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Search Results for: brunette

Melody Jordan 8

Melody Jordan likes to have a ton of coffee before work, which makes her super you\'re in luck! Melody is bending that pretty ass over, and letting you get a good peek of her pretty pink asshole! It\'s hard to believe the farts that are fl... 4186 views

Melody Jordan 9

Melody Jordan knows the best way to prepare for her date! The trick is to get all her nasty gas out before he arrives, so that\'s just what she plans to do! And boy does she have a lot of stink trapped inside today! You don\'t want to miss this sexy ... 5037 views

Melody Jordan 10

Melody Jordan is so amused by the sounds of her own gas, the explosive farts that are shooting out of her ass are making her laugh! But she soon realizes that her stink is no laughing matter, and all it takes is one sniff for her to see just how disg... 4549 views

Melody Jordan 11

Melody Jordan is all worked up and as horny as ever! This naughty girl can\'t stop playing with her pretty pink pussy... even though she\'s pushing out her disgusting farts while she plays with that juicy clit! Is the scent of her own horrendous gas ... 6387 views

Melody Jordan 12

Melody Jordan needs you to do her a favor. She wants you to get your face nice and close to her puckering asshole, so you can take a nice big whiff as she farts right in your face! Melody knows that you love her smelly ass, and that you want nothing ... 5516 views

Melody Jordan 13

Melody Jordan is all died up, just for you. She wanted to make sure you had the perfect view of her asshole while you stroke yourself to the sounds and scents of her dirty farts! Melody always knows exactly what you want, and she\'s giving all of her... 7440 views

Melody Jordan 14

Melody Jordan knows just how pretty her pink little asshole is! The only thing that makes that tight hole of hers better, is when she\'s using it to produce her stinky farts! Melody is full of warm, rancid gas, and she\'s fingering her butthole and t... 4803 views

Miss Marie 3

Miss Marie needs to unleash something; it is a combination of her lust and her hot farts. This nice looking brunette chick seems uncomfortable at first. You can just tell that something is brewing in that stomach of hers and you know it's something n... 3498 views

Miss Marie 4

This sexy brunette Miss Marie is super kinky and nasty. She has such a strong control over her asshole that it seems like she can play a symphony orchestra with her farts. Now this is an expert in the world of fart fantasies and it would be crazy not... 3074 views

Mistress Lovely 8

Mistress Lovely is right at home in her dungeon. She loves to make her area smell like trash, and the best way to do that is for her to let all her farts loose, out into the room! We're not sure what this dame has been eating, but the stink coming ou... 3951 views

Mistress Lovely 13

Mistress Lovely is usually the dominate one, so it's strange to see her all tied up and trapped! She's full of gas, and super bloated, so she wants to make sure she gets all her farts out before her man comes back to let her loose! Lovely's farts ar... 7442 views

Mistress Lovely 14

Mistress Lovely has found herself trapped in the cage, again! She's so angry because she has to go to the bathroom, but has no idea when her man will be back to let her loose! Her only option is to try to fart as much as she can, in hopes to relieve ... 7437 views

Mya Redd 8

Sexy brunette Mya stands there with her panties down and her belly bloated. She bends over and blasts a fart! Mya then lays back on a big purple pillow, pulls her knees way up near her shoulders, points her bare asshole right into the camera, and bla... 3077 views

Serena Marcus and Juicy Lucy

Serena Marcus and Juicy Lucy are playing a game of Battle Farts! We're curious to see which one of these gassy girls has the most disastrous gas! Watch along as they compete to see just whose farts smell the most! One thing's for sure, they're both w... 3771 views

Tricia Oaks 14

Sexy alt brunette Tricia says she has to fart so much, and there happens to be a fart chair up on the coffee table! Tricia sits her ass in the fart chair and nearly falls off the table, then gets in there good and tight with her asshole pointed at th... 4460 views

Maryjane Mayhem 8

Mary Jane Mayhem is full of hot smelly farts! You’ll get the best view of that pretty pink asshole, while she pushes out all her loud gas. Mary Jane earned her last name by causing mayhem with her disastrous gas, and you’re gonna get a good whiff... 4201 views

Alina Snow 11

Alina's supper didn't agree with her and left her with a lot of rank stank in her tank. Now she's pushing her pungent percussion right through her blue jeans and into your face! The constricting clothing makes it hard to get all the gas out of her ti... 6788 views

Kat Lowden

Kat's tummy is all upset after a few beers, and now she's learning that you happen to enjoy it when a woman farts! This lovely brunette is ready to experiment and proves very flexible, hiking her legs up, rolling around, and passing the gas! Kat is v... 4773 views


Ivana had never heard of a fart fetish before today, but she was curious when she heard you really got off to girls farts. Ivana bends over revealing a back tattoo and long lean legs supporting a cute round behind. The little brown freckles on Ivan... 8296 views

Paris Marie 7

It is unbelievable how heavenly the stark naked, angelic Paris Marie looks spread out on her white comforter! Our tattooed cherub is feeling naughty today and rubs her honey pot while simultaneously farting on her delicate fingers. Her palpable puffs... 5824 views

Katie O'Riley

Curvy brunette Katie O'Riley is suffering from a bad case of gas. She's waiting for us in her living room, in a blue bra and nothing else. Katie is a little embarrassed that we'll be watching her deal with her belly sounds the only way she can ñ by ... 5831 views

Katie O'Riley 3

Curvy brunette Katie O'Riley is back again, and she's still dealing with the effects of a meal that has her stomach noisy and bloated. The only way to get relief is to let out some nasty gas. She greets us in her animal print bra and nothing else. Sh... 6071 views

Katie O'Riley 6

Curvy brunette Katie O'Riley is suffering from a bad case of gas. She's waiting for us in her living room, in a blue bra and nothing else. Katie is a little embarrassed that we'll be watching her deal with her belly sounds the only way she can ñ by ... 6213 views

Maryjane Mayhem 16

Maryjane Mayhem is looking for some R&R: relaxation and relief. Sprawled on her inviting bed, she’s enjoying some alone time stroking her kitten and letting go of some hot wind in the process. Donning sexy lingerie, she’s fully enjoying her sensu... 5818 views