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Search Results for: gassy

Katt Garcia 3

Katt Garcia is doing double duty during her workout! Her stomach muscles are working overtime while she is doing crunches and squats which are causing her to fart like crazy. Even during her attempt at push-ups, her ebony ass is is releasing a surplu... 12373 views

Katt Garcia 4

Katt Garcia is just how we like her - naked and gassy! This playful princess knows you love her farts and wants to release them all over your face! Her poots are packing a punch as she bends right toward your nose to let those juicy pops impress you ... 9399 views

Katt Garcia 5

Catch a fast glance of the sexy black thong on Katt Garcia as she speeds into her bathroom to do some serious business. She’s on her phone, but that’s not the the most pressing matter at hand; her ass is exploding, and she is defiling that white ... 11539 views

Katt Garcia 6

Cum-hungry Katt Garcia wants to see you explode, and she is not taking no for an answer! She is going to make it easy for you with a plethora of poots escaping her ass hole and saturating the fabric of her immodest pink thong. Her sexy ass growls are... 9468 views

Katt Garcia 7

Katt Garcia’s big tits are sheathed in an immodest lace top, and her bottomless ass is open for business! This gassy goddess is a wet mess - just how we like her! While rubbing her pussy, she is farting, and her thurps are anything but dainty! Her ... 8742 views

Katt Garcia 8

We’ve never known Katt Garcia to be a fibber, but she might just be stretching the truth when saying today’s allotment of farts boasts scents reminiscent of berries, cotton candy and roses! Her loud wallops sound far too ferocious to have such pl... 8718 views

Layton Benton 14

What’s better than Layton Benton in a pink bikini? Watching her pass gas on the inflatable fart slave she has brought into her living room, of course! She takes off her bottom and goes wild on the head of this accommodating, aerated animal. Wow, th... 7861 views

Layton Benton 17

Layton Benton has heard you like farts, and has something for you! She knows you are stroking that cock to her antics, and is uber motivated by your reaction to her farts. Layton is sexy as hell all alone in bed, and is not going to allow you to cum ... 6247 views

Layton Benton 19

Ravenous Layton Benton is in bed eating tacos looking so sexy in her pink bikini that no self-respecting man would kick this maven out of bed! Alas, she is all alone, chomping on her fare, but is terribly gassy and shrouded in stink as she finishes h... 7532 views

Maryjane Mayhem 15

Health nut Maryjane Mayhem has dipped into the detox shakes again, and this time they’ve left her uncomfortably gassy. Her inviting bed is her stage as she switches positions in letting her air biscuits free. She moans and spreads her cheeks workin... 4211 views

Maryjane Mayhem 17

Sexy Maryjane Mayhem is all alone in that big bed of hers and is getting rid of some of the gas she has taken to bed. Looking hot in her lingerie, she farts through her form-fitting thong before pulling it aside to poof directly on her slender finger... 5439 views

Maryjane Mayhem 18

Maryjane Mayhem wants to know how much you like jacking off to the sound of her farts. She’s stark naked in only her glasses. Kneeling on her big, white bed, she offers up an ample supply of ass flappers smelling fantastically foul. Watch her shake... 10119 views

Maryjane Mayhem 19

Maryjane Mayhem is on a mission as she rushes into her bathroom to expel explosive farts into her toilet. She’s pushing hard to rid herself of a rumbly tummy. All that strain leads to her having to pee, but once that’s finished, she’s right bac... 9445 views

Maryjane Mayhem 20

Maryjane Mayhem’s sex appeal is on high gear when she is wearing nothing but her glasses. Today she’s completely nude and is looking to fart right in your face! That smooth, smelly ass looks so good but is so stinky and loud! How does a young gir... 7298 views

Maryjane Mayhem 21

Maryjane Mayhem has donned a slutty red dress sans panties in preparation for her boyfriend’s arrival. She wants to be perfect for her guy, and part of concocting a great date is getting rid of all her smelly farts before his arrival. Perched on he... 5388 views

Maryjane Mayhem 22

We do not want Maryjane Mayhem to work off that great white ass, but we love watching her work out! Today she is in a cute bikini top with sexy stone-washed panties. She starts with squats, but is she ever gassy! Nearly each time she lowers that lust... 5935 views

Maryjane Mayhem 23

Somebody buy this babe more tacos! Maryjane Mayhem is eating tacos for lunch, and they are leaving her so gassy. Best of all, she is nibbling in the nude! With her legs spread, her pussy movement with a fart can be witnessed, which is sexy as hell! N... 6234 views


In corduroy shorts barely covering her ass, Olivia looks especially sexy today. Her lunch consisted of a greasy cheeseburger and fries, and now she is paying the price for her poor food choices. She has an abundance of amazingly loud farts and is sat... 13025 views

Olivia 3

Sexy minx Olivia wants you to get your face under her ass because she has a lot of farting to do. She would like to know if you like those stinky farts as she is pushing with her little body to pop poots right inside your waiting mouth. She wants you... 5175 views

Olivia 4

Sexy sweetie Olivia is uncomfortable, and watching her in such distress is disenchanting. This gassy gal is on the potty, but not everything is coming out as she had planned. Her farts are fierce, but she has a surplus of stale wind that must escape ... 9996 views

Olivia 5

Olivia wants to play and hopes you join her for some guided jacking off. She wants you nice and close to her ass that is on full display courtesy of her short school girl plaid skirt and no panties. This sexy seductress needs you to smell her ass hol... 10241 views

Olivia 6

Join sultry brunette Olivia in bed as she is rubbing her pussy through panties at first, then removes them to feel the sensation of her fingers directly stimulating her clit. Delicate rubbing is interrupted when she has an especially smelly fart, and... 7450 views

Olivia 7

Bombshell Olivia has been subjected to cafeteria food and is glad to be home in bed feasting on tacos that are much more yummy. Despite loving the taste of her cuisine du jour, she is quite gassy from the tacos and her previous cafeteria samplings. T... 7648 views

Olivia 8

Tacos are yummy but do a number on sweet Olivia’s tummy. She is feasting on her take-out fare and has some outstandingly awful gas filtering through the fabric of her baby blue bottoms. As she seeks the prime poot position, the fabric is sneaking i... 7912 views