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Search Results for: gassy

Trina Matthews 6

We\'ve got a pretty little chocolate butthole just full of hot rancid gas - especially for you fart lovers out there! Trina Matthews will always do whatever it takes to share her gas with you, because this gassy girl wants nothing more than to please... 4677 views

Trina Matthews 7

Look who\'s all tied up today! It\'s Trina Matthews, and we have to admit - this is the perfect way to view this gassy gal, with her perfect little asshole on full display. Get a look at that puckering hole as she pushes out all her nasty little fart... 7359 views

Blair Winters 5

Blair Winters is in a rush to hit the toilet with a highly tumultuous tummy. She is ridding her sexy belly of gas that smells so foul she is instantly surrounded by the stink upon her first poot. With her black thong stretched at her knees, she is po... 9026 views

Blair Winters 6

Blair Winters wants your face next to her smelly, farty ass while you are stroking your cock. She assumes you’re feeling horny and are eager to delight in her ass full of farts after whipping out that cock for her. Stroke it up and down per her ins... 11080 views

Blair Winters 7

Breathy Blair Winters is a sight to behold farting in bed and commenting how it smells so good! She’s a huge fan of her own tush ticklers and is rubbing her pristine, pierced pussy while pushing poots onto her white duvet. Her ass muscles extend wi... 9579 views

Blair Winters 8

Blair Winters is regretting her valiant effort during a food eating contest with friends at a buffet. She sampled a plethora of foods and is home now and suffering a very upset tummy that made her very gassy. She’s her normally sexy self in nothing... 7167 views

Blair Winters 9

Beautiful Blair Winters is admirably dedicated to keeping her long, lean body in shape and would like for you to join her for a workout, if you don’t mind a little bit of girl fart smell alongside her sexy pushups and stretches! She is a treat to w... 7672 views

Blair Winters 10

Blair wants you to beg for her farts and get really close to smell her every offering! Your efforts will be rewarded with awesome closeup shots of that tight ebony ass hole turning out some impressive stale wind! Blair is especially hot in a black th... 8022 views

Blair Winters

Watch flatulent Blair Winters wallop like a pro in her first farting film. This sexy ebony’s bung blasts are loud and rank causing her to fan at the smell and shyly giggle after she lets one after another loose. She wraps it up with an especially l... 11529 views

Blair Winters 2

Oh, to be the thong Blair Winters is rubbing into her dirty ass! She is really into saturating her thongs with gassy goodness, and Blair’s underwear du jour is a cute black thong that ties at the sides. She’s taking no mercy on this pretty little... 7134 views

Blair Winters 3

Poor Blair Winters! She is lambasting an incompetent at work over the telephone and is not pleased at all at the progress of a particular project. So she is giving stern warnings over the phone and then becomes even more pissed when her subordinate c... 9128 views

Blair Winters 4

Do you have what it takes to tolerate Blair Winters’ commanding ways as she demands you get your face right into her ass hole to taste every fart she is shooting out of her puckered button? She wants your tongue right in there and for you to love t... 6046 views

Cookie 2

Do you like your girls extra gassy? Well then you’ve come to the right place, because Cookie has a pretty chocolate asshole that’s filled with gross farts. Her farts are airy and deadly, perfect for covering faces and filling up nostrils with fun... 3876 views

Cookie 4

Our Ebony gassy girl, Cookie is here with us, filling up the room with rotten stinky farts! She’s letting her farts slowly slide out of her butthole, so you can catch all her nasty asshole smells with your face and mouth. Fart lovers get ready, bec... 6530 views

Cookie 6

Cookies just where you like your gas filled girls to be. She’s got her round chocolate ass up in the air, and she’s shaking her farts out of that tight asshole, one by one. You won’t want to miss that firm ass and pretty little butthole opening... 5549 views

Jericha Jem 2

The farts building up in Jericha Jem’s ass is so toxic it’s burning her pretty little asshole as it all explodes out! This is one gassy girl, and she’ll do whatever she can to help push that rotten smelling gas right out and onto your face. Get... 4712 views

Jericha Jem 4

You rarely see Jericha Jem without a tummy full of gas, but that’s exactly how you like your gassy girls! Jericha’s determined to push out every fart she’s got trapped in her dark dirty asshole… but she needs a willing face to lean in and sni... 5251 views

Jericha Jem 5

We caught Jericha Jem being a dirty girl. She’s laid out with her legs spread open… and you have the perfect view of that perfectly tight asshole. Her pussy is getting so wet while she plays with herself… and pushes out her nasty loud farts, to... 5808 views

Jericha Jem 6

Guess which gassy girl has been holding in her farts all day. That’s right, none other than Jericha Jem, and she’s got the nastiest smells just brewing inside her tummy. When this girl bends over her farts start flying right out. One loud disgust... 3944 views

Maryjane Mayhem 9

Our gassy girl, Mary Jane Mayhem says it’s farting time, and you know what that means! Her asshole is holding in the loudest farts, and she’s going to push out that rotten gas while you watch. Just when you think it can’t get any better, Mary J... 5972 views

Maryjane Mayhem 11

Guess who’s back and ready to fart just for you? That’s right; it’s your favorite gassy girl, Mary Jane Mayhem! She’s got her ass open wide, and a butt full of horrible farts… just the way you like it. So get ready, because Mary Jane is jus... 5218 views

Maryjane Mayhem 12

Those tiny thong panties Mary Jane Mayhem has on can’t possibly contain the funk she’s pushing out of her ass. This gassy girl is full of disgusting farts, and she’s filling the room with her stench with each fart she lets escape. That pink lit... 3853 views

Maryjane Mayhem 14

Mary Jane Mayhem’s so sleepy, but you know there’s no way a gassy girl can go to sleep with all her farts building up inside her tummy. She’s got to get out all those disastrous farts out first, no matter how tired she is. You’re lucky enough... 4645 views

Nevaeh Keyz 16

Nasty farts are forcing their way out of Nevaeh Keyz asshole! She’s been holding in those toxic farts all day, just so she could let them all explode out of her asshole, filling her toilet with all that stink! If you like your girls extra gassy, th... 8534 views