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Search Results for: ass fetish


Watch out! Friday has to go! This gassy girl looks stunning in a short, white dress, but what’s happening with her ass is anything but impressive! She’s full of toots and is taking out her gassy state on her commode. Friday’s clamoring ass make... 7580 views

Friday 2

Friday is a fiery female who wants to get to know you by farting in your face! She doesn’t find farting offensive at all, unless she uses it to dominate! As she pulls her thong to the side to shroud your face in stench, she giggles like a little gi... 5234 views

Friday 3

Friday is such a fun woman, and she giggles like a girl when she gives you the farts you love. She holds nothing back as she pushes those honks out of her curvy ass and instructs you to engage in some hardcore stroking while she farts on your dick. H... 5456 views

Friday 4

Friday is so silly! Gas has overtaken her tummy, and instead of just farting in the bathroom, she has taken a glass end table topper and pressed it against her curvy cheeks to fart against the clear glass. Her big butt looks all smushed, but still cu... 5030 views

Friday 5

Freaky Friday creates a win-win situation as she rubs her pussy while giving you the farts you love! As her big titties spill out of her lingerie, this menacing MILF is on her back, rubbing her cunt with such enthusiasm. She knows how to make herself... 7077 views

Friday 6

Naked as a jaybird and stinky as a sewer is exactly how we like to see saucy MILF Friday, and her latest fart session sees her in exactly this state. Exposing her busy ass hole in fabulous slow-motion makes her display that much more enticing. The co... 6374 views

Friday 7

Take a peek at Friday’s phenomenal ass in a blue thong! She’s quite a looker, and she’s also one of the stinkiest MILFs around. She pulls that blue thong to the side and lets it all go. She’s got gas, and she’s holding nothing back! Wow, do... 6095 views

Katt Lowden 12

Katt Lowden is a loud sex kitten, so her name is totally apt! Today, she has joined you to share some filtered farts shot through blue shiny panties. Do you really like that smell? Lucky for you, Katt isn’t shy, so she slides those panties off and ... 3866 views

Katt Lowden 13

Sexy Katt Lowden has a sexy surprise for you. First off, she’s donned delightful lingerie and sizzling fishnet stockings before approaching you to give a special treat in the form of her chili-induced farts! Katt knows exactly what you like! She’... 5160 views

Katt Lowden 14

Look at the cute “Rock On” socks on Katt Lowden’s feet and calves as she rushes into the restroom for much-needed relief. This gassy Latina goddess is in a poor state, given her gassy belly. She makes good use of the pot as she centers her ass ... 4999 views

Katt Lowden 15

DIY diva Katt Lowden is a creative cutie who will use just about anything from around the house when putting on a show with her stinkers! She’d love to run her latest concept past you, to see what you think - she is farting on glass. She thinks it... 3839 views

Katt Lowden 16

Outstanding is the word which best describes this saucy masturbation session with Katt Lowden! This babe is gorgeous, daring and delightful as she uses purple anal beads to make herself feel divine. She gets the toy all the way in, then the poor dear... 5704 views

Katt Lowden 17

Happy Birthday! As your doting girlfriend, Katt Lowden would like to treat you to something kinky. Farting in your face to cater to your fart fetish sounds like a good plan, and she is a sexy little minx who is certain to get you good and hard with h... 4274 views

Katt Lowden 18

Katt Lowden is lewd as ever, and after you and she worked yourselves up to a horny state at the movie theater, she’s ready for some action the moment you get home. Of course, Katt appreciates how kinky you are and how much you love her filthy farts... 5161 views

Katt Lowden 19

Good thing Katt Lowden wasn’t wearing panties when she rushed into the john with the worst bout of gas she has ever suffered. Her cute dress looks great on her sexy, soft skin, but despite how hot this sex kitten looks, this is a filthy situation! ... 5036 views

Katt Lowden 20

Katt Lowden is lewd and loud and perched on the fart chair to rid herself of gassers that gotta get out right away. She’s as gassy as ever, and there is no shame in her game! She’s sharing her stinkers because she knows some people find them to b... 13091 views

Katt Lowden 21

Go team! Adorable Katt Lowden is home from cheer practice, and she’s a sweaty, stinky mess! Of course, she’s hot as hell - we’d expect nothing less from captivating Katt, but her gas is giving her a hard time and adding to her already smelly sw... 6447 views

Katt Lowden 22

Stretch that pucker, Katt Lowden! Look at this gassy girl! She has her ass pucker stretched as much as she can, and she is sharing her sexy farts in fabulous slow-motion! Her farts are always fierce, so we would expect her to keep them going in rapid... 22395 views

Katt Lowden 23

Wet farts are found escaping the sexy ass of remarkable Katt Lowden. She is not feeling well, and the little sweetheart is apologetic about her gassy state. She has undone the snaps on her designer lingerie so not to soil the fabric, and once she sta... 7161 views

Katt Lowden 24

Have you seen sexy farting in beautiful slow-motion? If so, you know how great it looks when a gal shows her searing stinkers escaping their birthplace to enter the world in all their smelly glory. If you have yet to see such a sight, Katt Lowden’s... 6753 views

Katt Lowden 25

Oh, Katt Lowden, how we love your hot ass! Without a doubt, Katt is one of the sexiest chicks who is also a kinkster! She enjoys sharing her stinky farts with her fans, and she never holds back when pushing out the putrid puffers she knows you adore.... 5318 views

Savannah Jane

Savannah Jane is a big-assed MILF with a busy butt! She has rushed into the potty in hot, purple lingerie that is simply delectable, but her ass is simply dastardly! Her small bathroom becomes so stinky as she deposits more than methane in the pot! M... 8907 views

Savannah Jane 2

Sexy Savannah Jane’s webcam show is a must-see and a must-smell! This tall, blonde MILF is well-endowed in all areas, from her fleshy tits, to the gas escaping her loose pucker. Listen, watch and smell as she taints that fair skin of hers with outr... 3393 views

Savannah Jane 3

Have you ever seen a mature maven so proud of her own farts? Savannah Jane really gets a kick out of knocking it out of the park with her poots, and this silly girl is getting her gas on, something fierce! Savannah is farting against a round piece of... 4878 views