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Search Results for: sexy lingerie

Imani Rose

Today we introduced a cute little ebony beauty - Imanie Rose. Imanie is wearing a bra, panties and fishnet thigh-highs. She lays back on the sofa to watch TV and starts blasting farts! She;s also eating and it's so sexy to see her eat and fart at the... 3661 views

Imani Rose 3

Returning for your viewing pleasure is sweet ebony Imanie Rose. She gets on all fours and sticks her bare asshole into the camera and blasts a fart! You can see her stink hole open wide as she releases her gas into your face - YIKES! The camera hangs... 3818 views

Imani Rose 4

Iamnie is on the bed, wearing only a cute pair of pink panties and gold heels. She pulls her legs far apart and lets an airy fart hiss through her panties! She lays there stroking her pussy, then gets on all fours and crawls around the bed farting - ... 4018 views

Imani Rose 5

Imanie stands with her bathrobe open, wearing thong panties underneath. She wants you to watch her. She's trying to be sexy, when she blasts a fart! She spreads her booty and blasts a fart right through her thong! She plays with her tits, then bounce... 4244 views

Jackie Avalon 3

Sexy Jackie walks into the bathroom because a smoothie did not agree with her stomach, so she sits on the toilet and blasts some nasty stinky farts into the bowl! The camera hangs in there and gets it all and you can see her pink little asshole strug... 4249 views

Jackie Avalon 6

Sexy Jackie had some eggnog, and she's got a stomach ache so bad, she thinks she may have food poisoning! She lays back and blows some nasty stinky squeaky farts right into the camera - BOO-YAH! Jackie's farts really stink up the room and she's got l... 3397 views

Jackie Avalon 7

Sexy Jackie is bloated today from a bunch of Mexican food she ate earlier, and she's about to expel all that gas out of her asshole right in front of you! She leans over and pulls down her panties and you can see her little pink asshole open wide as ... 4627 views

Jackie Avalon 12

Sexy blonde Jackie walks into the bathroom nude, holding her belly. She sits sprawled on the toilet and starts blasting big, wet, stinky farts into the bowl - OH YEAH! She says it's uncomfortable. You can see her underside squirm as she blasts that g... 5246 views


Today you're in for a special treat as sexy brunette JR farts on camera for the first time! She's wearing jeans, and she blasts a great-big fart through those jeans, then another! She pulls her legs way up and says her pants are too tight, then lean... 4841 views

JR 2

Remember the new girl from last week, the hot little brunette named JR? Well, today she's back, she's nude, and she's got a bad case of the farts! She sits on the coffee table, and blasts a tasty fart against the hard surface! Then she gets onto the ... 5055 views

JR 3

JR runs into the bathroom wearing a see-thru net dress, and sits on the toilet. She's leaning over and straining, then she gets up and turns around, facing ass-out on the toilet seat, when she blasts a fart! Her ample behind is hanging off the edge o... 5938 views

Jazmyne Starr 14

JrnToday sexy Jazmyne is sitting spread-legged on the sofa wearing only a skirt and no panties! She says she's hungry, and grabs a muffin to eat, and farts! She's dribbling crumbs and stroking her pussy, then she spreads her legs and farts! She says ... 4163 views

Jizzelle Jennings

You're in for a special treat today! Making her debut is Jizzelle Jennings, a sexy little brunette who's bloated with chili-cheese-fries farts! She leans over and blows a couple silent-but-deadlies, then lays back on the sofa, spreads her legs, and p... 3777 views

Jizzelle Jennings 4

Jizzelle is on the bed, nude. Her stomach hurts from something she ate last night, so she spreads her legs and lets a couple of airy farts hiss right into the camera! You can see her asshole struggling to get the gas out - WOW! She rolls onto her sid... 4180 views

Julia Coburn

Today you're in for a special treat, as sexy little blonde Julia Coburn makes her debut! She lays back on the loveseat and lets some cute little poots through her teeny tiny shorts! She lays on her side and pulls her buttcheeks apart and poots some m... 4293 views

Julia Coburn 3

Julia has an ottoman, an end table, and a chair lined up, and she says she is going to fart on all of them! She sits on the ottoman and blasts some uber-sexy farts right through her lacy thong panties! Then she gets on her knees on the ottoman and pu... 4382 views

Julia Coburn 5

Sexy blonde Julia is nude on the bed, and she says she wants to give you some farts today, and she hopes you like them. She rolls onto her side and pulls her buttcheeks apart and starts farting - YOWZA! She sticks her ass in the air and you can see h... 4818 views

Julia Coburn 6

Sexy blonde Julia walks into the bathroom wearing a tiny thong, which she pulls down before sitting on the toilet. Once on the toilet, Julia unleashes a barrage of bowl-blasting loud farts! She pulls her knees way up and the camera zooms down between... 4934 views

Julia Coburn 7

Sexy blonde Julia ate some tacos, which gave her some nasty farts. She's talking about the tacos she ate, and how they gave her some bad gas. She sits with her ass hanging over the edge of the bathtub and starts blasting farts through her thong panti... 4394 views


Making her debut today is Kartier, a sexy ebony girl who has never farted on camera before! She's naked on the bed and she feels like she has to go and her tummy hurts, so she pulls her buttcheeks apart and blasts gas into the camera! She keeps blast... 4159 views

Kartier 3

Sexy ebony Kartier is back to fart in your face some more! She's wearing a tiny thong bikini and she says her stomach hurts really bad, so she pulls her buttcheeks apart and blasts some nasty sounding farts right through that thong - BOO-YAH! Then Ka... 3389 views

Kartier 4

Kartier is wearing an ittybitty sexy spandex thong outfit, and she's got a bad case of gas today! She sticks her ass into the camera and you can see her asshole k out the side as she blasts a big fat fart through her thong! Then she does it again and... 3541 views

Kartier 5

Kartier walks into the bathroom in a sexy dress, holding her tummy and wailing about her bad gas. She pulls up her dress and sits on the toilet and with the camera right there at her ass, blasts the toilet full of nasty farts - YOWZA! Kartier's farts... 4195 views

Kartier 6

Kartier is on the sofa, wearing a bra and pink leggings. She squats on the sofa with her ass in the camera and blasts farts into your face! She rubs her tummy and keeps blasting gas out of her ass - OH YEAH! Kartier is on her knees with her ass hangi... 4661 views