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Search Results for: ass fetish

Savannah Jane 4

Big tits are hidden behind a sexy bra, and ebony high heels accentuate freaky MILF Savannah Jane’s shapely legs quite nicely as she rubs her pussy and lets her ass explode on camera. She doesn’t need a toy to make her pussy feel nice, as her powe... 5861 views

Savannah Jane 5

Short jean shorts look outstanding on sexy MILF Savannah Jane, but the thing is, she is sullying the shorts with her massive ass barks. These are not average farts, either. They are juicy, loud and obnoxious. By the time she is through, she is going ... 4302 views

Savannah Jane 6

When Savannah Jane needs to fart, it’s best to get out of the way, unless you enjoy the stench from a big ol’ white booty shooting out stinkers with purpose! Her pucker is a grand sight for those with a penchant for putrid puckers and a fondness ... 8694 views

Ashley Luvbug 27

Is there ever a time watching Ashley Luvbug is not absolutely amazing? We don’t think so! In her latest exploit, Ashely is dressed in a hot bra and matching thong while she shows off how much she loves the scent of her own ass! Miss Luvbug is in po... 16317 views

Ashley Luvbug 28

It’s a warm afternoon in Ashley Luvbug’s apartment, and she is wishing she had a window in her bathroom when she’s stuck on the pot, trying to alleviate her belly of the worst case of gas she has ever experienced. She has rushed into the bathro... 4451 views

Ashley Luvbug 29

Happy Birthday from Ashely Luvbug! Knowing you would be pleasantly surprised by her treating you to terribly stinky toots on your special day, she ate a massive sub sandwich, which she knew would render her gassy, especially when she added greasy bac... 4485 views

Ashley Luvbug 30

Hot yoga has rendered Miss Ashley Luvbug quite sweaty in between her cheeks, and when she felt the urge to fart in class, she held it back because farting in yoga class tends to be frowned upon! Besides, Ashley knows what a dirty fart-lover you are, ... 5312 views

Ashley Luvbug 31

Well, hello there, Ashley Luvbug! We love to see you in this position! Join Ashley as she is bent over and says that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but hers is through her butt hole! This kinky kitten has a round piece of glass pressed against... 4250 views

Ashley Luvbug 32

The beautiful backside of sexy Ashley Luvbug is on display yet again, and it’s hotter, and stinkier, than ever! She’s wearing an adorable thong, and pulls it to the side to make sure you don’t miss a beat when her butt liberates putrid blasts i... 5687 views

Ashley Luvbug 33

A trip to the taco stand was a bad call for Ashley Luvbug! They left her so gassy, as the seasoned meat was greasy, and smells worse coming out than going in! She consumed far too many cheap tacos, now she is paying the ultimate price and is sullying... 9831 views

Katt Lowden 26

Looking sexy as hell in pretty blue lingerie, the stunning Katt Lowden has rushed into a small rest room to relive herself, and wow, are her juicy farts ever fierce. She has a lot to rid herself of, so she spends quite some time on the pot making a d... 5632 views

Katt Lowden 27

Don’t struggle so much; it’s pointless! This is what Mistress Katt Lowden says when she has you tied up and unable to escape the farts she is pushing out in your direction. Don’t take it too hard, she is quite a vision in stunning black lingeri... 3696 views

Katt Lowden 28

Go team! Sexy cheer captain Katt Lowden is home from practice in her sexy cheerleading uniform, and she knows you love her sweaty, smelly ass hole, so she is going to poot for your pleasure! Go ahead and stroke it while this hottie helps you finish b... 5308 views

Katt Lowden 29

Katt Lowden looks lovely in a matching raspberry-colored bra and panty set, doesn’t she? When she busts out her Hitachi Magic Wand for some interesting play, she soon sheds those full-bottom briefs and puts the head of her vibrator directly on her ... 5864 views

Katt Lowden 30

We’ve always known Katt Lowden to be a stinky sass, and today she is outside in a short, sexy plaid skirt, and no panties, enjoying a cigarette break. While she fills her lungs with smoke, and releases the vapors, she releases even more into the ai... 4891 views

Katt Lowden 31

Playful Katt Lowden’s pucker of perfection continually fails to disappoint, and watching her fart, up close and in slow-motion is a fart fetishist’s dream come true! Her loud honks have a mind of their own, as they slide out with vigor, making he... 5685 views

Katt Lowden 32

Listen to Katt Lowden’s woes! She finds herself in a bad way with her backside plagued with nasty gas. Her cute Latina butt is busy, and her tummy is in knots! Look at that busy pucker, and watch how hard it’s working to express the pesky methane... 3317 views

Kim Chi

Introducing tattooed Asian sensation, Kim Chi! This engaging girl is new to farting in front of others, but you’ve caught her when she is extremely gassy and needing to let go of some whoppers. Look at that small, cute tush! How could her farts be ... 11905 views

Kim Chi 2

Kim Chi is massaging her pussy with so much intensity, she is in the zone, and completely relaxed. The relaxed state translates to a very relaxed ass pucker, and this nearly perfect Asian hottie is tooting like mad while kneading her clit! The stench... 6075 views

Kim Chi 3

Tattooed tart Kim Chi has a tummy ache, so she has rushed into the restroom to alleviate the issues caused by eating too many beans. Bean farts are by far some of the worst, and her small bathroom quickly becomes nothing more than a gas chamber, as K... 4964 views

Kim Chi 4

It seems as if there isn’t any position Kim Chi cannot work her sexy spinner body into! She has the market cornered on sexy spreading, as she offers up fantastic views of her hot, farting ass hole! This sex kitten knows you love the sound of her to... 5366 views

Kim Chi 5

Kim Chi should not have to ask twice when she requests you get your dick out! She’s in a saucy mood and would love the privilege of helping you climax. Her specialized directives are sinfully sexy, as she wants you to imagine getting your dick insi... 13506 views

Kim Chi 6

What sounds like a farm tractor off in the distance is simply Kim Chi’s hot ass working in slow-motion to rid her belly of gas! Oh, she makes quite a racket when she works her butt but good, and the close-ups of the calamity are commendable. Her pu... 5685 views

Kim Chi 7

Go ahead and give adorable Kim Chi’s divine booty a few lengthy sniffs! She does not mind a bit. In fact, she is naked and gassy, all for you! She’s a rude and crude cutie who adores the attention when she’s doing something dirty. Kim is going ... 5561 views