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Search Results for: brunette

Gia Jakarta 7

Brilliant, this video is simply brilliant in the freakiest ways! Gia Jakarta is proving again and again why she deserves to be your favorite - she is amazingly hot and she can really make any gassy situation even gassier, and very seductive! Here she... 7439 views

Honey 4

Honey sure has a tight sweet ass, it's like you can tell that hole has never been screwed by a hard cock before. It is like a gem, a treasure, something fragile and holy that you can't do anything to violate it because it might destroy the sound of h... 4573 views

JR 13

Sexy brunette JR is going to give you every bit of flatulence she has built up inside of her, and our cameras will catch it all just for you! The sexy riot grrrl waits on the bed nude for our cameras, with a belly full of gas. She bends over with h... 4530 views

JR 14

Talk about a tight ass and a tight girl who can really rip it off. JR is not only gorgeous and brunette, she has a nice and tight body as well. The sounds of her nonstop farts are enough to turn any guy who worships farts on. The hotness just keeps ... 4022 views

JR and Miss Marie 4

The lovely tatted brunette JR got the best of the deal here. Imagine, the whole time Miss Marie is worshipping her lovely ass, accepting all the brutal farts right up her mouth and nose - YOWZA! Oh, how they love eating each farts so much, it drives... 10688 views

Jennifer Anderson

Today you're in for a special treat as we introduce a sexy brunette with a bellyful of gas! She lifts her legs and spreads her buttcheeks wide, and you can see everything as she farts in your face! She turns around and faces ass-out and on the sofa a... 6978 views

Jennifer Anderson 2

Slender brunette Jennifer Anderson is very sexy in her two-piece lingerie. And she's ready to release all the stinky flatulence that's built up in her belly. The brunette amateur lets out a variety of sounds from her tight little sexy ass, from long ... 3898 views

Jennifer Anderson 3

Sexy slim brunette Jennifer Anderson is back with more gas and smelly flatulence for our cameras. And this time, she has a very special treat for everyone with a fart fetish or ass fetish: she sits in clear plastic chair and farts right above our cam... 7556 views

Jennifer Anderson 4

Slim, sexy brunette Jennifer Anderson is lounging languidly in her bedroom. But don't be fooled: she is suffering from really bad gas! While greeting our cameras in her bedroom, she lets out several farts that would even make those with a smell fetis... 7512 views

Jennifer Anderson 5

Jennifer Anderson is struggling to hold in her gas in our dungeon. But she can't go anywhere, as we have her legs shackled over her head and to our wall! The sexy brunette finally stops struggling, and releases all the stinky gas built up inside her... 4740 views

Jennifer Anderson 7

Brunette beauty Jennifer Anderson can't avoid the inevitable any longer: she has to take those smelly farts to the bathroom, and our cameras get to follow her just for you! She sits her tight little ass on the toilet, and proceeds to let loose fart ... 6793 views

Jodi Taylor 5

Jodi Taylor looks so innocent, all in white, but she's not fooling us! This gassy girl is about as naughty as you can get! She loves to fill the room with her rancid gas, and loves it even more when you watch! Jodi's gonna shake and jiggle every last... 5422 views

Jodi Taylor 6

Jodi Taylor is back, and in your favorite position - bent over with her ass up in the air! Watch along as your favorite gassy girl get's down and dirty, covering your face in her hot smelly gas! Big farts, small farts, loud and smelly farts - Jodi is... 6999 views

Jodi Taylor 7

Well look who we've got bound up on the punishment bench! It's Jodi Taylor, but don't worry, we're not going to hurt her! We're not letting her go until she gives us exactly what we want... her nasty ass gas! We hope Jodi's full of toxic stink today,... 5489 views

Juicy Lucy

Juicy Lucy has a dirty little present for you, wrapped up nice and pretty in a dainty pink panty. She knows just how much you love her nasty gifts, so she got you something really special today - and we bet you can smell it already! That's right, you... 5070 views

Juicy Lucy 2

Nasty fart lovers listen up! Juicy Lucy has something special for you, and the only way to get it, is to get nice and close, so you can feel that special gift cover your face and fill your nostrils! Lucy loves to give you what you want, and her tight... 6136 views

Juicy Lucy 3

Hope you're ready for the farts that are coming out of Juicy Lucy's ass while she plays with herself! She sure is putting on a show - a fart show, that is! This nasty gassy girl wants nothing more than to turn you on with the stink of her ass - and w... 4738 views

Juicy Lucy 5

nows they're going to be loud and stinky. Lucky for you, she's nice enough to share them with you in this video! Lucy is one dirty gassy girl, and she'll do whatever it takes to get herself into the best position for you to watch her ass as she let's... 5937 views

Juicy Lucy 6

Juicy Lucy is trapped in a cage, and we just had to leave her in there, hoping we'd be able to contain some of her ass stink! Well, Lucy is showing us just how wrong we were, because nothing can contain the stink of her farts, especially when she ref... 7439 views

Katie ORiley 4

Pretty, pouty brunette Katie O'Riley is suffering with gas in her bedroom...and our cameras are there to capture it for you. She realizes the only way to find relief is to fart- a lot! Our crew is there to let you experience all that stinky flatulen... 4804 views

Katie ORiley 5

Sweet sexy brunette Katie returns, and we decided to switch it up a bit and tie her up in our dungeon. Her legs are strapped over her head to a post, and she's looking lovely struggling in her striped one-piece. She is embarrassed about her gas, bu... 3770 views


Laura's been holding in her gas all day. After all, it's not really polite to let your rancid farts loose in the classroom! Lucky for you, she's ready to let all that built up stink loose right now, while you watch! As soon as Laura bends over, that ... 5068 views

Laura 2

Laura's got herself into a bit of a pickle. She just had dinner, and now she's stuck and bound to the punishment bench. Her tummy is so bloated from the meal she had - so she's got no choice but to let that stinky ass-air loose! With each smelly fart... 7438 views

Laura 3

Laura\'s spreading her ass wide open, so you can see every inch of her glorious puckering asshole as she lets her farts loose! “Here it comes,” she says, just as a loud and long fart makes its presence known! The room is full of rancid ass stink now,... 3371 views