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Search Results for: sexy lingerie

Lynna Fox 7

Lynna's naked in bed today! Bending over with her totally nude booty flying high in the air as she struggles to work out stinky fart after stinky fart! She's got about half & half - silent but deadlies and pretty load booty blasts that will knock you... 5398 views

Lynna Fox 9

Lynna has got some bad gas today that is making her belly ache. She's sitting on the couch, wearing a pair of tight denim jeans and a black long sleeve t-shirt. She stands up, moves to the floor, pulls her jeans down and shows her big luscious booty ... 4669 views

Madison Leigh 9

Madison is back on the bench again, this time totally naked! Listen to how her farting booty sounds against the leather, check out her big sexy titties and naked booty! This is one of Madison's hottest clips yet. You have simply got to get it! 4084 views

Madison Leigh 17

Madison has got an ass full of gas and she's just aching to get all that stink out! In this clip she's hanging out in a light blue nighty and some white full bottom cotton panties, very sexy! She's on the couch and she bends into all types of positio... 3612 views

Madison Leigh vs. Janie Lynn 3

Madison and Janie are just kickin' it on the couch and both of them have got a bit of belly gas after having some pizza earlier in the evening. They are both wearing tshirts and shorts, farting as loud and long as they can! About half way through the... 6702 views

Madison Leigh vs. Janie Lynn 4

Madison and Janie are back for another dual farting clip! This time they are on the couch and both are wearing tight jeans over their stinky, gassy asses. They've both got some long, loud, stinky farts that they release on each other to gross each ot... 8138 views

Mahogany Bliss 5

Mahogany is wearing a tiny zebra-striped bikini today. She's sitting with her legs spread, and she immediately starts blasting farts! She gets on all fours on a chair, sticks her ass into the camera, and farts right into your face - SEXY! She pulls h... 4076 views

Mari Munoz

Mari has never done any farting on video before, but she gives it a good old try and does a wonderful job! She's wearing a sexy black, see thru top with very thin, black thong panties. She pulls her panties to the side and just lets loose with the st... 5005 views

Mari Munoz 2

Mari is back again, she ate some brockily soup and it has given her some nasty smelling farts, yuck! Today she is topless in bed with only a pair of short purple booty shorts on. You get to see her lovely, firm, sexy titties as she works the as gas o... 5612 views

Mari Munoz 3

Mari has returned to fart for you with her beautiful stinky booty. Today she has had a bit too much chinese food and the chicken she ate isn't working too well in her stomach. She is on the couch in a purple nighty top and short booty short style pan... 4036 views

Mari Munoz 4

Mari is back and tonight before bed, she's got some bad belly cramps and tries to fart to feel better. She is on the couch in black thong panties and a night gown. She has some nice, stinky, squeaky farts! Very sexy! She bends over and lays on her ba... 4167 views

Mari Munoz 7

Mari is back and today she is here to fart on the coffee table! It's a hard wooden surface and she knows you like to hear the sound it makes as it vibrates out of her tight stinky ass hole! She's wearing a light purple nighty and has no panties on! S... 4178 views

Mari Munoz 9

Mari has returned, and today she's finally on the toilet! We couldn't wait either - you gotta see this. She's wearing only a silk robe, with no bra or panties. She struggles and blasts off some wet, long, loud farts into the toilet bowel! So fucking ... 4200 views

Melody Nakai 4

Blasian babe Melody Nakai is nude on a chair, wearing only fishnets today. She sticks her ass in the air, and lets some airy farts hiss! Her farts get louder and louder, and then she blasts some really loud, wet farts right into the camera - SEXY! Me... 4750 views

Melody Nakai 6

Blasian honey Melody is in the bathroom, wearing a halter top and denim shorts. She removes her shorts and stis on the toilet lid, facing the tank, and blasts a fart! The camera gets up underneath Melody's ass, giving you the hound's-eye-view of Melo... 4689 views

Melody Nakai 8

Favorite fartress Melody Nakai returns with a bellyful of gas. She's nude on the bed today, and she's telling you about the food she ate - a burrito with refried beans and cheese and a soda. Melody sticks her ass into your face and lets her ass gas f... 5086 views

Melody Nakai 9

Look out, because Melody's back! Tpday she's wearing a red thong and bra. and she's blasting farts on the bed - great big sexy farts! Melody takes off her bra and starts playing with her titties, then the camera zooms up under her ass and delivers s... 4174 views

Micah James 4

Micah is in the bathroom today, wearing a black and white bikini with red trim. She sits on the toilet facing the tank, pulls down her bikini bottoms, and farts when she sits there talking about how it smells, then she pulls out her tithes and plays ... 3742 views

Micah James 9

Sexy Micah was thinking about going out, but she decided to stay in today because she's got a tummy ache. She thinks she has to fart, and she wants to share it with you - HOW NICE! She lifts her tight little dress and pulls her thong panties to the s... 4561 views

Micah James 10

Micah is standing on the sofa wearing jeans and an bikini top, when she blasts a huge fart! Then she pulls her titties out of her bikini top and plays with them. Micah's farts are very pungent, and she's wondering if you can smell them. She sticks he... 4287 views

Micah James 20

Micah is at the kitchen sink today, wearing a bikini. Whe pulls her bottoms to the side and blasts a nice juicy fart! Then she pulls out her titties and plays with them. She lifts one leg and plays with her pussy until she nearly falls off the counte... 3394 views

Missy Milano

Missy is our brand-newest farting feature at Fart Fantasy. We know you'll love her as much as we did! This sexy latina lady is wearing a sweater-dress with full bottom panties and she's a gassy girl for sure! She bends over and jumps up and down to w... 4602 views

Missy Milano 4

Missy has returned to fart for you again. In this clip she's in a jean short miniskirt and orange tube top with no panties! She's farting on the coffee table and you get some very nice close ups of her sexy sphincter blasting big ones on the hard sur... 4351 views

Missy Milano 5

Missy is busy studying for a test at school but she's just full of fart gas right now. She has to take a break from studying to get up and push out all the build up pressure in her belly. In this clip she's wearing a cute blouse with a pair of tight ... 4057 views