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Search Results for: gassy

Ivana 7

Sultry Ivana proves bikinis can be sexy in more ways than one! She enters her room in a barely there, adorable bikini and has a surplus of sizzlers sliding out against fabric of her pink bikini bottom. Once she unties it, she uses the bottom to sniff... 5010 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 12

Jezebelle Foxxx is sitting on a leather stool waiting for her date to show up. Its a good thing he's late because Jezebelle has gas and that's the last thing she'd want him to smell! She pulls up her red dress and farts with her bare ass on the lea... 5366 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 14

Enjoy Dildo Fun 101 with Jezebelle Foxxx! She proves there is more than one way to have fun with a phallus as she uses her caucasian dick to slap her sweet ebony ass, taking breaks to fart all over her toy and rub it into her smelly ass hole. She’s... 5227 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 16

Jezebelle Foxxx is lounging in bed looking pretty understated in cute jeans and a popping pink top. Definitely not understated are the fierce farts she is saturating those fitted pants with while she is texting on her phone. They are loud and proud p... 7620 views

Paris Marie

The personable Paris Marie heard you like farts, and she’s ready to show you what her grumbly tummy can produce. Sexy, short jean shorts hardly muffle her whirring wallops. Those shorts must be made of thin denim because she’s taking note of the ... 8862 views

Paris Marie 2

What did that bench ever do to her? Paris Marie is dispatching raunchy raspberries to the leather bench in her room on her quest to share the sum of her farts with us. Her sexy baby blue thong is just getting in the way; she glides it down her body t... 6882 views

Paris Marie 3

Paris Marie exercises in the nude because she knows clothes only hamper her ability to stretch and spread her legs wide when she’s hard at work. She works out for a while in that pink thong of hers, but eventually removes that as well for uninhibit... 6350 views

Paris Marie 4

Slide under Paris Marie to take in the aroma of her air biscuits. Feel the force of her flatulence on your tongue as she continues to shoot screamers in your face while commenting on the smell in the room. This gassy wonder is not shy when it comes t... 6630 views

Paris Marie 7

It is unbelievable how heavenly the stark naked, angelic Paris Marie looks spread out on her white comforter! Our tattooed cherub is feeling naughty today and rubs her honey pot while simultaneously farting on her delicate fingers. Her palpable puffs... 5757 views

Sindell Angel

Sindell Angel’s inaugural farts on film are impressive gurglers delivered sans difficulty. Her first fizzler is a surprisingly lengthy melodic murmur. Her ass muscle movements are captured as she releases sputterss behind a sexy black thong. She’... 11321 views

Sindell 2

Sindell just cannot resist stopping by her local Mexican joint on Taco Tuesday. Her carefree attitude allows this gassy gal to laugh it off and find some relief while sitting on her leather bench after one too many tacos. Wasting no time, she keeps h... 6272 views

Sindell Angel 4

Join Sindell Angel in her room as she’s in a sexy thong on her bed, free to find release from the build-up of gas in her belly. Giggles escape her as she’s unashamed to let blurps blast into her thong and fill the room with her sweet scent. Switc... 7546 views

Sindell Angel 5

Sindell is at it again, only this time she’s in sexy gold lingerie that looks amazing against her ebony skin. She’s a little gassy today and has several pleasing poofs that differ in length and sound. Her skimpy lingerie is doing nothing to mask ... 6698 views

Sindell Angel 6

Nobody knows how to shake ass like Sindell Angel! This gassy ebony hottie loves showing off and shakes her backside to work out every ripper she has inside that glorious bottom. In matching white bra and thong, she appears virginally innocent, but we... 5079 views

Sindell Angel 7

Sindell Angel is knocking it out of the park with her devilish fishnets and black bra and is knocking it out of her ass with huge fart bombs accompanying her instruction to stroke your rod that’s grown harder just at the sight of her and the sound... 17768 views

Sindell Angel 9

Sultry Sindell Angel is tempting as ever in her matching polka dot bra and panty set. Our gassy gal was all set to begin an new novel, but is rushing into the restroom to crack the cover because her tummy is working overtime from the surplus of stink... 7714 views

Sindell Angel 10

At first glance, you may wonder why Sindell Angel is relaxing in a tub of warm, clear water sans bubble bath. You will be pleasantly surprised by how talented this crafty chick is in making her own bubbles! Her brand of butt bubbles is far more fun a... 6812 views

Sindell Angel 11

Sindell Angel knows you love the sight and sound of her round ass when she is making a stink. Today she has some especially smelly farts for you to stroke to while she uses her hand to show you how fast she thinks you should be moving. Her praisewort... 8159 views

Sindell Angel 12

If juicy farts are the name of the game, we declare Sindell Angel the official winner! Our gassy ebony Goddess has more in store than a stack of subdued squeaks. It is time to get up close and personal with Sindell as she knocks it out of the park wi... 7182 views

Blair Winters 11

Blair Winters is bent over with her ass in your face and giving you her brand of air to breathe. She wants your face right between her cheeks every time she shakes out another whopper to blast right in front of you. Breathe it all in as Blair says; ... 5480 views

Blair Winters 12

In her cute pink panties and black bra, Blair Winters rushes into the bathroom on her quest for relief. She’s insanely full of gas and is regretting the tacos she ate earlier! Tucked away, all alone in her minuscule bathroom, this poor hottie is sh... 10703 views

Blair Winters 13

Blair Winters is one of the sexiest girls around, and it’s an honor to watch this girl in her element, relaxing in a warm bath while reading a book and making her own bubbles! Her bathtub farts are boisterous offerings this sexy girl is letting go ... 7235 views

Blair Winters 14

Blair Winters has stockpiled a serving of girl gas for your enjoyment! She wants you to stroke that cock and cum all over her farty ass! She says she has an ass full of farts for you, and together, you will not let them go to waste! Blair is driven w... 7582 views

Katt Garcia 2

Katt Garcia is playing with her phone but continually distracted by the giant guzzlers escaping her ass. She thinks she needs to use the restroom, but doesn’t leave before farting all over her brown couch. She’s dressed to kill in a sensible blac... 12759 views