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Search Results for: gassy

Miya Mounds 3

Miya Mounds has something special! The way she slides her ass cheeks open and gives such an innocent look before destroying you with her toxic gas... it\'s something only a gassy girl, like Miya, would do! Fart lovers get ready for this clip, because... 4563 views

Miya Mounds 4

Gassy girl, Miya Mounds, has something extra stinky for you today! This sexy chocolate vixen is rubbing her pussy and letting her farts loose at the same time! This girl loves to fart, and gets pleasure from the sound of her ass-stink leaving her tig... 12139 views

Miya Mounds 5

We love when Miya Mounds comes to visit, this girl loves to fill the room with her stink... and she\'s so good at it too! Miya\'s gonna bounce all the nasty farts out of her chocolate booty, and you\'re in luck because you get to watch! This gassy gi... 5034 views

Miya Mounds 7

That\'s right, fart lovers... Miya Mounds is back with more fart explosions! She\'s got her ass high up in the air, with her puckering asshole on display as she lets her farts sting your nostrils! If you\'re in the mood for a pretty chocolate booty,... 4500 views

Roxy Moore and Mari Possa 3

There's going to be a lot of action for you tonight. Combine these two chicks together and it's going to be a night of epic, gassy proportions. Roxy Moore and Mari Possa are two of the hottest fetish stars out there. And let them show you why, if ass... 10574 views

Serena Marcus 15

Combine the beauty of Serena Marcus, her gassy stomach and the infamous fart chair, it makes one hell of a sexy video! Now this is the real deal guys, the best of the best, the kinkiest of them all and simply one of the best fart fantasy fetish video... 4401 views

Serena Marcus 22

You know Serena Marcus likes you when shes willing to share her most prized possession her deadliest gas! Shes got so much to give, and this gassy blonde isnt holding any of her gas back! Shes going to push all that stink out and cover everyone with ... 3225 views

Serena Marcus 23

You're in for a treat today, because Serena Marcus is in the kinkiest of moods! She's giving her pussy a little attention, while she pushes out her ass stink - right into your waiting face! You get to hear the sound of that juicy pussy as she works m... 3183 views

Serena Marcus 25

Serena Marcus never holds back, so you're in for a real nasty fart covered treat! This gassy girl is covering everything in the room with the horrible smell coming out of her butthole! The air is thick with the stink of her hot gas, and we know that'... 3342 views

Serena Marcus 26

Serena Marcus has something special for you fart lovers today, and we bet you know just what it is! This gassy girl is working out all her frustrations, and pushing them right out of her tiny little butthole, just for you to watch! She's letting her ... 3213 views

Serena Marcus and Juicy Lucy

Serena Marcus and Juicy Lucy are playing a game of Battle Farts! We're curious to see which one of these gassy girls has the most disastrous gas! Watch along as they compete to see just whose farts smell the most! One thing's for sure, they're both w... 3727 views

Shonna 2

Poor pitiful Shonna picked the wrong food for dinner and now she's suffering, or rather, loving the consequences. She's whining about her tummy, she knows that today is going to be a gassy day and oddly enough, it excites her. This perverted black gi... 3170 views

Shonna 3

Shonna ate all those chili cheese dogs and tonight gentlemen, is going to be a gassy night. She moves her tattooed body sideways and exposed her naked black ass in front of the camera, she moans and moans, pushing that wicked wind out of her stomach.... 2942 views

Sofia Devine

Today you're in for a special treat as we introduce sexy Sofia Devine, a hot buxom blonde who is really gassy! She immediately blasts a huge rumbling fart, then spreads her legs wide so you can see her asshole and farts again! She says that feels so ... 5520 views

Sofia Devine 3

Sexy Sofia sits on the sofa with her huge tits spilling over the top of her corset, and she's telling you how gassy she is and that she wants to let it all out. She spreads her legs and strokes her pussy and blasts a big fart in your face - BOOYAH! S... 4821 views

Sofia Devine 6

Buxom blonde Sofia tells you that she's very, very gassy today. She's wearing tight spandex pants with a hole in the crotch, and you can see how bloated with gas she is! She lifts one leg and blasts a fart and giggles about it, then she sticks that s... 5702 views

Sprinkle Freak 4

Wow look at this feisty hot ebony babe Sprinkle Freak! She ís looking saucy on the bed, all sexy with her wild leopard-print tattoos on her ass and sprinkles tatted on her naked body. Look at that big black butthole as she farts, it would blow your h... 5922 views

Sprinkle Freak 7

Damn this woman is feisty! In case you don't know her, her name is Sprinkle Freak and her name seems tame for what this girl can really do. She doesn't beat around the bush and she goes straight for the , a mere second into the clip and she's there, ... 5239 views

Stacy Lane 4

This young black beauty needs to go to the restroom really quick, her gas is fucking killing her but since it's your lucky day, she decided to stay there and share her gassy glory with you horny men. Her buns look tight in that skimpy denim shorts an... 4122 views

Stacy Lane 8

Stacy Lane is lactose intolerant, yet she still managed to fill her day with eating foods that she knew would make her tummy bloated with gas! This ebony gassy girl is a master at pushing her stinky gas out for you. Can you even handle the stench tha... 4110 views

Stacy Lane 9

Stacy Lane is full of disgusting gas today, so she's going to let it all out for you. Make sure you're prepared for the smelliest of gas, and the loudest of farts - because our sexy fart queen, Stacy, just doesn't hold back! This ebony gassy girl is ... 7451 views

Stacy Lane 11

Oh man, what has this farting bitch been eating!? Stacy Lane is with us again, and her farts are even more terrible than the last time she was here! Gassy girls, like Stacy, just can't hold all that nasty wind in their tummy. Oh no, no, no. They have... 4878 views

Stacy Lane 13

The sexy fart queen, Stacy Lane, is jiggling that bouncy ebony ass for you as she pushes out her hot ass stink. This gassy girl loves forcing out her farts, and she moans with pleasure as she starts to feel the relief that comes from letting loose al... 4671 views

Trina Matthews 5

Trina Matthews knows that she has horrible gas, but she\'s so nice that she\'s willing to share it with you! Don\'t you love a gassy girl that\'s willing to share her stinky farts?! Trina\'s gas is so stinky, but that doesn\'t stop her from covering ... 3765 views