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Search Results for: sexy lingerie

Chrissy Cruz

Chrissy is our newest fart girl here are Fart Fantasy and she is so amazingly hot and she has the best, most stinky, boner inducing farts you'll ever hear! Not to mention she has some huge ass DD+ titties! Ya know what I'm sayin'? This sexy latina la... 4711 views

Chrissy Cruz 2

Chrissy just got back from working out at the gym. She had to come back early because she started farting too much! She's still in her workout outfit; her spandex top and pants. This sexy latina lady has some of the nastiest gas we've ever experience... 4030 views

Chrissy Cruz 4

Chrissy is here to fart for you again, this time on the couch, in a very sexy short, tight jean skirt that allows her ass cheeks to hang out nicely and a tight tanktop shirt that displays her huge ass titties like the prizes they are. She's got on a ... 4094 views

Chrissy Cruz 8

Chrissy, our favorite latina farter is back for more ass-gassing! She does her very first ever toilet-farting scene, that's right - Chrissy on the toilet! This is one of her best clips, and you've got to get it! This is a candid style clip, no talkin... 4821 views

Chrissy Cruz 11

Chrissy is back, today she's in bed and she's feeling very bloated and gassy. She's got on a black tank top and a pair of black full bottom panties, very sexy. She bends over, lays on her back and just works that bloated feeling out by blasting fats ... 3709 views

Daejha Milan 3

Daejha Milan returns to entertain you - this time she's wearing a black nightie with no panties, and she's sitting on the coffee table! Daejha wants to show you what a dirty girl she is. As the camera swings around behind her, Daejha blasts a loud, s... 3731 views

Daisy Layne

This is Daisy Layne's first time farting on camera, and boy is it a good day for it! Daisy has eaten way too much and she's bloated from it. She's wearing a pink blouse and ultra-short denim skirt with pink panties - sexy! She stands up, and the came... 4472 views

Destiny Day 3

Destiny Day is back, and today she's wearing a sexy little pink thong outfit and thigh highs! She's on the bed with a bad case of gas, and she's blasting farts all over the place - WOW! Destiny just keeps farting and farting and farting - so nice. Sh... 3638 views

Donna 3

Donna is on the computer today, wearing a black negligee and black full-bottom panties - sexy! She's got gas today, and she can't stop farting! The camera zooms up from underneath so you can see Donna's round booty as she unleashes a one-cheek sneak!... 3458 views

Donna 6

Donna walks in without saying a word. She's wearing a white, see-through mesh top, white thong panties, and black leather boots - sexy! The camera is set right at ass level - and what a wonderful, round ass it is! Donna pulls her thong to the side an... 3466 views

Donna 10

Donna walks into the living room, wearing a black-and-white mini-dress with black boots. She has a bad case of gas today, and wants to fart it out in front of you! She's wearing a thong today, and she sits on the coffee table for some hard-surface fa... 2936 views

Eunique Styles

Ebony fartress Eunique Styles makes her debut today, wearing a sexy black blouse and shorts. She doesn't even make it into the bathroom when she starts blasting farts! She sits on the toilet and you get to hear loud, echoing bowl blasts! Eunique spre... 4340 views

Eunique Styles 8

Sexy Eunique is nude in the living room, with her panties down, so she bends over and poots! Then she blasts a big ol' fart, followed by a few more! Then Eunique pulls her butt-cheeks wide apart and the camera zooms in to catch her blasting more fart... 3178 views

Eva Ellington 5

Eva is nude in the living room today, and she isn't feeling well. She's been suffering gas pains, and she curls up on the chair with her ass pointing at the camera, and blasts some really loud, stinky farts! She doesn't just have gas coming out the b... 4536 views


Introducing Fiona, a sexy brunette who ate a burrito last night, and is now bloated with gas from it. She immediately blasts a great big fart in her denim mini-skirt, followed by more big, bubbly farts! She lifts her skirt and she's wearing no pantie... 4417 views

Fiona 3

You wanted to see more of Fiona, so here she is - naked in a chair! She leans to the side, pulls her butt-cheeks apart, and blasts a big fat fart into your face! Then she stands up, bends over, and farts some more! Fiona is one of the best little far... 4206 views

Hanna Cruz 11

Hanna has returned to the fart courch right after she had some lazagna and it's on it's way out with a nasty vengeance! Her farts are lethal so beware. She's wearing a black dress with her red and black striped panties on, and she pulls them to the s... 3744 views

Hanna Cruz 12

Hanna is back and she's on the couch today. She's wearing a blue and white striped baby t shirt and a pair of pink ruffly thong panties! Very sexy. She bends over, lays on her back and side and even pulls her panties over to show you some close up sh... 3531 views

Hanna Cruz 15

Hanna is back and today she's in bed, absolutely naked! This sexy pro farter has one of the sexiest naked booties we've seen. She bends over, lays on her side and on her back, all spreading her cheeks so you can see her naked asshole as it releases i... 4129 views

Hanna Cruz

Hanna Cruz is our newest gassy girl here at Fart Fantasy. This sexy brunette babe is dressed in a pair of tight fitting blue jeans and a gray top. Listen as her beautiful booty blasts some smelly stinkers! Hanna had some belly ache farts and had to m... 4286 views

Hanna Cruz 2

Hanna is our sexiest new brunette booty blaster and she's back at it again! This time she's got on a sexy red dress and a nice black thong that lets the farts just sail on through! This gassy girl is a real natural at farting sexy! This is beauty's b... 3560 views

Hanna Cruz 3

Hanna Cruz is back with more fabulous farts for you! This time she's in a sexy black dress with some killer pink mesh booty-fitting panties. Watch as she bends over and lets them rip right in your face! If you like Hanna's other clips, you're gonna d... 3714 views

Hanna Cruz 4

Hanna Cruz is gassy and ready to give you some of her special ass fragrance. In this clip she's wearing a sexy zip-up skirt and spaghetti strap top. Under the skirt she's got a sexy pair of crack-hugging full bottom panties. In this clips she pulls h... 3574 views

Hanna Cruz 6

Hanna finally takes all her clothes off and gives you some ass gas in the nude! Check out her sexy titties and amazing ass as she bends over and fills your nostrils with lovely flatulence! She gets into lots of hot positions and you get to see her bo... 3206 views