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Search Results for: ass fetish

Payton Leigh 5

Vivacious blonde Payton Leigh is a gassy MILF with no shame in her game! Even when she fingers her own delicious pussy and feels gassy, she is not holding it in. Her busy fingers create sexy clicking sounds as they thrum her glistening slit, and her ... 7713 views

Payton Leigh 6

Slow-motion farting is pulled off with such finesse when sexy MILF Peyton Leigh is on the scene! She’s a hot blonde babe with a profusion of gas escaping her hot, tight pucker, and she is sharing the view of her overworked bottom as it tosses out t... 6505 views

Payton Leigh 7

Mature model Payton Leigh cannot believe what is coming out of her! This slender maven is marvelously gassy, and she can hardly stand the sulfuric-like farts escaping her tight, little tush. She says it hurts, so she must work all that methane out of... 6973 views

Verta 8

Verta says, “It’ s like my butt is growling!” This sex kitten does not lie! Hitting her tight leather pants, Verta’s farts are louder than ever, and she is deeming the stench as smelling quite interesting. The amalgamation of quality leather ... 11064 views

Verta 9

Verta has far too much fibre in her diet, and the excess roughage is wreaking havoc on her sexy tummy. This gassy girl is perched on the pot and pooting up a storm. She’s cute as a button with pigtail braids in her hair, but her ass is anything but... 3278 views

Verta 10

Alluring Verta is well-aware of your wants, and she has wrapped her midsection in a sexy corset in preparation for what she has to give you. She’s gassy and is going to allow you to stroke your dick to the beat of her ass blasts. The smell is horre... 5599 views

Verta 11

Farting and face-sitting are two of Verta’s favorite things, and she would love for you to dine on her farts! She is naked and eager to take a seat on your face and give you the farts you crave. Don’t expect the smell to stop, as she is so gassy.... 6157 views

Verta 12

Video game aficionado Verta is plugged into her favorite console, enjoying her favorite game while lounging in the buff. She is seated on her ergonomic gaming chair and farting on the black, coarse leather like mad. Oh, the smell created is out of th... 6047 views

Verta 13

Verta’s black ass is something else, and when she’s gassy, her brown pucker looks fantastic as it opens to accommodate the methane exit. When she shares her farts in scintillating slow-motion, the view can’t be beat. Sexy Verta is as naked as t... 7614 views

Verta 14

Constipated and gassy is how Verta feels, and her sexy panties, with the ass cut out, are pulled open wide to let her best push out her gassers while sharing intimate views of her pink pucker, surrounded by soft, brown skin. Oh, boy is Verta a busy g... 8722 views

Amber Cream 8

Amber Cream’s sweet ass looks fantastic up close as she treats you to some very ladylike toots while her soft, chocolate body is in the buff. Miss Cream knows what makes you hard, and she is really amping up the sexy with her soft voice asking if y... 6789 views

Amber Cream 9

Amber Cream’s belly is giving her fits, and like the lady she is, she escaped to her bathroom to unload in the toilet, and the smell is unbelievable. Sure she looks sexy as heck her barely there pink little number, but that’s where the femininity... 5031 views

Amber Cream 10

Amber Cream is pretty pleased you treated her so well during your romantic date, but unfortunately, the Indian food you treated her to has left her extremely gassy. You didn’t think your date would be so free with her farts, did you? Amber hikes up... 4446 views

Amber Cream 11

Bikini-clad Amber Cream is delighted to find you at home when she pops in from the barbecue down by the pool. She needed a breather, but not in the conventional sense! She needs to get rid of some gas, and she knows you secretly love lady farts! So w... 5160 views

Amber Cream 12

Check out Amber Cream’s new trick! This gassy girl is farting and sharing the reflection with you, courtesy of a round piece of glass she robbed from an end table. The cold glass is pressed against her ass, flattening her cheeks, and her filthy far... 6384 views

Amber Cream 13

Make that pucker pop, Amber Cream! Wow, this ebony stunner is HOT. She’s gassy too, which is perfect for what she has planned. She is sharing sexy slow-motion footage of her brown butt hole in action, and there is nothing left to the imagination as... 7234 views

Amber Cream 14

Here’s an ebony pucker working overtime! Amber Cream opted for an egg salad sandwich, coupled with a milkshake, and these dietary selections rendered this hot babe ridiculously gassy. Her red thong is tugged toward her hip as she pushes out powerfu... 5870 views

Candi Coxx 8

Filthy Candi Coxx knows you like dirty farts, so get under her ass; she’s going to feed your fetish! This dirty girl has a surplus of stink in her tush, and taking a seat on your face is the best way she knows how to deal with it. Candi is quite th... 8463 views

Candi Coxx 9

Naughty Candi Coxx in knee-high socks is without bottoms and farting a ton, while rubbing her beautiful, shaved pussy. She just seeks to feel a better, so getting the gas out of her belly is a necessity. Oddly, she likes the putrid stench coming from... 5701 views

Candi Coxx 10

Big-breasted Candi Coxx is in a sexy black thong when her butt begins to do dastardly things! She’s beyond gassy, and her stinky ass makes quite a ruckus! Her pleads for it to stop don’t work, of course, and poor Candi must endure the extreme ste... 3766 views

Candi Coxx 11

Candi Coxx just wants to fart in somebody’s face! She really hopes you are up for the challenge because she’s a dirty girl with a filthy agenda. If you’d like to be her partner in crime, she’s got a surplus of stinky honkers to share with you... 3586 views

Candi Coxx 12

Candi Coxx has a problem. She needs to go, and is having the roughest time on the pot. She’s producing farts, but she needs to do more than that to make her belly feel better. Her quest is quite titillating for those who are a fan of big tits and s... 5296 views

Candi Coxx 13

A lovely lady is not supposed to make these sorts of sounds, but Candi Coxx didn’t get the memo on how to act like a sophisticated maven! She’s gassy and giving a grand display of her pucker hard at work. The best part? She’s sharing these stin... 8738 views

Candi Coxx 14

Wow! Candi Coxx is at it again, and her gassers are especially stinky as she is sprawled on her white couch, just kicking back and pushing farts out of her tight ass hole. Candi claims these smell like boiled rotten eggs, and she does not lie! This i... 11150 views