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Search Results for: brunette

Brandy Gomez 4

Brandy Gomez is taking the infamous fart chair for a ride! Those pretty Latin ass cheeks are spread open wide... and you get the perfect view of that tight asshole while she pushes out every last fart! Wait until you get a peek of that puckering ho... 7059 views

Brandy Gomez 5

Brandy Gomez is going to shake all her stink right out of her ass! Her tummy is in a lot of pain from holding in her farts all day, and now you get to benefit from it! This soft spoken gassy girl jiggles and smacks her ass, just hoping it will help h... 5036 views

Brandy Gomez 6

Brandy Gomez has some explosive farts flying out of her ass for you today! We don\'t know what she ate, but we\'re happy she did, because this gassy girl is filling the room with her funk, and those tiny little shorts of hers can\'t contain all the h... 5073 views

Brandy Gomez 7

Our Latin gassy girl, Brandy Gomez, is bent over with her ass in the air... the position that fart lovers (like you) love best! She\'s serving up nasty loud farts in this clip, so you don\'t want to miss it! Watch along as she lets all her putrid ass... 4912 views

Britney Stevens 34

What a really nice thing to hear from a hot babe like Britney Stevens - she is gassy for us today, how sweet! She ate way too much a while ago, and she is bloated up from that. You can see how bloated her belly is, and oh the suspense of waiting for ... 3664 views

Britney Stevens 35

How do you want to be farted on? A hot lady like Britney Stevens in a black room with a kinky short outfit on - that\'s how! Britney has just about nothing on, so this is farting at its finest - WOOHOO! See Britney\'s amazing body contort into differ... 3533 views

Britney Stevens 36

How do you want to be farted on? A hot lady like Britney Stevens in a black room with a kinky short outfit on - that\'s how! Britney has just about nothing on, so this is farting at its finest - WOOHOO! See Britney\'s amazing body contort into differ... 7446 views

Britney Stevens 37

The amazing Britney Stevens sure looks sexy in royal blue! And guess what? She just got back from a Mexican restaurant where she wore that dress! You know what that means - she is gassy and bloats with all that stinky Mexican food and behold, you are... 4899 views

Britney Stevens 38

That is a good girl, yes, be all tied up like that and make sure you can\'t get away and go anywhere even if you need to go to the bathroom so bad. You naughty little slut, that\'s right, fart your ass off, make it loud, the smellier the better! Stru... 4380 views

Brittany Lynn 8

Brittany Lynn knows how much you like the way she lets out all of her gas for you. This gassy girl has an ass full of farts, and she's pushing them all out without a care. She's letting loose a ton of loud smelly gas, and because you're lucky, she's ... 4146 views

Brittany Lynn 9

Brittany Lynn is bound with chains, spreading her ass open wide. This is the best position for her to let her hot gas escape that little puckering asshole of hers, and she knows it! Watch along as Brittany tries to get all of her loud stinky farts ou... 7440 views

Brittany Lynn 10

She's tied up and bound with ropes, but it's not going to stop Brittany Lynn from letting out her stinky gas! We hope you like having her farts in your face, because she's forcing all her disgusting gas out, and it's going to completely destroy your ... 4672 views

Brittany Lynn 11

Don't you love it when a gassy girl, like our Brittany Lynn, is considerate enough to get out all her ass stink before she crawls into bed with you? There's no need to smother those farts under the blanket, because Brittany's going to make sure she p... 7884 views

Brittany Lynn 12

Brittany Lynn is back with another stomach full of hot gas! She's wiggling that tight butt and smacking her ass just to help get all her stinky farts out for you. These farts are rippling out of her ass and there's no way she's going to hold back a... 6700 views

Brittany Lynn 13

Fishnet dresses, and farting fun - that's what Brittany Lynn has in store for you in this sexy video! She's sitting on her fart chair, spreading that glorious ass, and pushing out all that nasty ass stink - just the way you like it! If you can't get ... 4736 views

Brittany Lynn 14

Brittany Lynn is bent right over with her delicious rosy bottom up in the air! Her cheeks are spread wide, and that asshole is just waiting to let loose the explosive fart bombs she's been keeping inside all day. This gassy kitten is eager to squeeze... 7340 views

Cassandra Cruz and Jennifer Anderson

Sexy Latina Cassandra Cruz dominates brunette Jennifer Anderson in her dungeon, making Jenifer her fart slave in this sexy girl-on-girl scene. Cassandra immediately forces Jennifer to put her face into her big butt and take her farts at point-blank r... 26842 views

Cece Stone 8

There's nothing prettier than Cece Stone bent over with her tiny little butthole on full display. The only thing better is watching as her little hole starts to pucker and wink as she let's all her nasty gas explode right out of her booty! This gassy... 4395 views

Cece Stone 9

Cece Stone is trapped and bound, but she's squirming all over the place, just trying to work her booty into the perfect position to let her farts fly free! What's a fart slave to do when they just can't find a comfortable position to fart in? Well, C... 7443 views

Cece Stone 10

Cece Stone has some sloppy farts escaping from her butthole, but this dirty girl is so ashamed of how bad her ass stink, she can't help but giggle each time she lets one rip! Cece loves the stench of a horrible fart, and she's farting into her own ha... 4817 views

Cece Stone 11

Cece Stone is rubbing her sweet little pussy, just trying to get herself off, but nothing turns her on more than being able to push out her smelly farts while she plays with her wet pussy! This gassy girl is hitting all the right spots, and filling u... 4249 views

Cece Stone 12

Cece Stone is going to show you exactly how she likes to rub her pussy, but only if you promise to play along with her! You better get your cock in hand, so you can keep up with this gassy girl as she rubs that juicy pussy of hers! With so much gas s... 6429 views

Cece Stone 14

Cece Stone isn't holding anything back today. She's filled with raunchy, nasty farts - and she's pushing in them out so you can watch! This gassy girl is spreading her ass open wide, so you can get the perfect view of that tiny little asshole of hers... 8073 views

Cece Stone 15

Cece Stone is trying to find the best position to help her push out her horrid farts, and when she finds just the right spot; her gas comes flying out of her asshole! This gassy girl has such explosive gas that the force of them pushing their way out... 5228 views