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Search Results for: gassy

Savannah Fox 27

Who needs enemies with a roommate like Savannah Fox? She is pissed her roomie, Ashley, has left her yoga ball out in the living room so decides devious justice is in order and takes it upon herself to fart all over the sizable pink sphere! Savannahâ€... 8333 views

Savannah Fox 28

Talk about sphincter control! Savannah Fox is a pro. She uses her manicured nail to slightly spread her cheek to work out a series of small toots during this dynamic display of farting, diva style! Sure, she can be a bit bossy, but would we want this... 8604 views

Scarlet Lavey 2

Tempting and talented Scarlet Lavey is farting a ton and has commented it smells like anchovies! She isn’t digging the smell as she repositions multiple times in her quest for relief. With a surplus of sizzlers, she is making her purple lace thong ... 5088 views

Scarlet Lavey 3

Scarlet Lavey has something sexy in store in the form of fierce, smelly farts. She’d like to give you all of her farts with intimate views of her putrid pucker releasing foul smells right into your mouth. Her luscious ass cheeks and winking ass hol... 8770 views

Katie O'Riley and Jennifer Anderson 3

Poor Katie...the brunette is shocked by a sudden turn of events. It's now her turn to get tortured by the gassy, sexy slim hottie Jennifer Anderson, and this time around is far more intense! Katiecomplains about having to smell Jennifer's nasty flatu... 6371 views

Blair Winters 15

With such a beautiful, white leather sectional, why would Blair Winters dare to sit sans panties while her ass is in overdrive with disgusting farts that might just leave a mark? The sound of her squeaks hitting her sofa are pretty impressive, but th... 6318 views

Blair Winters 16

Hottie Blair Winters is dressed to kill and about to be picked up by her guy. Wonder if she’s hoping to get lucky since she isn’t wearing any panties under her tight dress! When she realizes she has been hit with a bout of terrible gas, she works... 5985 views

Blair Winters 19

Taking pleasure in a beautiful babe’s pain isn’t right, but it sure is a delight to watch Blair Winters during her plight to free her belly of bothersome gas. She has rushed into her bathroom, pulled down her black panties and is forced to spend ... 7189 views

Blair Winters 20

Start off your birthday in the right direction while Blair Winters serves up a series of birthday surprises for you since you are in the mood to jerk off to sultry ass acoustics. With her trademark sensuality, sexy, thong-clad Blair proffers some pre... 5209 views

Blair Winters 21

We’d like to thank the person who gave Blair Winters the bright idea to add a mini-trampoline to her workout regimen! Her entire workout is a total turn-on, but there’s just something about they way this gassy babe busts ass while bouncing on her... 6275 views

Caramel Lee

Lactose intolerant girls are hot, and Caramel Lee is no exception! Get to know this sweetheart as she is farting for the first time on film. She has some super smelly silent-but-deadlies after consuming nachos. She may be a stranger to recording her ... 11165 views

Caramel Lee 2

When Caramel Lee works out she feels the burn in more ways than one! This gassy girl is exercising in her living room, and all the bending is causing her to spew some hot wind out of her tight ass hole! Her attire selection is commendable, as her tig... 8607 views

Caramel Lee 3

Caramel Lee sure wakes up gassy! She rushes into her bathroom in the early morning hours, looking like a little angel with braids in her hair and an adorable nightie clinging to her chest but not covering her cute ass. Once she is perched on the pot,... 8223 views

Caramel Lee 4

Caramel Lee has a sexy surprise for you in the form of formidable farts she wants to launch directly on your tongue! Enjoy this smelly sweetheart’s overactive ass hole as slithers pass her sphincter, covering your face in her trademark smells. Go a... 5035 views

Caramel Lee 5

There’s no scientific evidence to back it, but it seems pussy rubbing makes some girls gassy! Caramel Lee is home all alone and is massaging her pussy and expressing some pretty petite poots. A few of them pack a punch, but for the most part, this ... 6013 views

Caramel Lee 7

Waiting for her ride to school, Caramel Lee is in a bit of distress. She has a plethora of poots she needs to get out and is perched on her white leather sectional to pass poofs with her plaid skirt lifted up. Was she really planning on wearing no pa... 6891 views

Kay Love 9

Kay Love’s boyfriend picked a great day to be late. She is waiting for him to arrive and finds she has a highly upset belly. This sassy girl isn’t wearing panties for her date and ends up defiling her white leather couch with her obnoxious blasts... 6474 views

Kay Love 10

Welcome back, Silver Bullet! It’s been a while since Kay Love played with a favored toy, and she is busting out the Bullet and busting ass in the process! With her panties pulled to the side, she has her buzzer on high and is reaching erotic height... 7944 views

Kay Love 11

Happy Birthday to you! Kay Love has a treat for the birthday boy, and it is a doozie! She is doling out dastardly farts directly into your face since she knows you love her stinky ass, and it is your birthday after all. Since it’s a special occasio... 7480 views

Kay Love 12

Tonight’s dinner was an entire pizza for cute Kay Love! How does such a little thing eat a 12-inch pie by her lonesome? This lactose intolerant babe is feeling the burn inside her belly from all that cheese, and the dairy has also left her constipa... 6943 views

Kay Love 13

Slap that dick on my ass! Oh, such beautiful words have never before been uttered from the sweet lips of lovely Kay Love. This gassy girl is farting up a storm and wants to share it all with you! But she is going to be in control to a degree as you d... 8882 views

Kay Love 14

Perhaps Kay Love needs a trainer and a dietician. This gassy girl is working out and cannot believe how out of shape she is, and her fierce farting throughout sure makes it appear as if she needs to make some changes in her diet for total body health... 6788 views

Lisa Tiffian

Introducing hottie Lisa Tiffian, a young lady who has never farted for the camera but does have some related experience. Farting for boyfriends is something she has done in the past, and Lisa is now sharing her ass blasts with you. Sure, she is a lit... 11268 views

Lisa Tiffian 5

Home sweet home isn’t smelling so sweet as Lisa Tiffian is home alone and letting her gas fly without reservation. Somehow her juicy broccoli-induced bubblers don’t stain her sexy white shorts, but she ends up taking them off anyway and then real... 8497 views