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Search Results for: brunette

Candi Coxx 5

Is there anything about Candi Coxx that is not sexy? Her fantastic pussy is shaved, and her sweet pucker is pristine! When Miss Coxx is without a cock, and pleasuring herself, the view is top-tier. When she adds farting to the mix, and shares close-u... 5832 views

Candi Coxx 6

Candi Coxx proves that not all girls with saccharine-sounding names smell sweet! Her ass is on blast, quite literally. Showing off in sexy slow-motion is how she is sharing her latest bout of gassiness, and the end result is hot, foul and fabulous! S... 6773 views

Candi Coxx 7

Girls always blame it on the curry, and busty Candi Coxx is no exception! She finds herself full of farts and blames Indian fare, but this foul smell must be more than that! She stinks so bad and has her pink thong pulled over and resting on an ass c... 7242 views

Katt Lowden 5

Food court fare has taken poor Katt Lowden down for the count! Looking sexy as ever in a hot neon ensemble, this gassy goddess gets home and instantly gets to work working out the gas in her belly. Katt says her farts sound like tearing fabric, and s... 5829 views

Katt Lowden 9

Lovely Katt Lowden has taken her Hitachi Magic Wand out of storage and is putting her plaything to excellent use. Peek in on Miss Lowden as she holds the high-powered toy against her clit and her ass vies for attention by proffering a helping of honk... 5818 views

Katt Lowden 10

A gassy, luscious Latina ass is on the menu, and Katt Lowden is the chef! She’s cooking up some vile and vicious ass blasts and casting them in your direction, as she serves up more than a sampling of her sexy sphincter hard at work. The product is... 5673 views

Candi Coxx 9

Naughty Candi Coxx in knee-high socks is without bottoms and farting a ton, while rubbing her beautiful, shaved pussy. She just seeks to feel a better, so getting the gas out of her belly is a necessity. Oddly, she likes the putrid stench coming from... 5824 views

Katt Lowden 12

Katt Lowden is a loud sex kitten, so her name is totally apt! Today, she has joined you to share some filtered farts shot through blue shiny panties. Do you really like that smell? Lucky for you, Katt isn’t shy, so she slides those panties off and ... 3926 views

Katt Lowden 14

Look at the cute “Rock On” socks on Katt Lowden’s feet and calves as she rushes into the restroom for much-needed relief. This gassy Latina goddess is in a poor state, given her gassy belly. She makes good use of the pot as she centers her ass ... 5057 views

Katt Lowden 15

DIY diva Katt Lowden is a creative cutie who will use just about anything from around the house when putting on a show with her stinkers! She’d love to run her latest concept past you, to see what you think - she is farting on glass. She thinks it... 3894 views

Katt Lowden 22

Stretch that pucker, Katt Lowden! Look at this gassy girl! She has her ass pucker stretched as much as she can, and she is sharing her sexy farts in fabulous slow-motion! Her farts are always fierce, so we would expect her to keep them going in rapid... 22781 views

Katt Lowden 24

Have you seen sexy farting in beautiful slow-motion? If so, you know how great it looks when a gal shows her searing stinkers escaping their birthplace to enter the world in all their smelly glory. If you have yet to see such a sight, Katt Lowden’s... 6846 views

Katt Lowden 26

Looking sexy as hell in pretty blue lingerie, the stunning Katt Lowden has rushed into a small rest room to relive herself, and wow, are her juicy farts ever fierce. She has a lot to rid herself of, so she spends quite some time on the pot making a d... 5612 views

Katt Lowden 27

Don’t struggle so much; it’s pointless! This is what Mistress Katt Lowden says when she has you tied up and unable to escape the farts she is pushing out in your direction. Don’t take it too hard, she is quite a vision in stunning black lingeri... 3686 views

Sedusa D 2

Sexy Sedusa D has sped into the bathroom to take care of business, but sadly, things are not working out for her as fast as she’d like. Her farts are fierce, but she’s pushing to no avail. Her busy pucker is stinking up the small bathroom, making... 5686 views

Sedusa D 3

Flirty Sedusa D is still relatively new to farting on cue, but man, has she ever learned fast how to make the most out of a grumbly tummy! She knows you love her ass scents, dirty boy, and in a sexy green and white striped bikini, this short-haired b... 6661 views

Sedusa D 4

Sedusa D is seriously sexy in a tight black corset that accentuates her curves, and in addition to treating you to her uncovered ass, she has some gassers to share. But she’s in a bossy mood, so beware! She wants you to uncover your cock and give i... 5877 views

Sedusa D 5

Little else is sexier than Sedusa D on her back, not wearing a stitch of clothing as she rubs her shaved kitty! When this babe masturbates, her fingers work just fine. In fact, she’s so at ease during her tenacious rubbing, her ass hole releases a ... 7663 views

Sedusa D 6

Sedusa D is a spectacular maven who was made to fart on demand! With her hot black thong pulled to the side, this short-haired bundle of fun is spotlighting what her tight pucker can do when she’s gassy, and the end result is outstanding. In slow-m... 6478 views

Katt Lowden 36

Katt Lowden is stunning, but she has an ass that doesn’t quit! She has sped into the loo to release gassers and so much more. Pulling down her cute panties in a hurry, she places her divine ass on the pot and proceeds to let lewd farts fly out of h... 5840 views

Sedusa D 8

Slow-motion, close-up farting never looked so fabulous! Sedusa D’s stinky center is hard at work, producing the sights and smells we love! Turn the volume down - these gassers are ear-piercing! But her pucker looks so sexy when it relaxes for her t... 7425 views

Sedusa D 14

Sedusa D takes wet farts to another level when she pours oil on her pucker while farting! The bubbly feeling of her gassers hitting the stream of oil makes her giggle, which is unbelievably adorable. This playful starlet never fails to be entertainin... 6449 views

Risika 16

Dirty girl Risika’s hairy ass fails to disappoint fart fans - it’s just so stinky! Embellished with hair, her butt is out of this world! She takes ass stink to another level with her close-up views of nasty farts. Her pucker opens up to say hello... 5597 views

Risika 17

Daring and dirty Risika in sexy black lingerie is a sight to behold, and for fans of female farts, she has much more to offer than just great views of her fantastic ass! Look at her backside, hugged in snug black material. When she pulls the bottoms ... 4642 views