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Search Results for: gassy

Lisa Tiffian 7

Lisa Tiffian looks luscious as she speeds into the bathroom in pink lace panties, needing to get to the pot as soon as possible! She is making a mess of things, and the wet ones she is passing are disgusting! This sexy babe is pushing out her load in... 8863 views

Lucky Starr 19

Sassy Lucky Starr is reading a saucy erotica novel! Not sure what the title of today’s selection is, but it’s extra steamy while she’s reading aloud in black lingerie and passing ass blasts while reciting the text. She is fifty shades of sexy w... 4894 views

Lucky Starr 20

Expose yourself to Lucky Starr’s sensual side! This sex kitten is normally very playful, but today this sultry beauty is immersed in an impassioned self-pleasure session that sees her fingers all over her slit while her ass is releasing popping far... 6441 views

Lucky Starr 21

A topless girl farting when working out while wearing crotchless leggings…that’s almost too much awesome for one sentence, but this is what Lucky Starr is all about as she is exercising in her living room, uninterrupted but for the series of ass ... 5883 views

Lucky Starr 22

Lucky Starr wants you to bask in the ambiance! She is ready to go, looking like a sexy Dominatrix in her black corset, boots and long gloves. There are no bottoms on this babe, though, and this makes her farts flow freely while she shares them with y... 6334 views

Lucky Starr 25

Lucky Starr barely gets those cute panties off in time as she rushes into the bathroom in order to get her butt on the potty when she has work to do! Watch this hottie in action while she is pushing with everything she’s got while on the pot. Her f... 8792 views

Nikki Ford 32

Kinkster Nikki Ford loves the smell of her ass blasts, and farting on leather pushes her buttons! She is clad in sexy pink lace lingerie and finding the aroma of her farts amalgamated with her white leather couch aroma to be a total turn-on! While Ni... 5787 views

Nikki Ford 33

Catch captivating Nikki Ford at the tail end of her workout as she’s bouncing on her trampoline. Watch that phat booty shake as she’s forced to fart while bouncing. Nikki isn’t upset by the gas, though. Being surrounded in stink is her thing, a... 8042 views

Nikki Ford 34

Pull it together, Nikki! Hottie Nikki Ford is farting and burping when sharing her smelly bathroom session with the world! Hope you don’t mind the smell of her boisterous blasts hitting the toilet bowl while she is also belching like mad. She had t... 6737 views

Nikki Ford 36

Bikini-clad cutie Nikki Ford is self-pleasuring while stinking up her lounge chair with a healthy dose of girl gas. Reaching into her bottoms to massage her twat, while also farting near her fingers, enables her to reach such a blissful state because... 6346 views

Nikki Ford 37

Have you been complaining about Nikki Ford not fixing anything for dinner? She claims you have, so she has cooked up something extra special just for you! She has an ass full of nasty gas and wants your nose up close and personal with her veiny pucke... 6530 views

Nikki Ford 38

How the hell does a girl as slim as Nikki Ford produce such fantastically loud farts? This girl is giving her jean shorts a workout today as she’s seated at the table trying to get things accomplished when she is forced to focus on the task at hand... 6697 views

Paris Marie 8

Paris Marie has started a new diet that is not going so well. Eating healthy leaves her gassier than she thought it would, and her stomach is in knots! She is adorable in a purple bra and matching lace panties, but eventually slides out of her bottom... 5402 views

Paris Marie 9

Paris Marie doubles your pleasure! She is dressing like a dirty little slut right in front of you, in preparation for a night at the club, while also expressing a surplus of nasty farts while she slides on her pretty underthings and eventually, a shi... 5876 views

Paris Marie 10

Paris Marie’s popping polka dot bra is the ultimate eye candy as this inked-up beauty is on the pot with a plethora of gas spewing from her ass. Her cute butt plops on the seat, and instantly she is smelling up the joint! Phew! Thankfully, she is p... 5882 views

Paris Marie 11

Paris Marie is relaxing in a warm bath of clear water and attempting to read a book but is bothered by the butt blasts she is spewing into the tub. She’s turning her white tub into a whirlpool with the stinkers she can smell through the water! Her ... 4741 views

Paris Marie 12

Paris Marie has a few treats for you if you don’t mind your goodies coming out of her tight, smelly ass hole! She has saved all her farts for you and is getting you good and close to her barking ass hole and assumes you will not be too bothered by ... 5484 views

Paris Marie 13

Paris Marie is home from a run and is about to give you a run for your money! She wants you to jerk off to her sweaty ass as she ups the ante with ghastly, gassy offerings! Her tight pants are soon pulled down so you can watch her putrid pucker in ac... 7295 views

Paris Marie 14

Put down the burger, Paris Marie! This sexy sweetie is eating fast food, and it has a fast effect on her digestive system! She is farting before finishing her fare and is wishing she had not selected such a greasy menu item - but it tastes so good! D... 3019 views

Savanna Ginger 18

Savanna Ginger is planning her day while sitting on her white leather couch sans bottoms! Her luscious tits are shrouded in a pink lace lingerie top, but her beautiful butt is on full display when a wave of gas hits her, causing a multitude of fierce... 7029 views

Savanna Ginger 19

Go ahead, Savanna, keep rubbing that pretty, puffy pussy! Wow! Today Savanna Ginger is all alone with gas flying out of her ass while she has a hand slid into her little panties. She loves the feeling of release combined with stimulating her clit. As... 7604 views

Savanna Ginger 20

For our sake, let’s hope nobody gets a gym membership for Savanna Ginger! This sex kitten is on fire working out at home in a gold unitard. She is working hard on her body in the privacy of her living room and farting up a storm, just the way we li... 6109 views

Savanna Ginger 21

Savanna Ginger has some naughty tricks in her arsenal of allure today and wants to take you along for the ride! She knows you like those nasty farts in your mouth, so she is going to treat you to all the girl gas she has been saving up. The icing on ... 5134 views

Savanna Ginger 22

Savanna Ginger is on fire! She is so hot in a blue thong with matching blue French-tip nails and has enough gas in her hot ass to start a blaze. She loves the smell of her dirty butt and uses her thong to bring the smell to her nose multiple times. S... 6818 views