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Search Results for: brunette

Jasmine LeFleur 36

Jasmine LeFleur looks awesome in soft pink lingerie, but things took a nasty turn when she pulled down her sexy lace bottoms and plopped her big white ass on the pot to do some work! She needed to drop a load, and this dirty deposit was accompanied b... 6237 views

Jasmine LeFleur 37

Oh boy! Fun-loving MILF Jasmine LeFleur has some bad gas to contend with, and she’d love to share it! She is not a total fan of farts, but she loves enjoying men who enjoy loud ass rippers! She has some impressively long farts to put forth, so good... 3741 views

Jasmine LeFleur 39

Jasmine LeFleur has a big booty, and the size of her sphincter seems to accentuate all of the MILF farts escaping her ass! She felt gassy on this day, and wearing only a dress, and no panties, she hiked up her frock and went to town, ridding her siza... 3822 views

Paris Marie 31

Paris Marie’s ass is on full display while she farts with her slutty black dress hiked up. There is no way she wears this outfit in public, but she has put it on to impress her kinky fans of stink! She commands one’s full attention as she keeps t... 4312 views

Paris Marie 33

After rushing into the bathroom, tattooed MILF Paris Marie hiked up her cute jean skirt and plopped her white booty onto the pot to rid herself of all the waste plaguing her belly and making her uncomfortable. The stench was atrocious, but she was te... 4851 views

Paris Marie 34

Fetching Paris Marie hiked up her orange dress, exposing her bare ass, before pushing out some outstanding farts. Her stink level is as high as ever as she remains silent, while her farts remain deadly! While there are no sexy words escaping her lips... 3859 views

Paris Marie 36

Paris Marie is known far and wide for her awful farts, and when she released a slew of gassers during this fart event, there was no denying how disgusting it was! She made the room smell worse than a barn! Ms. Marie is a mom who is forever feeling pr... 3426 views

Carrie B

Introducing sexy starlet Carrie B! She is a stinky girl, and her first time farting in front of the camera was fabulous! Her sweet ass produced some noxious odors, and she looked so sexy while she spewed the stink bombs! The slow-motion allows fans o... 9019 views

Carrie B 2

Carrie B is a sexy girl, and she likes attention when she is feeling gassy. Check out her nice white ass while she delivers some deathly butt missiles. She is such a stinky girl, and with close-up views, the whole affair will feel like she is farting... 7042 views

Carrie B 4

Slender Carrie B rushed into the bathroom to relieve her full bladder, but once she was in the seated position, she realized she had to do much more than urinate! She pissed a ton, but she also had some gas that needed to be released, so she was on t... 4627 views

Carrie B 5

After a meal out with friends, captivating Carrie B was hit with a formidable bout of gas, and she was certainly in the mood to complain about it while she was ridding herself of nasty gassers. Swearing off hot sauce was one proclamation she made whi... 6906 views

Carrie B 6

Why does it hurt so bad? This is what Carrie B ponders while she battles a menacing eruption of stinky ass explosions. She speculates it was the street tacos that are taking her down, but regardless of the source, she needs to push out the methane in... 5129 views

Carrie B 7

It is Carrie B’s time of the month, and perhaps that is what has made her so terribly gassy! She is in the mood for some kinky play, and she would love to sit on your face and feed you the filthy farts you crave from her! She will not stop doling o... 3927 views

Aliza Lauren

We would love for you to meet sexy Aliza Lauren as she is one of the fabulous new Fart Fantasy additions! Her cute white bootie patootie is a smelly one for sure, but that is why we love her so much. Go along for the ride as this foxy minx farts on f... 5272 views

Aliza Lauren 2

Now that’s one dirty booty! Look closely because inked up MILF Aliza Lauren failed to do a decent job of cleaning herself up, and now she’s feeling gassy, and we shall see how productive this series of farts proves to be! She is a sexy lady, but ... 4839 views

Aliza Lauren 3

Aliza Lauren is an inviting woman, and she would love to welcome you into her place to sniff up the stench emanating from her thong-covered ass. This dirty girl has no shame about her gassy condition, and she has more fun finding relief when she know... 4073 views

Aliza Lauren 5

Tattooed tart Aliza Lauren was at her loudest and smelliest during this torrid trip to the potty! She was fully nude for this endeavor, which totally adds to the allure as she frees bombs from her booty over and over! These stinkers are no joke, and ... 4965 views

Aliza Lauren 10

Awesome Aliza Lauren always looks fantastic, but when she’s naked and gassy, she looks outstanding and smells atrocious! Wow! This was one sexy fart session and should be considered a must-see for those who lust after outgoing, pretty ladies with d... 4291 views

Tala Black 10

Tala Black’s awesome ass will not let you down! Trust Tala to always be gassy and good to go as she releases a series of farts into the air, headed straight for your face. She is not for the weak-hearted, as she is a filthy MILF, fitted to only the... 2984 views


We are thrilled to introduce Zayda, a sexy woman with super-sized farts! You will literally be blown away by this curly haired babe who loves attention and is not afraid to flip up her skirt and show men her dirty bootie! Get to know this angel as sh... 6636 views

Zayda 2

Being woken up with a terrible case of gas is the worst, and poor Zayda recently fell victim to this condition. All she wanted was a peaceful nap, but the rippers rumbling out of her ass were something else! She was so stinky and gross, but she had t... 4644 views

Zayda 4

Recently, spicy siren Zayda invested in some sexy red underthings, and the very first time she put them on at home, she suffered some awful gas. Like the refined lady she is, she headed to the bathroom to let go of these gassers, and she looked so se... 4165 views

Zayda 5

Hot and perpetually gassy Zayda was not wearing any panties when she was struck with awful gas attack, and this is a good thing because her myriad dirty farts would have stained panties! Check out her awesome ass as she hikes up her skirt and shares ... 5086 views

Zayda 6

Zayda has some farts for you, so come join her party for two! She is so very adorable, and when she is gassy, she is a fart-lover’s dream come true! There is no denying her sex appeal, and the sounds that pucker of her produced were sensational! Th... 3875 views