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Search Results for: ass fetish

Taylor Starr 18

Getting clean never looked so good! Taylor Starr is alone in the tub getting clean but clouding the water with her gassy ass. She has a lot of gas to pass and isn’t letting the fact she is submerged in clean water stop her. Enjoy the views from the... 4801 views

Taylor Starr 19

Taylor Starr is up to no good but in all the right ways! She has slid into a skimpy black thong and heels to give you what you want! She knows you want to pull down your pants to stroke your cock as she is making music with that dark chocolate ass. H... 6365 views

Taylor Starr 20

Tantilizing Taylor Starr is up to no good! She is home alone when her pussy needs some attention, so she is sensually rubbing her bald, black kitty while lounging on the couch. She doesn’t bother to remove her black thong, instead rubbing around it... 5819 views

Alice Frost 19

Way to go Alice Frost! One of our favorite blonde bombshells has returned home from a barbecue, excited to have taken top prize in a hot dog eating contest. Sadly, the win comes with repercussions, as sweet Alice is gassy and farting like mad. Her se... 6365 views

Alice Frost 20

Catching air means different things to different people, and for Alice Frost it means taking a break from massaging her shaved pussy to catch her fart smells on her pretty finger tips. She loves to smell butt and isn’t the least bit shy about her u... 6438 views

Alice Frost 21

Alice Frost’s finest asset is on full display when she walks into the room in astonishingly sexy black panties and pulls them down to get her mouthwatering booty right in your face while she passes gas. This stunning darling knows you love the soun... 6555 views

Alice Frost 22

Alice Frost is at it again! This big-booty babe spends a great deal of time on the pot; perhaps it is time to evaluate her diet! As she scurries into her bathroom, she barely gets her animal-print panties off her luscious backside before she is dropp... 7661 views

Alice Frost 23

Alice Frost, you are such a tease! Oh, man, this chick is red hot in her crimson vinyl dress and even hotter when she is sharing peeks of her ass hole while farting farts that would put most men to shame! She does not want you to cum until she allows... 6922 views

Alice Frost 24

Big-breasted Alice Frost thinks leather smells boring. That’s an odd take, but we’ll take it, because her remedy is to fart on it, and watching her stink up the leather is a pleasure. She is not taking it easy on the once-pristine sectional! Her ... 5784 views

Alice Frost 25

You are in for a real treat in the form of curvy Alice Frost wanting to fart all over your dick! She is using her own flesh-colored phallus to show you exactly what she has planned for your stiffie. Alice is pushing it against her pink pantyhose and ... 4361 views

Amber Star 16

Hottie Amber Star looks spectacular in a tight dress which is hiding sexy matching blue panties and bra. Reporting she has had a great time on her date, she also states the Indian fare she consumed has left her quite gassy, and you are invited to joi... 5518 views

Amber Star 17

Catch Amber Star at the conclusion of her workout as she is ending with squats to keep her fine ass in fighting form! She is a sweaty mess when she is finished and really needs a shower. When she reaches into her cute bikini bottom, she realizes just... 7412 views

Amber Star 18

Every aspect of alluring Amber Star is sexy, but her sweet voice tops the list, and she is at her sexiest when inviting you to smell her farts. She is in a hot bra and matching thong for her most recent fart exploration venture, and she admits things... 7238 views

Amber Star 19

Oh man! Poor Amber Star doesn’t even get her ass on the pot before it begins to explode! She is farting something fierce and is lucky she managed to get her crisp white shorts pulled down before the bombs started dropping! As always, she is pretty ... 5805 views

Amber Star 20

Happy birthday to you from Amber Star! She has been saving her farts for your birthday and comes directly to you in adorable matching panties and bra. She wants you to enjoy the view as you stroke your cock to her farts, so she slides those panties d... 6033 views

Amber Star 21

Look at that smile! Amber Star is adorable, and her vertical smile isn’t hard on the eyes either. Alas, it’s her ass that is center of attention when Amber perches over your face to give you the gas you crave. She wants the sum of your attention ... 4910 views

Amber Star 22

How does one christen a new leather sectional? Amber Star has a few ideas, and they all include farting. This playful princess thinks new leather smells too clean and puts her stamp on the white sofa’s pristine surface. Amber is exceptionally gassy... 4684 views

Jessica Winters

We dare you not to smile when in the company of sweet and sexy Jessica Winters. She is effervescent in more ways than one when she farts for the camera for the first time and does so with a spirited approach and a surplus of butt bubbles coming out o... 8525 views

Jessica Winters 2

Sweetheart Jessica Winters is lounging on her leather couch as she gets into a good book. Reading is one of her favorite pastimes, but this poor thing is not turning many pages thanks to her loud barking ass. Whatever she has eaten today has left her... 7751 views

Jessica Winters 3

Jessica Winters is such a giver! She does not like the smell of her own farts, but when cafeteria food makes her really gassy, she saves it all for you. It would have been so embarrassing if she had let these whoppers slip out at school. In her tight... 10916 views

Jessica Winters 4

Jessica Winters’ farts are as loud as heck after this lactose intolerant hottie has made the fatal mistake of eating pizza.. All that cheese has left her so gassy, and she is in the bathroom trying to make things happen once her sexy black shorts a... 10376 views

Jessica Winters 5

Jessica Winters is nude and nasty - just how you like her! She is getting her heavenly pucker right up into your face while it opens to dispense the foulest gas she has ever had. She wants her biggest farts to come straight at you, and she is shaking... 6340 views

Jessica Winters 6

Check out the slutty ensemble on Jessica Winters! This starlet looks hot as hell in her pink thong bottoms and hot matching top. She wants to help you cum by serving up the stink you love! Can you make it to the end of her sensual cum countdown, or w... 6635 views

Jessica Winters 7

Jessica Winters usually starts the day off right by masturbating before going about her day. She is never deterred by early morning gas and even seems to revel in it to a large degree, as she has one hand stationed on her shaved kitty, while the othe... 7781 views