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Search Results for: ass fetish


Molly is a ton of fun, and this breath of fresh air unabashedly shares her stale wind, which is anything but fresh! This hottie with a sultry accent has never farted for the camera, but claims to have no problem farting in front of boys. School cafet... 5650 views

Molly 2

Sexpot Molly is such a jovial darling, and she is as kinky as she is cute! When she is staying at a friend’s house, she falls in love with the luxurious white leather sectional in the trendy living room. Wearing only panties and a bra, Molly quickl... 5590 views

Molly 3

When Molly wants her dirty boy to position himself under her sexy ass, he’d better do as told! Molly knows you love her farts, so she is getting her glorious ass right above your nose while she sputters in your face! Her glistening slit is also in ... 4691 views

Molly 4

Poolside princess Molly has worked up a sweat in the sun and escaped into her living room to save herself the embarrassment of farting in front of her friends. This kinkster wants to share her poots with you because she knows you like it! Once her se... 4730 views

Molly 5

Molly has rushed into the bathroom to do some dirty things we did not know sexy girls did on the potty! Her farts are outrageous and terribly smelly. Poor thing is just plagued with gas and spends forever on the throne expressing some impressive honk... 5047 views

Molly 6

Hey Dirty Boy! Molly has something pretty passionate in store for you if you are up to the challenge of lasting until her cum countdown concludes! She is in a highly frisky mood and is sharing her sexy body with you in all its glory. Her farts are i... 5299 views

Molly 7

Cheesy pizza is divine, but not when mass-consumed! Molly is on her last slice and well on her way to polishing off a whole cheese-topped pie! Unfortunately, this has left her extremely gassy and smelly, and with her skirt hiked up, she is defiling h... 5410 views

Nadia Jay

What feels good coming out does not necessarily smell good coming out, as evidenced by ebony hottie Nadia Jay’s daunting guzzlers being liberated from her sexy brown ass. She has dined on delicious food and has been rendered quite gassy. While her ... 7230 views

Nadia Jay 2

Nadia Jay looks like an ebony angel in her alluring white bra and panty set. With her chocolate nips peeking out of her bra, she is playing on her sofa and proving that pretty girls can be freaky too! She is busting ass on her leather couch, and is s... 6643 views

Nadia Jay 3

Nadia Jay is home from a pool party, looking mighty fine in her adorable floral bikini. She confesses to making some fart bubbles in the pool while playing in the water. So she rushed home to share her dirty farts with you since they wouldn’t have ... 6974 views

Nadia Jay 4

In the sexiest white lace panties and bra we’ve seen in a while, Nadia Jay rushes into the potty to do some dirty work! She looks like an angel in the panties she quickly slides down before taking to the throne to rid her tight belly of a surplus o... 6345 views

Nadia Jay 5

Nadia Jay is pretty specific when she is telling you how to jack off and treat her ass hole to a thorough licking. Do as told to reap the rewards of her fabulously fartastic display. She has some whoppers, some SBD’s and to ton of stink! Nadia want... 8190 views

Nadia Jay 6

Nadia Jay is a tall drink of water with a toned body and perfect tits, so when she tells you to get your face under her ass, why would you decline? Miss Jay has her ass cheeks spread and is eager to put her relaxed ass hole right over your mouth, all... 6331 views

Nadia Jay 7

Countless sex kittens list the Hitachi Magic Wand as their favorite toy, and Nadia Jay is one such vixen! She uses the high-powered massager on her clit while pushing farts out of her brown hole. This babe is class-A sexy in a studded bustier and no ... 6403 views

Shae Spreadz 11

Student Shae Spreadz is getting ready for school by covering her sexiest parts with pink lace panties and a matching bra. Before she gets to her slutty shorts and tiny top, she has to take care of business by getting the gas out of her rancid ass. Sh... 6689 views

Shae Spreadz 12

Simply using a butt plug to do her own ass is too ordinary for Shea Spreadz! Donning sexy black and silver lingerie that reveals her ass hole, Shae is plunging her own pucker with a plug and upping the appeal by farting all over her little toy. She f... 5969 views

Shae Spreadz 13

Shae Spreadz’s outgoing nature is always a joy to experience, and her curiosity about what her own farts smell like proves what a down-to-earth gal she is. She wishes for you to come along for the smell session and even slides her black bikini bott... 4635 views

Shae Spreadz 14

Shae Spreadz is a sexy little thing, but there is something unflattering rumbling inside her tummy that she is dying to release. Milk has make her terribly gassy, and she is trying everything she can to get relief from the painful gas. Standing and s... 6714 views

Shae Spreadz 15

Shae Spreadz knows her ass is gorgeous, and she is excited to share her smelly goodness with you. This dynamic diva wants you stroking your cock to the sound of her ass acoustics, so do not disappoint our ebony beauty! Shae is pulling out all the sto... 5345 views

Shae Spreadz 16

Raw and nasty are the words Shae Spreadz uses to describe the farts she has for you, her special fart boy. Naked Shae is smelling so nasty, but that’s how you like her filthy ass, right? Go ahead and get your face in her glorious black ass until sh... 5286 views

Shae Spreadz 17

Shae Spreadz is looking fine in an immodest thong and matching animal-print bra. Home all alone, this babe is rubbing her pussy with curious fingers while ridding her tush of pesky gas. She sure does smell to high heaven, but that’s how we like sex... 5818 views

Amiee Davis

Exuberant Amiee Davis is home from work and feeling gassy, so why not share her stink? This youthful hottie hasn’t ever farted in front of anyone, but there’s a first time for everything! She says it feels good to let it all out as she strips dow... 7514 views

Amiee Davis 2

Amiee Davis loves to work her slender fingers inside her warm, needy pussy when she is home all alone, and nobody is around to walk in on her. During this self-pleasure escapade, Amiee is getting a finger deep inside while her tight bottom is releasi... 6350 views

Amiee Davis 3

Ever wonder what pretty girls look like when they are all alone in the bathroom? Demure Amiee Davis doesn’t know anyone is watching, so she isn’t giving any thought to the obnoxious poots she is depositing in the pot. She is such a sweetheart and... 9670 views