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Search Results for: ass fetish

Stephanie Saint

Stephanie Saint is a natural on camera, but she has yet to fart on camera, so today she is giving it a shot. She has worn full-bottomed, white panties and is looking pretty sexy in her fitted pink and white halter top. Her inaugural gassers are more ... 8328 views

Stephanie Saint 2

Lusty Latina Stephanie Saint is eating tacos and has already had five! She’s ravenous but has some gas to set free. Once she has made the room smell, she declares her appetite is killed, and she works all those farts out of her belly. She lies on t... 8471 views

Stephanie Saint 3

Stephanie Saint is certainly sexy with her shaved snatch and dainty cheetah-print top. Poor girl is comfy on her leather chair and trying to get into a good book, but has a profusion of poots pushing into the leather. She is making the most of it and... 8111 views

Stephanie Saint 4

Sinfully sexy Stephanie Saint has a stomach ache and is alone in the bathroom smelling up the joint! She is somewhat impatient as she waits for her stinky farts to fill the bowl, but is amused by some of the whistling whoppers she is wafting. She bla... 7365 views

Stephanie Saint 5

All alone in her big bed, sultry Stephanie Saint is treating her kitten to a rubbing and is looking fine! She is spreading her legs to pass gas in conjunction with her pussy petting. Her farts linger in the room as she continues the self-pleasure tha... 7888 views

Stephanie Saint 7

Are you horny right now? Stephanie Saint wants to know because she would love to have you whip it out and help you cum. Her efforts start with her in a sexy bikini, showing off her phenomenal ass. Before long, she is expressing her gassy goodness str... 9037 views

Stephanie Saint 8

In a matching Aztec bra and panties, Stephanie Saint is hot as hell and producing some rather hot wind! Sprawled on her couch, this sexy chick comments repeatedly how good it feels to fart even though it smells so foul! The modest elastic of her thon... 7574 views

Stephanie Saint 9

Sultry Stephanie Saint is allocating her time wisely when cuddling up with a good book while wearing nothing but a virginal white bra and a delightful snowy thong. She’s sexy in spectacles and doing her best to concentrate on the text despite bein... 4431 views

Stephanie Saint 10

Stephanie Saint is cute as a button but not in the greatest shape! That changes today, as this sweetheart endeavors to begin a workout regimen. She is working hard to tighten her hot body, but is plagued by a case of nasty gas that surrounds her with... 4940 views

Stephanie Saint 11

“Get down; I’m gonna fart on your face,” are some powerful words when uttered by a woman as utterly hot as Stephanie Saint! She has donned a cheetah-print bra and panty set and is her good-natured self, as always, while she is pointing her poot... 5321 views

Stephanie Saint 12

That was close! Stephanie Saint has rushed into the bathroom and pulled her denim shorts and white thong off just in time! This gassy girl is making a deposit accompanied by some rather raunchy farts! She is on the potty for such a long time, she is ... 8657 views

Stephanie Saint 13

Stephanie Saint wants to see you get nice and hard and is giving up farts to foster your rising to the occasion! This sexy chick has her thong pulled to the side and is handing over a surplus of her nasty ass gas while reminding you just how much she... 6414 views

Stephanie Saint 14

Stephanie Saint doesn’t need any sex toys when her slender fingers work just fine! She is caught up in pleasuring her pussy and is farting at the same time. She seems to get off on surrounding herself in stink! Her slithers and angelic murmurs crea... 7098 views

Stephanie Saint 15

Girl is lookin’ good in those jeans! Sexy Stephanie Saint is in tight jeans and has gas so foul, she can smell it through the denim! Wow, she is really packing a punch but relishes in sampling the stink and knows you do too! She centers her hand on... 8229 views

Stephanie Saint 16

Stephanie Saint’s ass is amazing! Her tight pucker can handle the girth of a sizable pink butt plug, and this babe is getting it all in over and over while breaking to fart on her toy! Since Steph loves the taste of her own ass, she brings her phal... 5013 views

Katrina Kox 27

It has been a spell since the outstanding Katrina Kox has been in our midsts. Is her ass as awesome as always? That’s a resounding, “Yes!” She wants to share some farts she has been saving in anticipation of you joining her on the couch as she ... 3639 views

Katrina Kox 28

Katrina Kox doesn’t mind waiting for her date to arrive as she spends time farting on her favorite table. She delights in the sounds her fierce, smelly farts produce as they blast against the table’s surface. With her legs spread wide, the view o... 3057 views

Katrina Kox 29

Kinky Katrina Kox knows you love the sound and flavor of her farts and invites you to bring your face and mouth up close to get better taste of the gassy handouts coming from her sweaty, stinky ass hole. The veins surrounding her pucker are like line... 6050 views

Katrina Kox 30

Katrina Kox has gotta go and rushes into her bathroom in her pink thong and plops on the pot to get rid of the plaguing gas that has made her wake with a stomach ache. She feels so much better after she has her legs spread widely and is pushing power... 7027 views

Katrina Kox 31

Join sultry Katrina Kox in her upscale bedroom as she has the lights down low and has put on a sexy bra and thong just for you. That’s not all this vixen has in her bag of tricks. She has so many farts for you to rub your big cock into while she re... 8707 views

Katrina Kox 32

Sitting in school all day, holding back gas, has left coed Katrina Kox in terrible pain. Once she is all alone in her room, she is farting in her tight jeans and really making a ruckus while pushing hard and creating some noisy honks. Young ladies do... 12553 views

Katrina Kox 33

Have you ever seen a more celestial being than exotic Katrina Kox spread out on a white duvet? Catch this sex kitten in an especially amorous mood as she is relieving pressure in her tummy by farting while also giving her pretty pussy the attention i... 11308 views

Kay Love

Kay Love is cute as a button and farting on camera for the first time! This sweetheart is not shy and giggles like mad with every one of her ferocious ass rips. Her pink jean shorts are doing little to mask the smell, but it doesn’t bother this bab... 10847 views

Kay Love 2

Kay Love’s pink yoga ball is in the living room, begging to be played with, so she hops on in her gold short shorts. She’s so cute bouncing on the ball with her tits jiggling with every bounce. Kay is quite gassy and is ripping ass all over the b... 7214 views