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Search Results for: brunette

Jessica Winters

We dare you not to smile when in the company of sweet and sexy Jessica Winters. She is effervescent in more ways than one when she farts for the camera for the first time and does so with a spirited approach and a surplus of butt bubbles coming out o... 8527 views

Jessica Winters 2

Sweetheart Jessica Winters is lounging on her leather couch as she gets into a good book. Reading is one of her favorite pastimes, but this poor thing is not turning many pages thanks to her loud barking ass. Whatever she has eaten today has left her... 7753 views

Jessica Winters 3

Jessica Winters is such a giver! She does not like the smell of her own farts, but when cafeteria food makes her really gassy, she saves it all for you. It would have been so embarrassing if she had let these whoppers slip out at school. In her tight... 10921 views

Jessica Winters 6

Check out the slutty ensemble on Jessica Winters! This starlet looks hot as hell in her pink thong bottoms and hot matching top. She wants to help you cum by serving up the stink you love! Can you make it to the end of her sensual cum countdown, or w... 6638 views


Molly is a ton of fun, and this breath of fresh air unabashedly shares her stale wind, which is anything but fresh! This hottie with a sultry accent has never farted for the camera, but claims to have no problem farting in front of boys. School cafet... 5653 views

Molly 2

Sexpot Molly is such a jovial darling, and she is as kinky as she is cute! When she is staying at a friend’s house, she falls in love with the luxurious white leather sectional in the trendy living room. Wearing only panties and a bra, Molly quickl... 5591 views

Molly 3

When Molly wants her dirty boy to position himself under her sexy ass, he’d better do as told! Molly knows you love her farts, so she is getting her glorious ass right above your nose while she sputters in your face! Her glistening slit is also in ... 4693 views

Molly 5

Molly has rushed into the bathroom to do some dirty things we did not know sexy girls did on the potty! Her farts are outrageous and terribly smelly. Poor thing is just plagued with gas and spends forever on the throne expressing some impressive honk... 5048 views

Molly 6

Hey Dirty Boy! Molly has something pretty passionate in store for you if you are up to the challenge of lasting until her cum countdown concludes! She is in a highly frisky mood and is sharing her sexy body with you in all its glory. Her farts are i... 5301 views

Molly 7

Cheesy pizza is divine, but not when mass-consumed! Molly is on her last slice and well on her way to polishing off a whole cheese-topped pie! Unfortunately, this has left her extremely gassy and smelly, and with her skirt hiked up, she is defiling h... 5412 views

Aimee Davis 4

Any girl who pulls off tight shorts after telling you she wants you to stroke your cock is a keeper! Aimee Davis is in overdrive as she is proffering the poots she knows you adore. Her sweaty ass doesn’t smell too great, but should be good for a fe... 6878 views

Aimee Davis 6

Aimee Davis says her tummy feels weird, and her ass is backing up those claims! Her pronounced pucker is front and center when this gassy girl is letting ‘em rip. Sweet Aimee looks fantastic in pink and black lingerie that does not cover her boiste... 5171 views

Gia Love

Meet, Gia Love, a self-described prissy nerd, as she farts on queue with some trepidation at first. She has never done this before, but is up for the challenge! With the sexiest sphincter we’ve seen in awhile, this brunette stunner does an A+ job c... 7477 views

Gia Love 2

Gorgeous Gia Love is a dream come true when she shares a masturbation session with you while also inspiring your fondness for farts as she passes nasty gas while rubbing her pussy. The room smells foul enough before this darling dares to slide out of... 8245 views

Gia Love 3

Ever dedicated to keeping her lean body in top shape, Gia Love is home from lifting at the gym and is gassy from her pre-workout protein shake and jerky. Her farts smell disgusting, but Gia knows you love to sniff them up, so she is sharing with you,... 13514 views

Gia Love 4

Poor Gia Love! She is shrouded in stink and has no means of making it better. Digging in her purse yields no air freshener, and her butt burps are over-the-top and terribly stinky. She has sped into her bathroom to rid her bottom of gas, and she is f... 10402 views

Gia Love 5

Do you like hot, stinky ass? This is Gia Love’s query - as if she had to ask. This fresh-faced sexpot is serving up all the goods as she is exposing tits and ass while farting in your face. She is young, but she knows what you like, and is certain ... 11924 views

Gia Love 7

Gia Love is such a doll! Cheeseburgers and tacos have left her so gassy, and she is ripping some of the biggest farts of her life, but has the best sense of humor about her gassy guzzlers! She is spreading her cheeks to expose you to her raunch and m... 6374 views

Gia Love 8

You have not seen a pucker protrude and dangle during daunting ass blasts the way youthful Gia Love's ass hole does. Wow! In sexy slow-motion, her ass is outstanding as gas escapes the pink confines of her beautiful butt hole. Nobody delivers such a ... 8228 views

Gia Love 14

Gia Love’s food of fault is hamburger meat. The grease leaves her incredibly gassy, and she ends up with her hind-end hurting each and every time she chomps on a burger. Gia’s heavy bombers hurt her butt, and she is so uncomfortable by the gas sl... 7643 views

Gia Love 15

This is not an endorsement for Muscle Milk! Gia love has been on the stuff, and those darn protein shakes made her so gassy! Her butt is out of control, and all Gia wants is to feel better. Shaking out her dastardly farts, Gia looks so sexy once her ... 9920 views

Rose Lane 12

Rose Lane is a one-woman show who dispels the myth that girls don’t fart! Even during a hot session of solo masturbation, some sexy girls squeeze out gas to accentuate the eroticism of their pussy play. Rose is one such girl! Her pucker is competin... 7662 views

Lucky Starr 31

As always, Lucky Starr is proud of her poots and shares them in all their glory. For something scintillating and varied, she is showcasing her ass acoustics in slow-motion with hot close-ups of her Asian ass pucker opening up and releasing the methan... 11313 views

Candi Coxx 2

There is no stopping sexy Candi Coxx when she makes her way into the bathroom to tend to some serious business. The topless beauty slides her practical purple panties down and gets to work! Her farts are fantastically loud and stinky, but you don’t... 6606 views