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Search Results for: ass fetish

JR 10

Our camera returns to the private recesses of sexy JR and her tattoos and piercings and she has more hot farts for our eyes, ears, and noses! She bends over our couch in a totally nude and let loose a barrage of farts from tight ass. Our team captur... 4661 views

JR 11

Bad girl JR is sexy as ever in her boy briefs with her tattoos and piercings. But she also has a little gas, that has to get out one way or another! Her red briefs can't hope to contain the farts that come from her ass as she bends over and spread h... 3891 views

JR 12

Inked up and pierced JR is waiting for us in her bedroom in some sexy lingerie. She releases fart from her tight ass, as our camera captures it all in extreme close-ups. Ass-spanking, ass-shaking and ass-spreading are all on display as our riot grrl... 3161 views

Jennifer Anderson 3

Sexy slim brunette Jennifer Anderson is back with more gas and smelly flatulence for our cameras. And this time, she has a very special treat for everyone with a fart fetish or ass fetish: she sits in clear plastic chair and farts right above our cam... 7314 views

Jennifer Anderson 4

Slim, sexy brunette Jennifer Anderson is lounging languidly in her bedroom. But don't be fooled: she is suffering from really bad gas! While greeting our cameras in her bedroom, she lets out several farts that would even make those with a smell fetis... 7219 views

Katie ORiley 4

Pretty, pouty brunette Katie O'Riley is suffering with gas in her bedroom...and our cameras are there to capture it for you. She realizes the only way to find relief is to fart- a lot! Our crew is there to let you experience all that stinky flatulen... 4660 views

Kelsey Obsession 14

Sexy little Kelsey sits in bikini and she's got a beach date with a guy who probably isn't into farting, so she's gonna let it all out for you before she leaves! She lifts one cheeks and blasts farts and talks about how embarrassing it would be if he... 7122 views

Rose 4

Rose will show you how to use that asshole for some wicked fetish moves today. Good thing she is not wearing any panties, you can see her exposed holes at the same time as she started out with a doggy position with her bottom facing the camera. Hold ... 3752 views

Rose 7

It's between you and Rose today, no distractions, nothing to pull your attention away from her ass, just a black room, her stark white skin, her delicious ass, that chain chair, and the sweet scent of her butt wind. Watch her as she winces ans squirm... 3116 views

Roxy Moore and Mari Possa 2

If you are new to this fart fetish thing, then you should know that you are looking at the two of the most talented and hottest fetish actresses there is. Meet Roxy Moore and Mari Possa, this time Mari Possa will be giving Roxy Moore some of her wick... 4546 views

Roxy Moore and Mari Possa 3

There's going to be a lot of action for you tonight. Combine these two chicks together and it's going to be a night of epic, gassy proportions. Roxy Moore and Mari Possa are two of the hottest fetish stars out there. And let them show you why, if ass... 10191 views

Roxy Moore and Michelle Malone

Interracial fart fetish between two hot babes, now this is yummy! Roxy Moore is at it once again! This time with the sultry chocolate lady Michelle Malone. Watch them both in action as they started with the 69 position, Michelle goes on top first, pi... 10190 views

Serena Marcus 13

We don't just let anyone into the famous fart chair, but Serena Marcus is fart fetish royalty and she has every right to sit on her perfectly suited throne. She demonstrates how to squeeze farts out in that chair perfectly! Keeping that lily-white as... 4192 views

Serena Marcus 15

Combine the beauty of Serena Marcus, her gassy stomach and the infamous fart chair, it makes one hell of a sexy video! Now this is the real deal guys, the best of the best, the kinkiest of them all and simply one of the best fart fantasy fetish video... 4262 views


Shonna isn't feeling one hundred percent today because she has a stomach ache. Well, isn't that great news for us fart fetish guys? That means this black tattooed babe is going to grace us with her windy powers. She uses the whole living room to posi... 3592 views

Stasia B 4

We just love seeing a girl naked on top of the bed. Especially when she ís on all fours, asshole perking up and quivering, ready to unleash a barrage of farts so we can savor its aroma and hear all that ripping noise. Stasia B does that pretty well, ... 4625 views

Blair Winters 5

Blair Winters is in a rush to hit the toilet with a highly tumultuous tummy. She is ridding her sexy belly of gas that smells so foul she is instantly surrounded by the stink upon her first poot. With her black thong stretched at her knees, she is po... 8919 views

Blair Winters 6

Blair Winters wants your face next to her smelly, farty ass while you are stroking your cock. She assumes you’re feeling horny and are eager to delight in her ass full of farts after whipping out that cock for her. Stroke it up and down per her ins... 10907 views

Blair Winters 7

Breathy Blair Winters is a sight to behold farting in bed and commenting how it smells so good! She’s a huge fan of her own tush ticklers and is rubbing her pristine, pierced pussy while pushing poots onto her white duvet. Her ass muscles extend wi... 9438 views

Blair Winters 8

Blair Winters is regretting her valiant effort during a food eating contest with friends at a buffet. She sampled a plethora of foods and is home now and suffering a very upset tummy that made her very gassy. She’s her normally sexy self in nothing... 7032 views

Blair Winters 9

Beautiful Blair Winters is admirably dedicated to keeping her long, lean body in shape and would like for you to join her for a workout, if you don’t mind a little bit of girl fart smell alongside her sexy pushups and stretches! She is a treat to w... 7505 views

Blair Winters 10

Blair wants you to beg for her farts and get really close to smell her every offering! Your efforts will be rewarded with awesome closeup shots of that tight ebony ass hole turning out some impressive stale wind! Blair is especially hot in a black th... 7863 views

Blair Winters

Watch flatulent Blair Winters wallop like a pro in her first farting film. This sexy ebony’s bung blasts are loud and rank causing her to fan at the smell and shyly giggle after she lets one after another loose. She wraps it up with an especially l... 11403 views

Blair Winters 2

Oh, to be the thong Blair Winters is rubbing into her dirty ass! She is really into saturating her thongs with gassy goodness, and Blair’s underwear du jour is a cute black thong that ties at the sides. She’s taking no mercy on this pretty little... 6998 views