads her ass-cheeks wide and sticks her booty hole right into the camera while she fingers her ass ... 3973 views

Sindee Rose 2

Remember Sindee, the hot new girl from the other day? Well, she had so much fun farting for you, she's back to do it again! She's wearing cute pink plaid panties, and she throws her legs way up near her shoulders and blasts a bunch of farts right thr... 4042 views

Summer Baily 2

Sexy Summer Baily, the new girl from last week, is nude in the living room telling you about the fucked-up food she ate, and it gave her the farts! Summer bends over and blows a huge Summer breeze right out of her asshole and into your face - SEXY! S... 5677 views

Taylor Starr 2

Remember the new girl from the other day? Well, today Taylor is back, and she's wearing only a tiny thong and a string of pearls! She says she has something for you, then lifts a leg and lets an airy fart hiss! She holds her buttcheeks apart and you ... 3623 views

Torie Heart 2

Remember the hot new girl from the other day, Torie Heart? Well, today she's back and she's wearing red panties! Torie bends over and blasts a big fart through her tight spandex panties, then does it again! Torie's farts are loud and long and sure to... 5545 views

Tricia Oaks

Guess what we've got for you today - a sexy new girl named Tricia Oaks! Tricia is a gorgeous brunette who has never done anything like this before. She's all bloated from lunch today, so she's going to fart it all out in front of you! She gets on all... 4801 views

Tricia Oaks 11

Tricia is back with more farts for you! She's squatted on the bed with the camera right under her ass when she lets those farts fly! Tricia lays on her side and blows ass-kisses at you. She pulls her legs up and blows some airy farts in your face - S... 5742 views

Valerie Gibson 2

Remember the hot new girl from the other day, Valerie Gibson? Well today she's back with more farts for you! She's wearing tight black shorts, which she lets a couple airy farts through! She says her farts stink, while she rolls around releasing ass ... 4836 views

Angel Cummings 2

Remember the new girl from the other day, Angel Cummings? Well, today she's back, and she's wearing a cute pink bikini and she's loaded with gas - WOO-HOO! Angel lifts a leg and blasts a big, fat fart right into the camera, followed by a squeaker. Fa... 5346 views

Aries Knightly 2

Remember the new girl from a few days ago, Aries Knightly? Well, today she's back to entertain you with her ass! Despite the bad gas she got the other day, she ate something crazy again today! She starts out blasting a huge fart right through her cut... 5075 views

Aries Knightly 3

After that last awesome clip of Aries, you demanded to see more of her so here she is! Today she's wearing a tube top and booty shorts in a leather chair. She immediately blasts a huge fart, and lays back and plays with her pussy! Then she drops her ... 7208 views

Bitten 6

Bitten is back and more farty than ever! Today she's naked on the couch and she's got a ton of ass gas to blast! She bends over, lays on her back, her side, lots of positions and even more farts! Bitten is a new girl but she's already so professional... 4108 views

Body Language 2

Body Language is here for you once again, wearing her red satin bra and pink panties! She dishes out airy farts that will blow you away. She spreads her cheeks wide open to let you in on a little secret. Naughty or nice? You decide for yourself as th... 4061 views