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Search Results for: brunette

Maryjane Mayhem 20

Maryjane Mayhem’s sex appeal is on high gear when she is wearing nothing but her glasses. Today she’s completely nude and is looking to fart right in your face! That smooth, smelly ass looks so good but is so stinky and loud! How does a young gir... 7328 views

Maryjane Mayhem 22

We do not want Maryjane Mayhem to work off that great white ass, but we love watching her work out! Today she is in a cute bikini top with sexy stone-washed panties. She starts with squats, but is she ever gassy! Nearly each time she lowers that lust... 5957 views

Olivia 2

Olivia is having some fun with her inflatable friend and is going to make him all stinky with her farts. He’s the perfect size for her to manhandle as she sticks him in her ass and straddles his middle to really stink up his exterior with her poste... 8405 views

Olivia 3

Sexy minx Olivia wants you to get your face under her ass because she has a lot of farting to do. She would like to know if you like those stinky farts as she is pushing with her little body to pop poots right inside your waiting mouth. She wants you... 5226 views

Olivia 6

Join sultry brunette Olivia in bed as she is rubbing her pussy through panties at first, then removes them to feel the sensation of her fingers directly stimulating her clit. Delicate rubbing is interrupted when she has an especially smelly fart, and... 7499 views

Olivia 7

Bombshell Olivia has been subjected to cafeteria food and is glad to be home in bed feasting on tacos that are much more yummy. Despite loving the taste of her cuisine du jour, she is quite gassy from the tacos and her previous cafeteria samplings. T... 7707 views

Olivia 8

Tacos are yummy but do a number on sweet Olivia’s tummy. She is feasting on her take-out fare and has some outstandingly awful gas filtering through the fabric of her baby blue bottoms. As she seeks the prime poot position, the fabric is sneaking i... 7969 views

Rapunzel 5

Who needs a whirlpool when a plethora of puffers produces the same effect? Ravishing Rapunzel proves a tub of water can become pretty choppy when a gassy girl washes herself! Rapunzel is immersed in a tub of warm, clear water and has a tummy ache. Wa... 6602 views

Stephanie Saint 5

All alone in her big bed, sultry Stephanie Saint is treating her kitten to a rubbing and is looking fine! She is spreading her legs to pass gas in conjunction with her pussy petting. Her farts linger in the room as she continues the self-pleasure tha... 8108 views

Stephanie Saint 12

That was close! Stephanie Saint has rushed into the bathroom and pulled her denim shorts and white thong off just in time! This gassy girl is making a deposit accompanied by some rather raunchy farts! She is on the potty for such a long time, she is ... 8831 views

Stephanie Saint 14

Stephanie Saint doesn’t need any sex toys when her slender fingers work just fine! She is caught up in pleasuring her pussy and is farting at the same time. She seems to get off on surrounding herself in stink! Her slithers and angelic murmurs crea... 7278 views

Katrina Kox 27

It has been a spell since the outstanding Katrina Kox has been in our midsts. Is her ass as awesome as always? That’s a resounding, “Yes!” She wants to share some farts she has been saving in anticipation of you joining her on the couch as she ... 3850 views

Katrina Kox 28

Katrina Kox doesn’t mind waiting for her date to arrive as she spends time farting on her favorite table. She delights in the sounds her fierce, smelly farts produce as they blast against the table’s surface. With her legs spread wide, the view o... 3201 views

Katrina Kox 30

Katrina Kox has gotta go and rushes into her bathroom in her pink thong and plops on the pot to get rid of the plaguing gas that has made her wake with a stomach ache. She feels so much better after she has her legs spread widely and is pushing power... 7212 views

Scarlet Lavey 2

Tempting and talented Scarlet Lavey is farting a ton and has commented it smells like anchovies! She isn’t digging the smell as she repositions multiple times in her quest for relief. With a surplus of sizzlers, she is making her purple lace thong ... 5120 views

Scarlet Lavey 4

Scarlet Lavey isn’t reserved or refined as she is sharing a highly personal moment on the pot! She has rushed into her bathroom with an explosive ass and needs to find relief. With her sexy jean shorts at her ankles, this edgy diva is spilling it a... 9255 views

Katie O'Riley and Jennifer Anderson 2

Sweet, sexy brunette Katie O'Riley returns with her lovely new fart-toy: lovely brunette Jennifer Anderson, in this hot girl-on-girl scene. Katie leans back nude on our couch and has Jennifer lick her asshole as she release stinky fart after fart in ... 11194 views

Katie O'Riley and Jennifer Anderson 3

Poor Katie...the brunette is shocked by a sudden turn of events. It's now her turn to get tortured by the gassy, sexy slim hottie Jennifer Anderson, and this time around is far more intense! Katiecomplains about having to smell Jennifer's nasty flatu... 6450 views

Katie O'Riley and Jennifer Anderson

Sexy brunette Katie O'Riley is here to dominates brunette Jennifer Anderson in on our couch, making Jenifer her fart slave in this sexy girl-on-girl scene. Katie immediately forces Jennifer to put her face into Katie's tight butt and take her farts a... 6178 views

Lucky Starr 19

Sassy Lucky Starr is reading a saucy erotica novel! Not sure what the title of today’s selection is, but it’s extra steamy while she’s reading aloud in black lingerie and passing ass blasts while reciting the text. She is fifty shades of sexy w... 4923 views

Paris Marie 8

Paris Marie has started a new diet that is not going so well. Eating healthy leaves her gassier than she thought it would, and her stomach is in knots! She is adorable in a purple bra and matching lace panties, but eventually slides out of her bottom... 5431 views

Paris Marie 9

Paris Marie doubles your pleasure! She is dressing like a dirty little slut right in front of you, in preparation for a night at the club, while also expressing a surplus of nasty farts while she slides on her pretty underthings and eventually, a shi... 5906 views

Paris Marie 10

Paris Marie’s popping polka dot bra is the ultimate eye candy as this inked-up beauty is on the pot with a plethora of gas spewing from her ass. Her cute butt plops on the seat, and instantly she is smelling up the joint! Phew! Thankfully, she is p... 5910 views

Savanna Ginger 21

Savanna Ginger has some naughty tricks in her arsenal of allure today and wants to take you along for the ride! She knows you like those nasty farts in your mouth, so she is going to treat you to all the girl gas she has been saving up. The icing on ... 5174 views