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Search Results for: ass fetish

Kay Love 3

Kay Love is looking for some attention, and is pleading with you to play with her while she farts. Her sweet little voice makes it easy to become enamored with this sexy ebony hottie! She’s so polite while asking for just the tip of your dick in he... 10527 views

Kay Love 4

Kay Love has rushed to the potty with a tummy doing summersaults due to her eating some food that is not settling well. Her thurps are thunderous as they hit the potty and prove to be a stark contrast to the sound of her tinkle when she pees. Kay rem... 9012 views

Kay Love 5

Kay Love is eager to celebrate your promotion with her signature style. This dick-lover wants yours out and standing at attention as she gives you the farts you cannot get enough of from this sexy chick. She starts with her slick ass covered in desig... 7923 views

Kay Love 6

Isn’t it adorable how Kay Love squeals with some of her startling squeaks? She has a dirty little butt, and her cute jean shorts are paying the price for her formidable flatulence. Despite the ferocious fetor, Miss Love endeavors to get up close a... 8254 views

Michelle Malone

Join us in welcoming beautiful Michelle Malone back! She’s been gone for a minute, but has saved up a surplus of stinky farts for you. This topless tart starts off by farting in her tight shorts but takes them off after they are saturated in her st... 11376 views

Michelle Malone 2

Michelle Malone is cracking ass all over her sexy blue thong and pink yoga ball. This red-hot ebony is man handling that sizable ball with her bursts of gas that are making the air smell pretty strong in the room. Spreading her cheeks before mounting... 8747 views

Michelle Malone 3

Lactose intolerance, be damned! Michelle Malone loves pizza and is going to keep pizza pies in rotation because she loves them so. She is on the couch eating her pizza du jour and is farting all over her black panties until she pulls them down to fil... 8943 views

Michelle Malone 4

Wow! Michelle Malone is suffering a sour tummy and is smelling up her small bathroom with all her gas. She is on the potty rubbing her stomach to get all that disturbing gas out of her sweet ass that isn’t smelling too pretty at the moment. Just wh... 8794 views

Michelle Malone 5

Magnificent Michelle Malone is up to no good in all the right ways! She’s naked as a jay bird in bed and tooting up a storm. She wants your dick nice and hard because she knows what her ass acoustics do to you. Stroke it for her, and enjoy the view... 10313 views

Michelle Malone 6

Spy sexy Michelle Malone alone in bed with nothing on her glorious body but a pair of colorful leg warmers. Poor Michelle is super gassy and her ass is filling the room with smelly poots. Michelle wants relief and is shaking her fine ass to work it a... 10304 views

Michelle Malone 7

Michelle Malone is on a mission! She is in bed in nothing but a skimpy top and black thong and finds herself with a surplus of stinkers to work out of her sweet ebony ass while she’s keeping her fingers busy and stationed on her clit. She’s lovin... 13933 views

Nikki Ford 22

Gorgeous Nikki Ford’s amazing ass looks great in some interesting lingerie that is quite immodest but definitely sexy. An egg salad sandwich has left this sultry siren rather gassy, and she is on her couch producing puffers like mad. Nikki is curio... 9300 views

Nikki Ford 23

Playful Nikki Ford enjoys her bouncy yoga ball and is curious what her farts sound like against the ball’s plastic exterior. In an adorable bikini, this tantalizing gal is going to test it out. She slides out of her bikini bottoms to fart directly ... 8438 views

Nikki Ford 24

Get on your knees! Nikki Ford has been feeling ignored, and smelling her farts is your punishment. She insists you smell all her farts if you want her to no longer be mad at you. She wants more than your nose in between her cheeks; she needs that ton... 7589 views

Nikki Ford 25

Pizza gives Nikki Ford gas, but she has added fuel to the fire by consuming an entire pie! She cannot believe she ate a whole pizza and has a belly ache. While some would simple stop eating upon the onset of discomfort, Nikki keeps chomping away and ... 7705 views

Nikki Ford 26

Is Nikki Ford’s thong of the day embellished with tiny, red lip prints? Looks like it! But her cute thong doesn’t stay on for long once this sexy ebony goddess has farted on it a few times, then brings it to her nose for a few strong whiffs befor... 6507 views

Nikki Ford 27

When Nikki Ford tells a guy to make the bed, he’d better do it, or suffer the consequences. Nikki has entered her bedroom to see the bed left a mess and decides instantly to swathe his pillow in her stinky ass bombs. She is wickedly satisfied at th... 7073 views

Nikki Ford 28

Looking in on Nikki Ford as she is undressing is a rousing pastime! Especially when this gassy girl has a surplus of explosions escaping her big, black ass cheeks! She makes no apologies for her dastardly diggers because she thinks she is all alone. ... 8480 views

Nikki Ford 29

Nikki Ford’s stomach is killing her, so she has sped into her bathroom to express the gas lingering in her ass. Her farts are hitting her toilet with gusto, as this is a girl who has gotta go! Listen to her farts overcome her as she complains about... 6609 views

Nikki Ford 30

Look who has returned from the pool in a sexy bikini! It’s Nikki Ford, and her sweaty, stinky ass needs some attention. She wants you to smell all her farts and lick her ass while stroking your cock. Turned on yet? Don’t let Nikki down when she h... 7761 views

Nikki Ford 31

Nikki Ford does not take no for an answer, so when she tells you to jerk off while smelling her yummy farts, it’s best to oblige! She knows you like it, and she does too; this gassy girl admits the attention makes her pussy wet! Naked Nikki isn’t... 6282 views

Savannah Fox 23

Savannah Fox has an inventive idea when she is alone farting in bed trying to alleviate her sour tummy. She has a thin plastic bag in her nightstand and thinks farting in the bag is a neat idea. After a series of foul farts, she has filled the plasti... 10636 views

Savannah Fox 24

Spy sultry Savannah Fox as she readies that hot body for a night on the town. She enters nude and slowly slides on adorable matching pink bra and panties then a tight dress, farting up a storm the entire time! Pretty girls fart, and Miss Fox is no ex... 9527 views

Savannah Fox 25

Blame it on the beer! That’s what Savannah Fox is doing when she has rushed into the restroom to relieve her ass of gas and empty her bladder. This poor thing is just miserable with all the strong farts she needs to dispose of and the smell they ar... 10480 views