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Search Results for: ass fetish

Kay Love 21

Kay Love’s ass is darker than chocolate, and she’s sweeter than pie, as she shares an unhindered view of her ebony pucker at play. The shade of her sable abyss is so dark and textured, the eye candy factor is off the charts, and Kay stinks to hig... 5865 views

Olivia Rain 8

Sexy, tight jeans take care of a lot of things, but shielding stench is not one of them! Gassy Olivia Rain has a major gas setback and needs relief NOW! In snug jeans, she is arranging her hot body in varied positions to release raunchy rumblers that... 6696 views

Olivia Rain 9

Olivia Rain has a belly ache and has rushed into the restroom in a sexy bikini to do some rather unsexy things on the pot! Her dirty butt is ungodly gassy, and poor Olivia is in a world of hurt as she tries to rid her stomach of more than gas. Her fa... 5203 views

Olivia Rain 10

Farting full force is Olivia Rain’s forte! She knows you like them though, so pushing them out for you is her honor. She makes sure to get as close to you as you can handle - don’t bring her in too close, these farts are nasty! Her barking ass be... 7126 views

Olivia Rain 11

A sweaty, smelly ass that looks like hers is quite a treat, and scintillating Olivia Rain ups the sexy with her dirty talk while farting. She is determined to make you cum and employs the hottest tactics to make it happen. Spoiler alert: making it to... 8087 views

Olivia Rain 12

The sweet, dark folds of Olivia Rain’s pussy are massaged with such finesse when she’s alone and horny! Her ass is competing for attention with some majorly loud gassers slipping out as she rubs her pretty kitty, making this a hot solo session fo... 5911 views

Olivia Rain 13

Olivia Rain is a special sort of kinkster. She really gets into sharing her farts, and for a twist on her normally torrid ass blasts, she is sharing her sphincter in sexy slow-motion! The sounds of her spews are loud and lewd, and her pucker is keepi... 5853 views

Olivia Rain 14

Olivia Rain has a tight tummy, and she knows just how to make herself feel better. She lounges in her living room, pulls her thong to the side and releases the beasts! Wow - her gas is super-smelly, and she is working hard to share the nasty. These l... 5229 views

Rose Lane 8

Pizza-lover Rose Lane stopped in at the pizzeria and went overboard with toppings, leaving a surplus of grease in their tummies. Nobody got it as bad as Rose, though. She is defiling her jean shorts with loud, overbearing farts you have to hear to be... 8949 views

Rose Lane 9

Wow! Rose Lane is dropping ass and stinking something fierce. She has rushed into the bathroom to dump a load, and the result is nothing short of disastrous. Rose is making a major mess of her toilet bowl and breaking sound records in the process. Sh... 8473 views

Rose Lane 10

Smells like a rose? Not so much! Gassy Rose Lane is in a dress so tight it could double as a straight jacket, and she’s full of farts. Rose is well aware of how much you like to watch her rid her body of methane, so she somehow gets that tight dres... 15415 views

Rose Lane 11

Few erupting puckers produce obnoxious sounds the way Rose Lane’s does! She wants to give you a special treat to celebrate your promotion, and her ass is on board! Go ahead, get that cock out, because once Miss Lane’s red lace panties are on the ... 10865 views

Rose Lane 12

Rose Lane is a one-woman show who dispels the myth that girls don’t fart! Even during a hot session of solo masturbation, some sexy girls squeeze out gas to accentuate the eroticism of their pussy play. Rose is one such girl! Her pucker is competin... 7735 views

Rose Lane 13

Radiant Rose Lane loves to show off, and when you watch her fart, it puts a smile on her pretty face. To thank you for all of your previous ass adoration, she is treating you to sexy slow-motion farting that is an pucker-lover’s dream come true. Wa... 5540 views

Rose Lane 14

Poor Rose Lane just wants to relax, but a massive tummy ache prevents her proper rest. She does not enjoy the stinky farts she has to force out in order to feel better, but she has to do something. With her sexy pink lace thong pulled to the side, sh... 8150 views

Sindell Angel 13

Egg salad is Sindell Angel’s demise! This thick hottie met her match in diced eggs and mayo, and unfortunately finds herself quite gassy. She needs someone to commiserate with when she returns home with a sour tummy and a honking ass, and she’d l... 7348 views

Sindell Angel 14

Burritos prove to be Sindell Angel’s downfall once again! She’s made a mess of her stomach, which, in turn, is making a mess of her toilet. Looking hot in jean shorts, Sindell rushes into the bathroom just in time, as her tumultuous tummy has to ... 9029 views

Sindell Angel 15

Do not get your nose too close, or you may need a handkerchief! Sindell Angel is hotter than ever in a tight, colorful dress, and she is gassy. But we wouldn’t expect anything less from the always-audible Miss Angel! Today she is blaming the calam... 7096 views

Sindell Angel 16

The beauty of Sindell Angel, besides her abundant physical attributes, is she treats new friends like old friends and is not a bit shy! She has yet to meet a man or a cock she doesn’t love, and if a guy has a fetish for farts, Sindell is at the rea... 7768 views

Sindell Angel 17

Pussy rubbing does something to Sindell Angel! She is never this quiet, but her sweet, soft moans are barely audible as her ass steals the show with outrageous farting while she is massaging her kitty. She’s a bit of a freak, which we all deem her ... 5901 views

Sindell Angel 18

Sizzling Sindell Angel never fails to deliver, and her latest fart-capade is all about the vistas of her coarse, textured pucker! This ebony hottie’s ass hole runneth over with putrid gas, and she is presenting her poots in glorious slow-motion, an... 7473 views

Sindell Angel 19

Sindell Angel is a hot number, and you benefit greatly from her ease and expertise in the area of sharing her farts in all their uncensored glory. This red-hot little tease uses her bottoms to play a little bit of pucker peek-a-boo, but soon they sta... 8782 views

Alice Frost 26

Feeling the burn at the gym has rendered Alice Frost’s ass on fire! She saved up most of her poots to release at home, to not embarrass herself at the gym, and her sweaty, stinky ass is making up for lost time! Yikes! Even though she is wearing her... 9059 views

Alice Frost 27

Big and beautiful Alice Frost has a lot going on! Stationed on the potty, voluptuous Miss Frost is making a massively smelly deposit. She is even peeing a lot, as her ass is busy honking and spewing nasty, dirty things, all while she is shrouded in s... 6161 views