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Search Results for: gassy

Savanna Ginger 23

Celebrate your promotion with Savanna Ginger! Now that you’re making more dough, she’d like to make you filthy rich with her dirty butt hole swathing you in her stench! Stroke that dick to this hot Latina’s sexy talk while she has her skirt lif... 7347 views

Savanna Ginger 24

Savanna Ginger is one uncomfortable young lady! This saucy Latina has consumed something spicy and has the honking ass to prove it! She has rushed into the bathroom for the umpteenth time tonight, and has to work out her gas in order to feel at least... 7405 views

Silvia Rubi

Passing gas is hardly cause for embarrassment, but Silvia Rubi is rather embarrassed while pushing gas out of her sexy Latina ass! Despite saying she never does this in front of people, she has a great outlook, laughing along the way while also profu... 8609 views

Silvia Rubi 2

Silvia Rubi simply seeks to curl up with a good book and is bothered by a sour tummy. This sultry Latina is on her couch in only a white bra and pink thong, looking hot as hell while hot wind flies out of her tight ass hole, hidden by her thong. She ... 7658 views

Silvia Rubi 4

There is a lot happening in Silvia Rubi’s bathroom this morning! She is gassy, has to empty her bladder and seems quite uncomfortable. Almost instantly, she is fanning the smell of her first farts because they are so smelly! Silvia is not too happy... 8215 views

Silvia Rubi 5

Alluring Silvia Rubi is treating herself to a bubblebath and making waves in the water as she passes gas in the tub! Her thurps are hitting the bottom of the tub while this sex kitten washes water over her hot body. Watching Miss Rubi in her natural ... 5543 views

Silvia Rubi 6

Timing your jacking off to the pace of Silvia Rubi’s farts is an excellent way to get off, especially when the panties come off, and you’re granted a great vista of her vertical smile! This sexy Latina has working up to a fantastic finish down to... 8692 views

Silvia Rubi 7

Silvia Rubi’s pleasure is doubled as she finds relief by ridding her belly of gas while she has a pink vibrator pressed against her clit. This lusty Latina loves stimulating her shaved kitty and wants to share her saucy display with you! The closeu... 6655 views

Taylor Starr 14

Taylor Starr is a sexy girl and looks exceptionally hot today in snug, black leather shorts and a choral tank. She has consumed a greasy burger that has left her full of gas and is needing to relieve herself. This sweetie wants to share it with you! ... 7379 views

Taylor Starr 15

The popping color of Taylor Starr’s bra and panty set is total eye candy as her sexy underthings hug her lean, chocolate body in all the right places. This sight for sore eyes is offering a sensory overload as she passes smelly farts through her ou... 5063 views

Taylor Starr 17

Outta the way! Taylor Starr has gotta go right now! She’s been holding it all in, and rushes into the bathroom to empty her bladder and rid her ass of nasty, plaguing gas. Once she has her fitted jeans pulled down to her knees, her ass is working o... 7039 views

Taylor Starr 18

Getting clean never looked so good! Taylor Starr is alone in the tub getting clean but clouding the water with her gassy ass. She has a lot of gas to pass and isn’t letting the fact she is submerged in clean water stop her. Enjoy the views from the... 4771 views

Taylor Starr 19

Taylor Starr is up to no good but in all the right ways! She has slid into a skimpy black thong and heels to give you what you want! She knows you want to pull down your pants to stroke your cock as she is making music with that dark chocolate ass. H... 6333 views

Alice Frost 19

Way to go Alice Frost! One of our favorite blonde bombshells has returned home from a barbecue, excited to have taken top prize in a hot dog eating contest. Sadly, the win comes with repercussions, as sweet Alice is gassy and farting like mad. Her se... 6330 views

Alice Frost 20

Catching air means different things to different people, and for Alice Frost it means taking a break from massaging her shaved pussy to catch her fart smells on her pretty finger tips. She loves to smell butt and isn’t the least bit shy about her u... 6401 views

Alice Frost 21

Alice Frost’s finest asset is on full display when she walks into the room in astonishingly sexy black panties and pulls them down to get her mouthwatering booty right in your face while she passes gas. This stunning darling knows you love the soun... 6519 views

Alice Frost 22

Alice Frost is at it again! This big-booty babe spends a great deal of time on the pot; perhaps it is time to evaluate her diet! As she scurries into her bathroom, she barely gets her animal-print panties off her luscious backside before she is dropp... 7623 views

Alice Frost 24

Big-breasted Alice Frost thinks leather smells boring. That’s an odd take, but we’ll take it, because her remedy is to fart on it, and watching her stink up the leather is a pleasure. She is not taking it easy on the once-pristine sectional! Her ... 5748 views

Alice Frost 25

You are in for a real treat in the form of curvy Alice Frost wanting to fart all over your dick! She is using her own flesh-colored phallus to show you exactly what she has planned for your stiffie. Alice is pushing it against her pink pantyhose and ... 4327 views

Amber Star 16

Hottie Amber Star looks spectacular in a tight dress which is hiding sexy matching blue panties and bra. Reporting she has had a great time on her date, she also states the Indian fare she consumed has left her quite gassy, and you are invited to joi... 5484 views

Amber Star 17

Catch Amber Star at the conclusion of her workout as she is ending with squats to keep her fine ass in fighting form! She is a sweaty mess when she is finished and really needs a shower. When she reaches into her cute bikini bottom, she realizes just... 7385 views

Amber Star 18

Every aspect of alluring Amber Star is sexy, but her sweet voice tops the list, and she is at her sexiest when inviting you to smell her farts. She is in a hot bra and matching thong for her most recent fart exploration venture, and she admits things... 7213 views

Amber Star 19

Oh man! Poor Amber Star doesn’t even get her ass on the pot before it begins to explode! She is farting something fierce and is lucky she managed to get her crisp white shorts pulled down before the bombs started dropping! As always, she is pretty ... 5776 views

Amber Star 20

Happy birthday to you from Amber Star! She has been saving her farts for your birthday and comes directly to you in adorable matching panties and bra. She wants you to enjoy the view as you stroke your cock to her farts, so she slides those panties d... 6007 views