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Search Results for: ass fetish

Osa Lovely 13

Osa is spending some quality time on the toilet and she's impressed by your desire to be in on the action! As Osa works the gas out of her body, she works into the kinky idea of being your fart fantasy! Determined to find a release from the brimstone... 7121 views

Osa Lovely 14

It isn't easy being a woman in the business world. It's bad enough when employees make you lose money, but it's even worse when they get shocked that your passing gas while on the phone with them! But Osa is the boss so she can fart whenever and wher... 9773 views

Osa Lovely 15

Osa's workout plan really should not have included cheap protein shakes on top of a long jog. Now she's sweating up a storm and about to fart herself right out of the room! All she wanted to do was relax on the couch after a hard workout, but now Osa... 4962 views

Osa Lovely 16

Osa is ready for you. She has a big, strong, brown ass full of big, strong brown farts! The only thing that's missing is your nose deep inside her pulsating asshole. Osa knows how much you love the smell and she loves to save it for someone who truly... 7525 views

Savannah Fox 15

Savannah is waiting for you, purring and pouty, and totally turned on at the thought of you jerking off all over her asshole! Savannah craves your load against her tight little forbidden hole and will do whatever it takes to get it there, even if it'... 9722 views

Savanna Fox 16

When you have a body like Savannah's, it comes with a price. It requires lots of exercise and eating lots of really healthy foods, which all adds up to constantly needing to pass gas! After downing her protein shake and slipping down her pink short s... 8620 views

Savanna Fox 17

When you gotta go, you gotta go! Savannah doesn't care if you're still in the bathroom because these farts are happening now! She might apologize as she loudly discharges clouds of poison right into the toilet but she doesn't really mean it! She gets... 12959 views

Savannah Fox 18

It just doesn't pay to mess with Savannah while she's at the beach. Because if she finds something you own, she will fart on it! Some girl named Ashley thought Savannah's bikini looked cheap, but that bikini is all that stands between Savanna's farty... 7137 views

Savannah Fox 19

Savannah knows that a pretty new pair of powder blue panties aren't just for turning you on... They're for farting on your face through! Savannah wants her ass worshiped and it is a privilege for you to suck the farts from her butthole! She loves to ... 10604 views

Savannah Fox 20

Savannah has something nice for you: a chair made just for farting! But this means you have to do something for her: get down underneath it and suck the farts from her butthole! It pleases your mistress to see you gulping down her ass, and to see you... 10997 views

Savannah Fox 21

Savannah treated herself to a feast of Mexican food and now it's all got to go somewhere, so she's sending it to you for your arousal! She wishes you were there to get down and suck the farts straight from her ass. And she has so many of them, too! S... 2211 views

Cece Stone 22

Cece is ready to be candid and open up about just how much she loves farting! Then she opens up in a different way and shows us! After sliding down her panties to reveal her smooth pussy and perfect ass, Cece begins to pollute the room with the stenc... 3865 views

Cece Stone 23

Cece has cooked up a fresh batch of bowel blasts for all the stink lovers out there! She knows how much you love stinky, smelly asses full of farts and hers is packed with them! Don't worry, Cece won't judge you for your fart perversion. She just ope... 3531 views

Cece Stone 24

Cece just wants to relax and do her reading in her bra and panties just like any girl would, but she has a belly full of gas that just won't let up. She rocks her butt and writhes in her chair, trying to ignore the toxic buildup in her tummy but the ... 4859 views

CeceStone 25

Cece has been holding it in and now she's finally got the privacy she needs. It's time to pull down those pink panties, mount the porcelain throne and go to town! Cece is one hard-farting girl and the farts just explode out of her ass, resounding off... 10542 views

Cece Stone 26

Cece is on the bed, ass and pussy bare, and ready to play with you! Sexy Cece can't wait to see you jerk your big, hard cock for her, but she really wants to feel your nose in her asshole while you do it! She has all sorts of nasty anal smell to shar... 6137 views

Cece Stone 27

Long, lovely Cece reaches into her thong and starts masturbating, but then she begins to fart! Maybe it's the farts that get her horny in the first place? That gassy build-up, driving her to probe her pussy for relief? She complains about the smell a... 5577 views

Cece Stone 28

Cece Stone knows you want her to fart on your dick. It's high time she fulfilled that fantasy! With careful control over her sphincter and the fumes trapped within, Cece shows you what it is like to feel her farting ass cheeks kiss your cock! As she ... 6466 views

Kat Lowden

Kat's tummy is all upset after a few beers, and now she's learning that you happen to enjoy it when a woman farts! This lovely brunette is ready to experiment and proves very flexible, hiking her legs up, rolling around, and passing the gas! Kat is v... 4678 views

Kat Lowden 2

Kat has been enjoying a nice barbecue with her friends, but has now had to retreat from poolside to get her fart on! Desperate to keep her farts from being detected, Kat gets acrobatic on the couch, forcing the farts out through any contortion that w... 4347 views

Kat Lowden 3

Kat Lowden is ready for some face-straddling, fart-feeding action! Get down there and get right up to her big, bulging asshole as it strains its stink all over you! There's plenty more where that came from, though, and Kat really puts her asshole to ... 4165 views

Katt Lowden 4

Kat is having a really unpleasant time on the toilet. She must have eaten something really bad because she is gasping and moaning as her bowels strain to release. What her farts lack in volume they make up for in pungence! Poor Kat can barely stand t... 1862 views

Londyn Taylor

Wow, what did Londyn eat? Whatever it was, it's causing her to make some truly nasty noises on the toilet! Lovely Londyn is giving the porcelain throne such a percussive pounding with her gas it's amazing it's still in one piece! Her stomach might be... 6011 views

Londyn Taylor 2

Londyn's farts are pouring down! She has a sore stomach and she has mounted the fart chair in a quest for release. One good, noisy poot is enough to make the entire room turn toxic, but that is only the beginning. With her ass pressed to the plastic,... 6678 views