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Search Results for: ass fetish

Paris Marie 5

Paris Marie is sexy in any situation and looks amazing rushing into her bathroom in her little black thong. A fart escapes before she’s even reached the toilet! Paris has to go right now! She leaves her tiny thong stretched at her ankles while hold... 7452 views

Paris Marie 6

The tattooed and talented Paris Marie has a naughty adventure planned for you today. She knows how much you love her sexy ass and the purrs it makes when her girl farts escape. Paris is going to let you jack off to the sound of her farts while feelin... 6326 views

Paris Marie 7

It is unbelievable how heavenly the stark naked, angelic Paris Marie looks spread out on her white comforter! Our tattooed cherub is feeling naughty today and rubs her honey pot while simultaneously farting on her delicate fingers. Her palpable puffs... 5821 views

Sindell Angel

Sindell Angel’s inaugural farts on film are impressive gurglers delivered sans difficulty. Her first fizzler is a surprisingly lengthy melodic murmur. Her ass muscle movements are captured as she releases sputterss behind a sexy black thong. She’... 11365 views

Sindell 2

Sindell just cannot resist stopping by her local Mexican joint on Taco Tuesday. Her carefree attitude allows this gassy gal to laugh it off and find some relief while sitting on her leather bench after one too many tacos. Wasting no time, she keeps h... 6348 views

Sindell Angel 4

Join Sindell Angel in her room as she’s in a sexy thong on her bed, free to find release from the build-up of gas in her belly. Giggles escape her as she’s unashamed to let blurps blast into her thong and fill the room with her sweet scent. Switc... 7581 views

Sindell Angel 5

Sindell is at it again, only this time she’s in sexy gold lingerie that looks amazing against her ebony skin. She’s a little gassy today and has several pleasing poofs that differ in length and sound. Her skimpy lingerie is doing nothing to mask ... 6741 views

Sindell Angel 9

Sultry Sindell Angel is tempting as ever in her matching polka dot bra and panty set. Our gassy gal was all set to begin an new novel, but is rushing into the restroom to crack the cover because her tummy is working overtime from the surplus of stink... 7749 views

Sindell Angel 10

At first glance, you may wonder why Sindell Angel is relaxing in a tub of warm, clear water sans bubble bath. You will be pleasantly surprised by how talented this crafty chick is in making her own bubbles! Her brand of butt bubbles is far more fun a... 6837 views

Sindell Angel 12

If juicy farts are the name of the game, we declare Sindell Angel the official winner! Our gassy ebony Goddess has more in store than a stack of subdued squeaks. It is time to get up close and personal with Sindell as she knocks it out of the park wi... 7206 views

Blair Winters 11

Blair Winters is bent over with her ass in your face and giving you her brand of air to breathe. She wants your face right between her cheeks every time she shakes out another whopper to blast right in front of you. Breathe it all in as Blair says; ... 5513 views

Blair Winters 12

In her cute pink panties and black bra, Blair Winters rushes into the bathroom on her quest for relief. She’s insanely full of gas and is regretting the tacos she ate earlier! Tucked away, all alone in her minuscule bathroom, this poor hottie is sh... 10760 views

Blair Winters 13

Blair Winters is one of the sexiest girls around, and it’s an honor to watch this girl in her element, relaxing in a warm bath while reading a book and making her own bubbles! Her bathtub farts are boisterous offerings this sexy girl is letting go ... 7274 views

Blair Winters 14

Blair Winters has stockpiled a serving of girl gas for your enjoyment! She wants you to stroke that cock and cum all over her farty ass! She says she has an ass full of farts for you, and together, you will not let them go to waste! Blair is driven w... 7623 views

Katt Garcia

Wowzer! For a girl who has never farted on camera, Katt Garcia is knocking it out of the park! This girl knows it is only natural and isn’t holding back a thing as she pushes poots out of her luscious ebony backside right through her pink panties. ... 10965 views

Katt Garcia 2

Katt Garcia is playing with her phone but continually distracted by the giant guzzlers escaping her ass. She thinks she needs to use the restroom, but doesn’t leave before farting all over her brown couch. She’s dressed to kill in a sensible blac... 12843 views

Katt Garcia 3

Katt Garcia is doing double duty during her workout! Her stomach muscles are working overtime while she is doing crunches and squats which are causing her to fart like crazy. Even during her attempt at push-ups, her ebony ass is is releasing a surplu... 12424 views

Katt Garcia 4

Katt Garcia is just how we like her - naked and gassy! This playful princess knows you love her farts and wants to release them all over your face! Her poots are packing a punch as she bends right toward your nose to let those juicy pops impress you ... 9477 views

Katt Garcia 5

Catch a fast glance of the sexy black thong on Katt Garcia as she speeds into her bathroom to do some serious business. She’s on her phone, but that’s not the the most pressing matter at hand; her ass is exploding, and she is defiling that white ... 11614 views

Katt Garcia 6

Cum-hungry Katt Garcia wants to see you explode, and she is not taking no for an answer! She is going to make it easy for you with a plethora of poots escaping her ass hole and saturating the fabric of her immodest pink thong. Her sexy ass growls are... 9535 views

Katt Garcia 7

Katt Garcia’s big tits are sheathed in an immodest lace top, and her bottomless ass is open for business! This gassy goddess is a wet mess - just how we like her! While rubbing her pussy, she is farting, and her thurps are anything but dainty! Her ... 8786 views

Katt Garcia 8

We’ve never known Katt Garcia to be a fibber, but she might just be stretching the truth when saying today’s allotment of farts boasts scents reminiscent of berries, cotton candy and roses! Her loud wallops sound far too ferocious to have such pl... 8762 views

Katt Garcia 9

Katt Garcia’s pink butt plug is being put to good use! She is alone in bed pushing her pucker to the limit as she slides her treasured toy into her pucker again and again, taking time to bring it to her mouth to relish in her ass tastes and lube th... 12038 views

Layton Benton 14

What’s better than Layton Benton in a pink bikini? Watching her pass gas on the inflatable fart slave she has brought into her living room, of course! She takes off her bottom and goes wild on the head of this accommodating, aerated animal. Wow, th... 7951 views