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Search Results for: sexy lingerie

Marlena 5

Sexy Marlena is wondering why the place is a mess. She bends over to discover she's been robbed, and blasts a fart! Then she doubles up on the floor and can't stop farting - WOW! She's having a fit over losing her stuff and farting the whole time! Sh... 5019 views

Marlena 7

Sexy latina Marlena runs into the bathroom and sits on the toilet and blasts a huge, long wet one into the bowl - BOO-YAH! Then she says it feels so good. She's nude and hot and thinks she's done farting and flushes the toilet, then leans over the tu... 6872 views

Marlena 8

Remember the sexy farting latina girl, Marlena? Well, she's back with more gas for you! She's wearing a sexy see-thru bra and thong panties, and she leans over and blasts a fart! She wants to show you her sexy outfit, but she keeps blasting farts! Sh... 3918 views

Marlena 9

Remember sexy latina Marlena? Well she came back, and she's wearing a cute little thong and matching bra! She starts farting, but says her panties are constricting, so she removes them and starts blasting farts in your face and telling you that you s... 4201 views

Marlena 10

Today sexy latina Marlena walks into the bathroom wearing a leopard-print negligee. She removes her panties and sits on the edge of the tub with her ass hanging off the edge. The camera is right under her ass and she's blasting big inky farts right i... 4548 views

Marlena 12

Sexy latina Marlena is back to fart for you in a sexy see-thru outfit! While she's showing you the outfit, she's blasting farts! Then she bends over and farts and acts embarrassed - NICE! Then she removes her panties and blasts bare-asshole farts rig... 4373 views

Marlena 13

Sexy Marlena is sitting in the fart chair on top of the coffee table, with her asshole and pussy hanging between the clear plastic slats. Sitting in this position makes Marlena fart - it squeezes the gas right out! You can see her asshole struggling ... 6148 views

Miranda Gomez

Today you're in for a special treat as we introduce sexy latina Miranda Gomez! Miranda has never farted on camera before, and she's nude on the bed. She gets on all fours and pulls her buttcheeks apart and she's not shy - she lets her farts fly! Mira... 4305 views

Miranda Gomez 2

Sexy latina Miranda is back to fart for you some more! She pulls her dress up and she points her bare asshole at you and blasts a fart! Then she rolls onto her back and pulls her legs way up in a rimming position and farts in your face! It looks like... 4537 views

Miranda Gomez 3

Sexy latina Miranda Gomez is wearing a cheerleader skirt and sitting in the fart chair on top of the coffee table today! The camera zooms underneath and you can see her bare asshole stick way out as she blows ass kisses at you! Miranda's got a lot of... 4672 views

Miranda Gomez 4

Sexy latina Miranda Gomez is back again! She pulls her legs up in a rimming position and starts blasting huge farts through her pink panties! Then she faces ass-out on the sofa and pulls her buttcheeks apart and lets some airy farts hiss through. She... 4058 views

Miranda Gomez 6

Sexy latina Miranda Gomez walks into the bathroom naked, lifts the toilet seat, and sits down. She lifts one cheek and starts blasting farts, and the camera is right there catching it all! She holds her buttcheeks apart and you can see her bare assho... 4439 views

Myeshia Nikole

Brace yourself for a special treat, as we introduce Myeshia Nikole, a sexy ebony beauty with a bellyful of gas from some nasty Italian food she ate! Myeshia pulls her dress up and blasts a big stinky fart right into your face! That fart is followed b... 5505 views

Myeshia Nikole 3

Myeshia sits on the sofa with a tummyache, wearing thong panties. She pulls those panties to the side and blasts big farts in your face - woohoo! She just keep farting and farting, and you can see her tight little asshole open up when she does! What ... 3558 views

Myeshia Nikole 4

Sexy Myeshia has a terrible tummyache and she wants to know if you want to see her fart. Of course you do! So she sticks her bare asshole right up there tight in the camera and blasts some huge stinky farts right into your face - BOO-YAH! She lays on... 7522 views

Myeshia Nikole 7

Sexy ebony Myeshia walks into the bathroom, wearing a bra and tight-tight short-shorts, and you can see how bloated with gas she is today. She drops her shorts and sits on the potty with the camera level with her ample booty, and starts blasting fart... 4599 views

Mz Britney 4

Sexy Mz Britney is asleep in bed, when she farts herself awake with a big blaster! She woke up in some strange guy's bed after a night of drinking - betcha it was YOUR bed! She spreads her cheeks apart and farts bare-ass into the camera - NICE! Then ... 4133 views

Nevaeh Keyz 2

Remember Nevaeh, the new girl from last week? Well, today she's back, and she wants to treat you to some jeans farts! She sits in a chair with her butt to the side, and fills those jeans with huge, juicy, bubbly farts! She says her tummy hurts, so yo... 5491 views

Nevaeh Keyz 5

Sexy Nevaeh runs into the bathroom wearing a bra and panties, saying her tummy hurts. She pulls down her panties and spreads her asscheeks and starts blasting huge, long, juicy farts into the bowl! You can see her asshole pooch out as she farts - NIC... 5263 views

Nevaeh Keyz 8

Sexy ebony Nevaeh is on the sofa in a bikini, and she's full of gas. Nevahe lays on her side and pulls her buttcheeks apart and blasts a fart through her thong! Then she does it again. You can see her asshole push to the side of her thong and peek ou... 4751 views

Nevaeh Keyz 9

Sexy ebony Nevaeh is on the sofa, and she's got some gas today. She's got on pink striped bra and panties and thigh-high fishnets! She lays back on the sofa and farts right through her thong panties! Then she dispenses with the formalities and just p... 5497 views

Nevaeh Keyz 10

Nevaeh is sitting in the fart chair, with the camera underneath, and she's blasting huge stinky farts! That's right - you can see her asshole pooch way out as she farts - SEXY! She's really full of gas today, and she's farting it all out like crazy a... 6122 views

Nevaeh Keyz 13

Sexy Nevaeh is on the bed, naked. She lays on her side and pulls her buttcheeks apart and blasts a huge fart! Then another, and another. In fact, Nevaeh just keeps blasting fart after fart after sexy-ass fart right into your face! She knows you like ... 6153 views

Nevaeh Keyz 14

Returning to entertain you with her ass is sexy Nevaeh Keyz! Today Nevaeh is sitting in an office chair, wearing tight-tight-tight leggings! The cmaera zooms in on her ass as she pinches out a couple of squeakers. Then she lifts one cheek and does so... 5894 views