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Search Results for: ass fetish

Savanna Ginger 16

Savanna loves the smell of rich, brown leather... After she's farted on it to hell and back! This incredibly big ass bounces as it unleashes terrible odors onto the precious leather... and Savanna can't resist smelling her handiwork afterward! She fa... 2014 views

Savanna Ginger 17

How can Savanna get any reading done with all that noise? Probably because it's coming from her own ass! With her book before her to aid her concentration, Samantha bounces her ass to let get rid of the flatulence that is searing a hole in her shorts... 2167 views

Amber Star 9

Amber Star is back, and she's not so happy about it. She's started a new medication, and one of the great side effects is a belly full of gas. In her tight jean shorts, Amber's first couple farts cause a deep rumble in the couch. Bending over give... 6456 views

Amber Star 10

Sexy scholar Amber Star’s attempt to settle in with a good read is hampered by her ass clamoring. Her reading is repeatedly interrupted by catastrophic colon cackles as she pushes lingering fart after fart into her leather desk chair. Nobody would ... 8527 views

Amber Star 11

Amber Star is spread wide open granting full access to all her sweetest spots. Is your tongue prepared to capture her tasty tootsies? The scent of rotten eggs is filling the room fast and she’s sharing every ounce of odor with fart-in-face action a... 12699 views

Amber Star 13

Amber Star is enamored of guys with an affinity for face farts. Sucking farts out of her ass is a surefire way to land on Amber’s favorites list. Today she’s dressed to kill in a black lace tank and thong but is going to pull those panties to the... 5667 views

Amber Star 14

Connect with Amber Star while she is all alone in her big bed making herself feel good. She is in the buff when petting her pretty, shaved kitty and adding to her pleasure by getting rid of all the gas collecting in her belly all day. Her lip-smackin... 6675 views

Amber Star 15

Watch Amber Star get dressed while making certain to have all her farts out of her hot ebony ass before readying herself for her date. She has a sexy ensemble waiting on her bed when she enters in the buff but won’t put on a thing until she’s all... 6792 views

Brittany Kendall 2

Brittany Kendall is in a bad way with all the farts she has stored in her fair-skinned backside! She is wearing a sexy, pink mesh top and has launched an anal assault on the leather bench in her living room. This alluring blonde in glasses is taking ... 7808 views


Ivana had never heard of a fart fetish before today, but she was curious when she heard you really got off to girls farts. Ivana bends over revealing a back tattoo and long lean legs supporting a cute round behind. The little brown freckles on Ivan... 8291 views

Ivana 2

Ivana is trying her best to write you a love letter but her gassy exploits are getting in the way. She’s bellied up to her writing desk but managing to do more damage to her leather chair than composing. Clearly bothered by the smell, she wonders o... 7636 views

Ivana 3

What’s a girl to do when all she wants to do is relax and immerse herself in a good read, but she’s hampered by the digestion of the burrito she ate for lunch? Dressed in the sultriest red wine-colored lingerie, Amber needs rapid relief before sh... 5441 views

Ivana 4

Ivana is sharing an up-close view of her loud ass hole as she fills the room with an odor she blames on what she’s eaten. She says it smells like broccoli and is to be believed because with clamors that grand, they sure can’t smell like flowers. ... 7125 views

Ivana 5

Ivana is home alone and not timid when it comes to hitting the pot with her anal audios that might wake the neighbors. She’s trying to text and toot and decides to send her girlfriend a recording to see if she can be outdone. Her sexy shorts drop t... 9243 views

Ivana 6

Illustrious Amber Star wants to play and has selected you as her playmate. Asking you to “do her a favor and take out your dick,” she gets down to the business of sharing her ass racket while wearing sexy, bright pink panties. Once her panties ar... 8755 views

Ivana 7

Sultry Ivana proves bikinis can be sexy in more ways than one! She enters her room in a barely there, adorable bikini and has a surplus of sizzlers sliding out against fabric of her pink bikini bottom. Once she unties it, she uses the bottom to sniff... 5049 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 12

Jezebelle Foxxx is sitting on a leather stool waiting for her date to show up. Its a good thing he's late because Jezebelle has gas and that's the last thing she'd want him to smell! She pulls up her red dress and farts with her bare ass on the lea... 5393 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 13

Look at that dark pucker playing peek-a-boo! Wow! Jezebelle Foxxx is hot as hell, and her winking ass hole is full of spunk and stink but so cute with the way it flexes as she’s pushing farts out in your face. Get a good whiff of her ebony rosebud ... 7388 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 15

Dark chocolate beauty, Jezebelle Foxxx, is alone in her bed and having some fun with her naked body. Her slender fingers massage her clit while she is relaxing her ebony pucker to blow stale air into her bedroom. She assumes the perfect position on h... 13758 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 16

Jezebelle Foxxx is lounging in bed looking pretty understated in cute jeans and a popping pink top. Definitely not understated are the fierce farts she is saturating those fitted pants with while she is texting on her phone. They are loud and proud p... 7655 views

Paris Marie

The personable Paris Marie heard you like farts, and she’s ready to show you what her grumbly tummy can produce. Sexy, short jean shorts hardly muffle her whirring wallops. Those shorts must be made of thin denim because she’s taking note of the ... 8910 views

Paris Marie 2

What did that bench ever do to her? Paris Marie is dispatching raunchy raspberries to the leather bench in her room on her quest to share the sum of her farts with us. Her sexy baby blue thong is just getting in the way; she glides it down her body t... 6918 views

Paris Marie 3

Paris Marie exercises in the nude because she knows clothes only hamper her ability to stretch and spread her legs wide when she’s hard at work. She works out for a while in that pink thong of hers, but eventually removes that as well for uninhibit... 6390 views

Paris Marie 4

Slide under Paris Marie to take in the aroma of her air biscuits. Feel the force of her flatulence on your tongue as she continues to shoot screamers in your face while commenting on the smell in the room. This gassy wonder is not shy when it comes t... 6672 views