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Search Results for: ass fetish

Zamora 11

Are you hard enough to rub one out for Zamora? If you're not, her forceful and fragrant farts will get you there! This ebony beauty guides you through your masturbation with sound cues provided by her powerful rectum! When she counts you down to blow... 8500 views

Zamora 12

By the time Zamora reaches the toilet she is doubled over in pain. Everything that can come out of her body is going to! She's got a gut full of torpedo farts and even a hot stream of pee! The thunder from her bowels is frightening and Zamora bends a... 4970 views

Zamora 13

Lying beneath Zamora, her shaved pussy in sight, you are treated to an epic first-hand view of her asshole farting just for you! Zamora lovingly tells the tale of her farts going down your throat and into your body. Gradling her belly like a precious... 6423 views

Zamora 14

Zamora keeps her leggy, lustful body toned through a complex serious of exercises. These exercises have the side effect of releasing a lot of wind. You can see mighty Zamora's muscles flex and tighten as she puts her body through its paces. But the ... 4487 views

Zamora 15

To masturbate or to fart? It's a classic question and Zamora proves that you can do both! In fact, she loves her anal activity so much that with her free hand she shovels the smell from her ass to her nose and proclaims them good! This sexy siren wil... 7433 views

Aryana Adin 15

It's just a quiet night for Aryana, gossiping on the phone with her girlfriend... or at least it's quiet until she starts farting! Aryana has to hold her hefty butt cheeks open just to get the big cheese bombs out into the open air! Her farts are so ... 11156 views

Aryana Adin 16

Aryana loves to have privacy when she stretches, and she needs it due to how her bowels just totally catch fire! This girl is as limber as her bowels are loose and the more she stretches, the more nastiness works its way down into her rectum for a no... 9592 views

Aryana Adin 17

Aryana has selected you for her date tonight and she has an ass full of sexy surprises. She wants you to get right down in there between her big, bootylicious butt cheeks and inhale everything she farts out! Aryana longs to fill your face with her fa... 6595 views

Ariana Adin 18

Aryana Adin would love to know what she ate. Whatever it was, it's got her rocking back and forth on the toilet in pain as she releases an amazing volume of gas! The toilet shudders as her farts crackle within it and Aryana gasps at the force and the... 13236 views

Aryana Adin 19

Aryana has just gotten home from a date. It's a good thing her date couldn't stay, though, because a cluster of farts creep up and catch her unaware! She tries to relax and rest after her night out but her asshole won't let her! The gas comes out wit... 8264 views

Aryana Adin 20

Clad in a naughty see-through dress, Aryana reclines on the bed masturbating her pussy. But her belly is filled with gas and the farts come bubbling out as she stimulates her clit! Sexy Aryana can feel the vibrations deep within her pussy as the gas ... 9675 views

Aryana Adin 21

Aryana packs plenty of surprises when she instructs you to jerk off for her. In this case the surprise is that her ass is packed with farts! Just focus on her hefty ass that expands as she farts for you and follow her commands as you inhale! Jerk for... 11879 views

Auburn Lights

Auburn enjoys a big, meaty burger. But the one she had for lunch has left her with big, meaty farts! This pretty, petite girl is very shy about her flatulence, but she bravely pulls her panties aside and lets it fly anyway. It's hard to believe such ... 2048 views

Auburn Lights 2

As if waking up from a beautiful dream, Auburn slowly opens her eyes and begins to rub her pussy... but then the gas sets in! Undeterred by the occasional anal pops and poops, Auburn bravely seeks a comfortable position in which to masturbate. Her fa... 3882 views

Auburn Lights 3

Do you want to paint Auburn's rainbow-colored panties white with your jizz? You can if you can endure her flatulent butthole! The naughty Auburn tells you all the nasty ways she wants you to play with your dick, but mostly she lets her asshole do the... 3343 views

Auburn Lights 4

At first it seems like Auburn just needs to take a nice, long, relaxing, pee. But it turns out her asshole has something else to say! This leopard print beauty has a gas attack that's catching up with her and that packs a whollop as she lets it out! ... 2033 views

Auburn Lights 5

Auburn understands what you need: to be sat on, to be farted on, to have your face blown away by her anal stench! Look deep into Auburn's pulsating asshole as she straddles you. Gaze at her as she towers over you from high above and accept that the p... 2667 views

Auburn Lights 6

If you like sexy, dark-haired beauties farting in their shorts then Auburn Lights is just the girl for you! Her denim blues crackle with anal noise. Those poor farts are trapped in Auburn's tight shorts with nowhere to go, which means she'll just sho... 2124 views

Auburn Lights 7

Auburn keeps her toned, sexy figure by doing lots of stretching and by keeping her bowels empty. Here she's doing both, letting out oodles of wet, nasty farts while she stretches and tones her beautiful body! Don't let her pristine white shorts fool ... 2255 views


Jesse has never farted on camera before, but once she takes off her panties and gets going she lets them rip like a pro! Jesse might have a soft, sweet voice, but her parts back a brutal baritone! Jesse understands their power and spreads her ass for... 8579 views

Jesse 2

Jesse is busy exercising, going over her cheerleader routine. But something is wrong: Jesse's asshole has been taken over by farts! At first she tries to power through the farting. But once she realizes she's being watched this farting beauty decides... 8104 views

Jesse 3

Jesse starts things off with a rip, polluting the air with a long, bubbly fart as her ass peaks out of her pink skirt! There's more where that came from, too! Jesse's as is so gassy that her farts come out in long, ripping toots! And if you want more... 8752 views

Jesse 4

Jesse is desperate to get her ass on the toilet seat and we quickly find out why! This black-haired beauty has an ass full of horrors that stink up the bathroom as she relentlessly farts! Poor Jesse grunts, strains, and moans as she squeezes the deat... 14512 views

Jesse 5

Jesse's farts are nasty: they are long, they are noisy, and they smell terrible. This means they are perfect for shooting your load to! Black-clad Jesse wants to see you jerk off to her noisy, unhealthy farts and she tells you how she wants it done! ... 12518 views