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Search Results for: ass fetish

Lacher Brelle 6

Lacher Brelle is up to her old tricks and has upped the sexy by providing closeup views of her stunning black ass! Say hello to her winking pucker while she farts rancid farts directly at you. Her textured ass is like a rainbow of beautiful brown ton... 6578 views

Maryjane Mayhem 33

Guess who is home from the gym all sweaty and gassy? Maryjane Mayhem, of course! This beauty has been feeling the burn at her favorite workout joint and is now home to let out the burning inside her belly. Her fair-skinned ass is especially hot in ti... 8437 views

Maryjane Mayhem 34

Sexy Maryjane Mayhem is no stranger to self-pleasure! This gal’s fingers find her clit every chance she gets, and today she is sharing it with you and even takes the time to remove her pink thong to make for an excellent view. Her butt is busy mass... 10095 views

Maryjane Mayhem 35

At first glance, one might think those tight shorts on Maryjane Mayhem are painted on her sweet ass! Alas, they are not, and she pulls them down fast before plopping on the pot to do her business, not knowing you are getting a bird’s eye view of he... 8074 views

Maryjane Mayhem 36

When Maryjane Mayhem says she wants to try something new, it’s best to see what she has in mind. This devilishly sexy sweetheart has a naughty streak a mile long, and today she is taking you on a memorable pleasure ride that leads straight to her d... 8182 views

Maryjane Mayhem 37

Maryjane Mayhem is one of the rare types who does not favor the smell of new leather. So, when she encounters her roomie’s new leather sofa, she decides to stink it up with her farts. She has a surplus of methane in her arsenal and is really doing ... 7708 views

Maryjane Mayhem 38

Maryjane Mayhem is a dirty girl with a serious stomach ache! She is extremely gassy and wants to share it all with you as her pucker is in full bloom and in your face! Maryjane is shaking her round, white cheeks to get out every bit in her quest to f... 12500 views

Maryjane Mayhem 39

orgetting Maryjane Mayhem’s birthday was a careless move, and she is pissed. Her punishment is not going to settle well with you, but you must oblige if you want her to forgive you. Get under her ass, and take the farts she has ready to shoot in yo... 6329 views

Maryjane Mayhem 40

Whenever Maryjane Mayhem starts a sentence with, “Hey baby,” it’s a safe assumption, it’s gonna be good! This sexy princess is in a black, lacy thong and is making a video just for you, since you love her dirty farts so much. Her gas is out o... 5152 views

Paris Marie 16

Paris Marie in the buff is an awesome sight, for sure! This tattooed tart is sporting red locks, and that’s not the only distinct feature of this babe. She is plagued with a tremendous amount of gas and kicks up her sex appeal by sharing closeups o... 7092 views

Aimee Davis 8

Poor food choices at the mall have left Aimee Davis gassy, and she is defiling her sexy jean shorts when endeavoring to make her sour belly feel better. Chili cheese dogs are a friend to nobody, and poor Aimee is suffering the aftermath of the greasy... 5840 views

Aimee Davis 9

When Aimee Davis rushes into the bathroom, she pulls down her designer jean shorts and plops on the pot, but her tight ass takes a while to warm up to the job at hand! Her poots are tame and girly, just like Aimee! Once things are working down there,... 12312 views

Aimee Davis 10

If red is not your favorite color right now, it will be after watching hottie Aimee Davis in action! She is in a matching red bra and panty set, until the panties are cast aside, and her gassy ass is in your face. She knows you like smelling sexy gir... 5267 views

Aimee Davis 11

She’s young, but what she lacks in worldliness, she makes up for with allure. Aimee Davis’ gentle voice asking you if you like her farts sounds so sweet and is extra special when followed by ass barks she proffers with sexy, innocent propriety. M... 7370 views

Aimee Davis 12

Let Aimee Davis sing you a lullaby! She may not remember the words to the ones she learned as a girl, but she has some sweet, soothing sounds slithering out of her unseasoned ass hole that are outstanding and certain to sate your craving for somethin... 6730 views

Aimee Davis 13

Young, sweet and stinky are the the three prime descriptors for sexy Aimee Davis! She is making the most of a bout of gassiness by massaging her pucker with slender fingers while she is farting and naked as the day she was born. Getting her little fi... 7944 views

Aimee Davis 14

Stunning Aimee Davis boarded the fart chair for a fantastic display of her dastardly ass hole hard at work! She knows you like her dirty farts, and she commands you to taste every shot escaping her tight sphincter! Being bossy is new to Aimee, but sh... 5036 views

Aimee Davis 15

Oh, Aimee Davis, you are one stinky girl! The lovely and young Miss Davis is feeling gassy and tries her hand at being bossy when processing her poots straight at you. Her butt is beautiful, and her manner is meek, which is part of her charm. Aimee w... 4620 views

Aimee Davis 16

A young ass whispering is sexy as heck, and Aimee Davis is the quintessential specimen for sexy female farting. With a youthful sweetness, this sex kitten shares her dirtiest deeds with her admirers while she fills her living room with stink. Aimee p... 6399 views

Aimee Davis 17

Aimee Davis is impeccably groomed, and her cute, pink pucker is perfection. She’s farting in slow-motion, and the view is unbelievable! When her orifice opens to express gas, the coarse folds of skin stretch, then shrink back down to their perfect ... 7347 views

Aimee Davis 18

Your rank as Aimee Davis’ love interest is rather impressive, especially since she shares sweet and sexy videos with you to keep the romance fresh! Knowing you love the sight, sound and smell of her gassers, she has gussied up in a hot matching bra... 8499 views

Ashley Luvbug

Meet sweet Ashley Luvbug, a spirited young lady who is new to farting in front of others. She is a bit embarrassed by her foul smells and loud barks, but she’ll get over that before long! In sexy shorts and a cute tank, she is ridding herself of ga... 7900 views

Ashley Luvbug 2

Pretty Ashley Luvbug has gotta go! She has rushed into the bathroom with some hardcore business to take care of, and her bowl is going to need disinfecting when she is through! Whatever she ate did not settle well, and her tush is taking it hard! As ... 8317 views

Ashley Luvbug 3

Have you ever seen a pucker so perfect? Ashley Luvbug is in overdrive, shedding inhibitions about her gassy ass because she has heard you like gassy girls. This hottie smells to high heaven and pulls her pink skirt up to share her bare ass in an unre... 10440 views