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Search Results for: gassy

Janae Foxx

Janae Foxx makes her debut wearing a grey-and-purple sweater dress. She's very gassy today - we've got Taco Bell to thank for that. Janae starts out surprising herself with a big, loud blasting fart, which she catches in her hand and sniffs - then ca... 4346 views


Jessica's first time farting on camera! She had a huge bowl of alfredo pasta and now she has really bad gas. She is wearing light blue top with no panties. Very sexy. There are some really gassy farts in this clip! 3925 views

Jessica 2

Jessica is here to fart for you again! She's full of gas from eating a whole bunch of tacos. She is wearing a black sparkly bra with a skirt and no panties. Now that's a sexy outfit! This clip is full of gassy farts! Watch it right now! 4189 views

Lana Sky and Jezebelle Foxxx 3

Lana and Jezebelle are back for some more gassy ass licking! Jezebelle starts out licking Lana's farting ass, and the camera zooms in and catches it all! Jezebelle can even taste what Lana ate in her farts - NASTY! Then it's Jezebelle's turn to have ... 10574 views


Kitty is our brand newest girl here at fart fantasy and boy is she a sexy brunette natural! You may have seen kitty around doing other fetish stuff, but never have you seen her farting! She went out and had a big mexican dinner the night before she c... 6496 views

Kitty 2

Kitty is back for another farting session! This sweet, sexy brunette has got some nasty smelling gas. She has to work these ones out because they are coming from deep down in her bowels. By the time they come out they are hot, stinky silent gassy typ... 4090 views

London 9

London is gassy and ready to rip! She's sitting in a chair with no panties and only a white bra on. She gets up off the chair and sits up on the marble table to fart with her naked booty on it's hard polished surface. This sexy ebony girl's farts are... 5029 views

Luxury Amore 4

Big ebony beauty Luxury is back to blast some more farts into your face! Today she's in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, and she's very gassy. She blasts a fart into the bowl, then another, then another! Her farts stink to high heaven, too. Luxur... 3545 views

Luxury Amore 6

Plush ebony fartress Luxury Amore has some big treats for you today - big, nasty, stinky, gassy treats! Her ass is on fire and she just can't quit farting! Luxury is nude in the kitchen, and she walks around drinking a soda as she invites you to come... 6021 views

Madison Leigh 16

Madison is just relaxing on the couch today and she happens to be a bit gassy! Lucky us! She's just hanging out in a pink baby t shirt and a pair of lovely white cotton full bottom panties - terrific! She's got some nice butt-busters locked up in the... 3801 views

Madison Leigh vs. Janie Lynn

Janie Lynn and Madison Leigh are just hanging out together in their PJ's in bed and both happen to be a little gassy today so they get the great idea to have a farting contest to see who can bust ass the loudest and stinkiest! Both Janie and Madison ... 4250 views

Madison Leigh vs. Janie Lynn 4

Madison and Janie are back for another dual farting clip! This time they are on the couch and both are wearing tight jeans over their stinky, gassy asses. They've both got some long, loud, stinky farts that they release on each other to gross each ot... 8074 views

Micah James 12

Micah is tired and gassy today, laying on the bed in a bikini. She pulls her bikini bottoms to the side and the camera zooms in on her asshole as she blasts a fart! Then she pulls her legs up and starts to play with her pussy while the camera deliver... 3762 views

Micah James 17

Micah is on the sofa, wearing a bikini. She ate so much gassy food today, and it's given her a tummy ache. Micah lays on her stomach, pulls her bikini bottoms to the side, and treats you to a great bare-ass fart! She plays with her hairy pussy and wh... 3889 views

Missy Milano

Missy is our brand-newest farting feature at Fart Fantasy. We know you'll love her as much as we did! This sexy latina lady is wearing a sweater-dress with full bottom panties and she's a gassy girl for sure! She bends over and jumps up and down to w... 4556 views

Missy Milano 3

Missy is back and gassy as a shaken up soda! She's wearing a red and white dress and farting in bed. She bends over and you can see up her dress and get a glimpse of her full bottom cotton panties. Missy cuts some stinky ass farts that will make you ... 4453 views

Ms Behave 5

Ms. Behave is hoping that it's just gas and not something else. She is wearing a black bra with matching lace panties. She seems to have some trouble getting some of her farts out. She literally has to spread her cheeks to make it easier to get all t... 3713 views

Ms Behave 7

Ms. Behave is hoping that it's just gas and not something else. She is wearing a black bra with matching lace panties. She seems to have some trouble getting some of her farts out. She literally has to spread her cheeks to make it easier to get all t... 3261 views

Nyeema 6

Nyeema is gassy like a mother fucker today and needs to blast her farts off on the toilet! She starts off farting standing up in front of the toilet, wearing her spaghetti string top and skin tight jeans. She finally pulls her pants down and farts on... 4609 views

Persuajon 6

ersuajon is here again to fart for you today. She's topless, with only a pair of pink panties on. She's on the couch and gassy as ever! She has an idea - she's going to fart into a plastic bag to fill it up with fart gas! As she farts, it fills up th... 3625 views

Roxi Main 2

Roxi's back to fart for you again! This time she went out with some friends and had some broccoli with cheese with dinner. Man did it fill her with gas! Roxi is wearing a teal top with bright orange short shorts. Buy this clip, and watch as she squir... 3802 views

Roxi Main 7

Roxi just got back from the pool. She had to leave because she got gassy all of a sudden, and was afraid she'd blast out bubbles for all to see. Roxi's wearing a black bikini with a pair of pink short-shorts. This clip has blasting farts that could r... 3721 views

Roxi Main 8

Length: 1:47 Roxi sits on the toilet, blasting juicy ones that will make you gag and gag! Roxi\'s wearing a black bra and pink short-shorts over her round ass as she blasts you into next week with her gassy farts! 4063 views

Roxi Main 3

Roxi sure does love Mexican food! It's her all-time favorite, but she knows that it gives her lots of gas! This girl is not afraid to fart! Wow! Watch this episode as she moves from position to position to let out all those gassy and long blasting fa... 3750 views