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Search Results for: sexy lingerie

Coco Velvett 4

Sexy brunette Coco walks into the bathroom and drops her cheerleader skirt and sits on the toilet. She leans over and the camera zooms around as she blasts a big fart right into the bowl! You can see her asshole struggle as she blasts another big far... 4976 views

Cristi Minaj

Debuting for your viewing pleasure today is Cristi Minaj, a sexy brunette wearing tight shorts! The camera zooms up underneath and catches her first fart on camera, and it's a blasty one! Then she farts some more - BOO-YAH! Those shorts really hold i... 4115 views

Cristi Minaj 2

Cristi is standing there pulling her buttcheeks apart and farting into the camera! She asks if you're ready for another one and does it some more! She's having a lot of fun farting in your face, and you can see her bare asshole pooch out as she blast... 3812 views

Cristi Minaj 4

Sexy Cristi is back again for more, so she pulls her buttcheeks apart and you can see her bare asshole next to her thong as she farts! She stands there pulling her cheeks apart and farting, and the camera zooms in nice and tight so you can see her ba... 3701 views

Cristi Minaj 6

Cristi is bloated with gas today, and guess what? She's wearing leggings! The camera zooms in on her ass and she farts through those leggings right into the camera lens - OH YEAH! You can see how bloated with gas her belly is. She sticks her hands do... 4463 views

Daisy Dare

Today we introduce a sexy girl named Daisy Dare! She's got a bellyful of gas, so she bounces around to work some of it out, pulls her panties to the side, and farts bare-ass for you! She just keeps bouncing and blasting fart after fart - NICE! The ca... 3659 views

Daisy Dare 4

Daisy has a tummy ache today, so she lays back on the sofa and takes off her panties, and the camera zooms up from underneath, giving you a great view! Daisy then lays on her side and pulls her buttcheeks apart and lets an airy fart hiss! She lays on... 3351 views

Daisy Dare 5

Sexy Daisy is in the fart chair today! She's up on the coffee table, bouncing in the fart chair, when she farts! She bounces around some more to work the gas down to her asshole, and she's all spread out underneath and you can see everything because ... 4525 views

Dolly Dominatrix

Introducing Dolly Dominatrix, a sexy brunette in a fishnet outfit. She starts out blasting a fart through her panties. Then she removes her panties and farts bare-ass right into the camera - BOO-YAH! The camera zooms in tight as Dolly fingers her ass... 3952 views

Ebony Star 3

Sexy Ebony wants to fart some more, so she's naked on the bed. She rolls onto her side and pulls her buttcheeks apart, telling you to come closer. Once you're right there at her ass, she blows your hair back with a fart! Then she blasts more farts in... 4546 views

Ebony Star 4

Sexy Ebony is on the sofa, wearng a blouse and no panties. She says she had Jack in the Box today, and it didn't sit well in her tummy. She lifts one leg and unleashes a barrage of farts right into your face! Then she gets up on her knees facing ass-... 6757 views

Evanni Solei 3

Sexy Evanni rns into the bathroom and sits on the toilet and pulls her cheeks apart and farts! You can see her bare asshole pooch way out as it releases gas - NICE! She leans forward and pulls her cheeks apart again and blasts more gas into the toile... 4885 views

Evanni Solei 5

Sexy Evanni ate a huge burrito and has a ton of gas today! She's wearing nothing but red panties, which she sticks into the camera ass-first and lets an airy fart hiss! Then another. She lays on her back and pulls her legs up and blows a cute little ... 4557 views

Evanni Solei 10

Sexy Evanni is on the bed wearing ruffled panties, and she sticks her ass into the camera and farts into it! You can see her asshole struggling against the panty fabric. Then she pulls her panties to the side and treats you to some bare-asshole farti... 9784 views

Evanni Solei 14

Sexy Evanni is wearing shorts today. She reaches in her shorts and pulls her buttcheeks apart and blasts a huge nasty fart through her shorts! Then she does it again - BOO-YAH! Evanni's got a lot of gas in her belly today, and she's having fun squeez... 4723 views

Imani Rose 16

Veteran fartress Imani runs into the bathroom quickly and sits on the toilet wearing a cheerleader skirt and bra. She says she doesn't have time for this before school, and she blasts a big fart into the toilet! The camera hangs under her ass and you... 4761 views

Imani Rose 18

Sexy Imani thinks she looks cute today, and she's waiting for her friends to get there, and she's telling you all about it when she blasts a fart! Then she confides that she's got gas from eating potatoes. She just keeps farting and farting in those ... 4287 views

Imani Rose 19

Imani is on the phone, wearing a black jacket and nothing else. The camera is hanging under her ass as she sits straddling two chairs and stroking her pussy! While she's blabbing on the phone and stroking her pussy, she farts! You can see her asshole... 5891 views

Imani Rose 22

Sexy ebony Imani Rose is back to fart for you some more! today she's in a sexy leather-and-spandex outfit, and she lifts one leg and blasts a fart through her thong! Then she does it again. Imani then rolls over and sticks her ass right into the cam... 4041 views

Imani Rose 24

Sexy veteran fartress Imani is in the fart chair today with her asshole hanging between the slats. She says she wants you to get under there, and while your face is between her buttcheeks, she blasts some big fat farts into your face - OH WOW! She te... 4763 views

Imani Rose 26

Sexy Imani is posing for you nude today, and when the camera gets to her butt, she arts farting! Imani then gets up into a chair, facing ass-pout, and blows ass-kisses at you with her butthole! Seriously - you can see her ass hole ch out as she farts... 6962 views

Imani Rose 8

Sexy Imanie came back to fart for you some more today! She's in the bathtub, and the camera zooms in on her ass as she gives herself a fart-bubble bath! She farts into the water and you can see the bubbles - OH YEAH! She gets on all fours and farts b... 5326 views

Imani Rose 11

Imanie sits drinking coffee, wearing a black silk bathrobe and farting! She just got out of the shower, and she's farting so much she thinks she might need to take another shower! The camera hangs under her bare asshole as she farts and delivers it a... 4553 views

Imani Rose 13

Imanie is on the sofa. wearing a cute little negligee with no panties, and she's asking if you know her name and showing you her entire body and of course is stroking her pussy like you figured she would, when she blasts a fart! She excuses herself a... 3596 views