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Search Results for: sexy lingerie

Angelica Raven 7

Spandex-covered ass - that's how this clip starts. Angelica then smacks her ass and farts! Then she plays with her tits. Then she rolls around and blasts a huge fart through her pants and into your face - OH YEAH! She pulls her legs up and just keeps... 5235 views

Angelica Raven 8

Angelica is in the kitchen wearing a T-shirt and ruffled panties when she bends over and blasts a fart into the camera! Then she blasts another one. And another! The camera zooms up as she blasts gas through her ruffled panties. Then Angelica pulls h... 5084 views

Ariel X 15

Sexy blonde Ariel is getting ready to go out, but she always gets gas before a date! Her solution to the problem is to eat a lot of gas-producing foods, like the beans she ate today, and fart all the gas out before she goes out! Ariel pulls her thong... 5140 views

Aries Knightly

Today we introduce sexy brunette Aries Knightly. She's been out all day, driving, and she has cramps from eating Mexican food in the car all day! She's on the sofa wearing a little black dress, and she blows a silent but deadly! Then she spreads her ... 6468 views

Aries Knightly 2

Remember the new girl from a few days ago, Aries Knightly? Well, today she's back to entertain you with her ass! Despite the bad gas she got the other day, she ate something crazy again today! She starts out blasting a huge fart right through her cut... 5013 views

Aries Knightly 3

After that last awesome clip of Aries, you demanded to see more of her so here she is! Today she's wearing a tube top and booty shorts in a leather chair. She immediately blasts a huge fart, and lays back and plays with her pussy! Then she drops her ... 7130 views

Aries Knightly 4

Sexy Aries is in the kitchen today, wearing thong panties! She starts out blasting a fart through her thong - NICE! Then she pulls down her thong and rips some real stinkers, and then just takes those panties off altogether. She spreads her cheeks an... 8017 views

Aries Knightly 9

Sexy Aries is wearing a black mesh dress. There is nothing on TV, so she plays with her pussy. Then she sticks her ass right into the air and blasts a fart! The camera zooms in and delivers some really great bare-asshole farts straight to your face. ... 6190 views

Ashley Heart

Ashley has never done any kind of farting stuff on camera before, but she sure gives it a good try! In this clip she's wearing a black miniskirt, black fishnet stockings, a pink bikini style top and high heels, very sexy looking! The blonde hottie ha... 4692 views

Ashley Heart 2

Ashley is back and she's got some more delicious farts to share with you! This clip is packed full of nasty farts, wow, she just lets them rip in this one! Ashley's got on a brown bikini with full bottoms on, very hot, very good for farting in! This ... 3658 views

Ashley Heart 3

Ashley is naked and hanging out on the couch today. She's got a belly ache and needs to get some farts out to feel better, and you get to watch! Excited? Ready for some nasty smelly, loud sounding butt blasts? I thought so! In this clip Ashley bends ... 4299 views

Ashley Heart 6

Ashley needs to get her gas out on the toilet today. She walks into the bathroom, sees you watching and tells you she has to fart and you get to watch and smell it! She's got some gross smelling, loud ass farts she blasts into the toilet bowl, beauti... 4165 views

Ashley Heart 8

Ashley is back on the toilet, but today she's wearing her glasses, has a pink top and tight jeans on, and this is a candid style clip, she doesn't talk to the camera. Lots of hot angles in this clip as she lets loose some of the nastiest smelling, an... 4972 views


Ava is first time farter, but she gives you a bonus-length, nearly eight-minute performance! This dark-haired goddess has eaten something that is filling her with gas. She is wearing a black top with little cherries printed all over with some booty s... 4778 views

Ava 3

va's back again to blast you away! She ate something bad, like always, and it's giving her the worst gas! She is wearing a see-through top and no panties. It's a really sexy outfit! This clip is chock-full of loud, gassy farts. The smell of these far... 4041 views

Ava 5

Ava's back again, and boy, has she cooked up some farts for you! Ava just wolfed a hot pocket and it is giving her gas. She can't resist hot pockets, so she's making another. She's wearing a black lace-up corset and no panties. That's sexy! The shots... 4461 views

Ava 6

Ava's here to fart for you again! She can't remember what she ate, but it's giving her some really nasty, stinky gas. She is wearing a purple mesh top with black lace panties - what sexy sleepwear! The farting positions that she does in this clip are... 3726 views

Ava 7

Ava has returned for more farting! This sexy dominatrix brunette really knows how to fart. She has eaten some bad food from the other day and it's made her gassy all day! She's wearing a black lacey outfit with a black bra and black full bottom panti... 4250 views


Miss Bitten has decided to come fart for us today. You may have seen her around on other stores, she's a fetish mistress and she can fart like a professional! She came over in a pair of tight yoga pants and a tank top. This sexy blonde milf has some ... 5968 views

Bitten 2

Bitten has returned and she's about to take a nap but she's got a horrible belly ache and needs to fart her pain away. She's wearing a white tube top and pink kitty booty shorts, very sexy! She is on the couch and she even rolls over and onto the flo... 7089 views

Bitten 3

Bitten is just chillin on the couch and she's a bit gassy. She's wearing a pair of gray full bottom panties with no top! This sexy blonde has got some horrible smelling gas that sounds loud and gross as hell coming out, beautiful! Bitten bends over, ... 4100 views

Bitten 4

Bitten is sitting on the black stool today after she's just got back from work. She's wearing a black bra and thong panties, very sexy body farting some very nasty farts! She bends over, leans back, lifts a leg and farts with her ass flat on the hard... 4144 views

Body Language

Body Language really loves to show off her ass language. In her very first fart-clip, she's wearing a thin, white top and pink undies. Watch as her ass explodes. its raunchy and sexy when she squeezes out her many airy, rumbling farts that will keep ... 4085 views

Brandy and Vanessa Naughty 4

Brandy and Vanessa are wearing bikinis and snuggling on the bed. Vanessa licks Brandy's ass and demands that Brandy fart, which she does! Vanessa then licks the farts right out of Brandy's ass while you watch. Brandy pulls her legs up and keeps farti... 19353 views