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Search Results for: brunette

Lexi Veracruz 12

Lexi Veracruz is up front about her mission…she wants to blast some ass in your face! And her body is absolute perfection, looking outstanding in a skimpy thong and designer bra. Her tush honks don’t really pack a huge punch, but they produce som... 1854 views

Paris Marie 17

It would be great to say that having sexy Paris Marie back is a breath of fresh air, but it it anything but! She is extra stinky as she contaminates the interior of her black leggings, while also contaminating the air! Whatever she ate really did a n... 5823 views

Paris Marie 18

Stinky MILF Paris Marie’s ass was recently working overtime to pass all the awful gas she was plagued with. This naked kinkster settled in on a chair to do her business, creating such a smelly mess in the process. Her anguish was apparent as she mo... 5328 views

Paris Marie 19

Looking sexy in a simplistic black bra and panty set, tattooed Paris Marie liberated a slew of nasty stinkers in rapid succession. When this MILF is gassy, she shrouds the room in obnoxious odor in short order! Check out the dirty toots she releases ... 2927 views

Paris Marie 20

POV facesitting has never been stinkier! Sexy MILF Paris Marie hiked up her jean skirt and nestled into the fart chair to proffer an amazing closeup view of her ass spewing the most ridiculously loud and wet gassers. There are no secrets kept as she ... 4823 views

Paris Marie 21

Looking fantastic in a sexy black and white ensemble, MILF Paris Marie made her way to the pot to get rid of some of her gut rot! She had a lot of stinky toots to liberate, and she did a fantastic job getting her tummy to feel better. It’s rather a... 3560 views

Paris Marie 22

After a long day at the office, all Paris Marie wanted to do was relax, but as soon as she settled in on the sofa, she was hit with a fabulously foul bout of gas. Her tummy was churning, and her ass was on fire. She eventually hiked up her black skir... 4490 views

Paris Marie 23

Paris Marie had what seemed to be a week’s worth of farts collected in her backside, and when she lied back on her zebra-print lounger, she let them all fly out. She looked her sexiest, as she was thoroughly in the buff, and those massive honks wer... 3101 views

Paris Marie 24

Stinky MILF Paris Marie is a superstar among fans of lewd farts, and her slow-motion face farting is outstanding! Her white ass is in full view as she liberates toots from her tight pucker. They smell so awful, as is Ms. Marie’s trademark, making t... 5786 views

Paris Marie 25

Paris Marie has a great ass that is always fantastically stinky, and here she is, in all of her glory, giving you the farts you love to sniff! To say her lady gassers smell bad is an understatement, as she has so many foul farts to express from her f... 4185 views

Paris Marie 26

Looking divine in a sexy satin bra, lovable tattooed MILF Paris Marie planted herself on the potty to take care of a dirty job! She had a lot to deposit in the bowl, creating such an intensely putrid stench in her small bathroom. There is nothing qui... 4183 views

Paris Marie 27

Check out Paris Marie’s stinky ass! She has far too many farts, and she is eager to show how her tight MILF ass pucker loosens enough to liberate these nasty gassers. She has such a dirty booty, and she is a lady who loves to satisfy her urge to fa... 2967 views

Paris Marie 28

How can a girl be so gassy? Paris Marie was plagued by so many farts, and this dirty MILF just kept farting over and over again! It’s impossible to keep track of her toots as they came in such rapid succession. She is quite stinky, but that is part... 4513 views

Paris Marie 30

Paris Marie loves the smell of her own farts, and when she taps her ass while liberating a large lady honk, the sound is quite comical. She keeps tapping her ass during lengthy toots, then brings her fingers up to her nose to bask in her signature od... 4609 views

Maddi Vines 2

While she was plagued with a terrible stomach ache, sexy Maddie Vines was in a great deal of pain. She opted to situate herself on a chair and let a slew of nasty farts slide out of her white ass. This effort to make herself feel better worked in the... 5227 views

Maddi Vines 3

Looking like a total cutie in just a sports bra, sweet Maddi Vines had quite a belly ache, and she desperately wanted to find relief. She finally did, but not until she had pushed out so many farts while her bare ass was on full display. Miss Vines i... 3808 views

Maddi Vines 4

Maddi Vines is a dirty girl with a plethora of toots to dispense! She would love to share them with you in a POV facesitting situation, where you are certain to be nearly gassed out of the room! She is a filthy fox who adores men who harbor an affini... 6915 views

Maddi Vines 6

Oh man!! Maddi Vines is so gassy! Her nice white ass is quite a sight, and for those among us who love sexy lady farts, this is such a treat! This dirty little vixen held nothing back as she let all of her flatulence be recorded in full! 4505 views

Maddi Vines 7

Maddi Vines tried so hard to make herself feel better! She was plagued with quite a belly ache, and as she was on her quest to achieve relief, she was in a terrible way. She was totally struggling as she pushed out toot after toot! This sexy brunette... 3246 views

Scarlett Johnson

Scarlett Johnson is a hot little number, and while she farted for the first time in front of the camera, her ass was on fire! Her slow and stinky butt burners made their way into the world while being filmed in slow motion. There was nothing left to ... 7795 views

Scarlett Johnson 5

Too much cake?? That is what Scarlett Johnson blamed her nasty farts on, but that hardly seems fair! She is a dirty girl with a series of dastardly farts that she let escape from her tight ass pucker in one of the stinkiest POV performances ever!! 6551 views

Scarlett Johnson 6

Oh man, I’ve got so much fart in me!! This is what Scarlett Johnson exclaims at the start of her gassy spectacular! She is one sexy miss, and she should not be missed! Her toots are tenacious, but that is how we love her! Hold your nose, or not, an... 4143 views

Scarlett Johnson 7

In a sexy pair of short white shorts, tantalizing Scarlett Johnson loves ripping farts for her fans! She is a dirty girl who smells just awful as she sullies the inside of those cute bottoms! She confessed that she likes the way her farts sound, and ... 4512 views

Scarlett Johnson 8

Sex kitten Scarlett Johnson is not all sugar and spice…she has a stinky side as well! Check her out as she passes far too many stinky farts while looking awesome in a cute pair of white panties. She is definitely a gal who is fun to watch, and she ... 4461 views