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Search Results for: sexy lingerie

Jezebelle Foxxx 7

Remember Jezebelle, the sexy Indian girl with an awesome big butt? Well, she came back to us with a bellyful of gas, and today she's on the bed wearing a shirt and no panties! She lays on her side and she's telling you about a big bean burrito she at... 6297 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 8

Sexy Jezebelle had some more tacos and beans, so she's back to fart for you! Jezebelle gets up on the bed naked and spreads that big beautiful brown ass of hers and arts blasting the juiciest farts into your face! Those farts smell like tacos, and bo... 4355 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 9

Sexy big-butted Jezebelle is back to fart for you some more! Today she walks into the bathroom and sits ass-out on the toilet, and starts blasting farts into the camera! You can see her bare asshole struggle to get those farts out too - WOO-HOO! That... 3846 views

Justice Jade

Justice is here to star in her very first fart clip ever. This sexy ebony babe just had a cheeseburger which has given her a bit of ass gas that she needs to be relieved of. She's wearing a red tshirt and some tight blue jeans. She's on the couch as ... 4719 views

Justice Jade 4

Justice is in bed tonight and she's got on a black dress with no panties at all! She bends over and leans to the side and lays on her back, lots of positions to show off her bare naked ass as it blasts off some of the stinkiest farts we've ever smell... 5298 views

Justice Jade 8

Justice is here to fart out her nacho gas today. She had a bit of cheesy chips before she came over and they are making her blast gas like crazy! She's on the sofa chair and the farts are light and airy, but nasty and stinky as hell! Today Justice is... 4195 views

Kendall Foxxx 3

Kendall is back today, and she\'s wearing a red bra and matching thong panties! She lays on her side and blasts a fart, then rolls onto her back and farts some more! Kendall does not think the lunch she ate was very good, since it bloated her with ga... 4249 views


Kitty is our brand newest girl here at fart fantasy and boy is she a sexy brunette natural! You may have seen kitty around doing other fetish stuff, but never have you seen her farting! She went out and had a big mexican dinner the night before she c... 6546 views

Kitty 2

Kitty is back for another farting session! This sweet, sexy brunette has got some nasty smelling gas. She has to work these ones out because they are coming from deep down in her bowels. By the time they come out they are hot, stinky silent gassy typ... 4132 views

Lana Sky

Lana Sky drops on by for her very first farting clip ever! She has got some gas built up from eating some fast food earlier. Trust me - this is some nasty ass gas! She's wearing a sexy pink-and-black plaid skirt and top with some really tiny thong pa... 4092 views

Lana Sky 7

Length: 2:59 br> Lana\'s back again with another great fart-show just for you! Today she\'s in a chair, wearing a pair of skin-tight denim jeans with a pink mesh top with no bra underneath. As she struggles to work her farts out in this clip, t... 6100 views

Lana Sky 9

Lana's back, and today she's going to give you some fart-bubbles! That's right - today she's farting in the bathtub and she's going to make some fart-bubbles just for you! She dips her naked booty right into a full bathtub and unloads her ass gas und... 3873 views

LaRin Lane

La'Rin Lane makes her debut wearing a tight turquoise dress and her long blonde hair hanging loose. She's eaten a lot of beans today, and La'Rin is filled with gas! Watch as the camera zooms up from underneath to give you a great view of her spread-o... 4857 views

LaRin Lane 3

La'Rin starts out by informing an action figure that he's in for a treat - then spreads her ass-cheeks, squats right over his head, and farts on him! Then, La'Rin holds the little guy's face right up to her asshole and blasts a hot one through her pi... 3634 views


London has never done anything like this before. She's a first time farter and she could pass for a pro! This sexy ebony babe is wearing a pair of tight jeans and a turquoise tube top. She's farting in bed and guess what, she cuts some stinkin' ass t... 4651 views

London 3

London is back and she's got something for you. Her ass has got something to say to you! It's got a bunch of blabbering to do. This sexy little ebony chick has got some real nasty ass gas that she isn't very shy about letting loose! She's wearing a w... 3689 views

London 5

London has decided to bless us with a toilet farting session! Isn't that fucking great? This was shot right after she got done with her 4th clip. She needed to get rid of the rest and she did it in the bathroom to keep the room from getting too stink... 4901 views

London 9

London is gassy and ready to rip! She's sitting in a chair with no panties and only a white bra on. She gets up off the chair and sits up on the marble table to fart with her naked booty on it's hard polished surface. This sexy ebony girl's farts are... 5069 views

Lux Play

There's a new girl on the block, and her name is Lux Play! Lux is an ebony beauty in a little black dress. Lux ate way too much gas generating food, so she lifts one cheek and blasts a big one on the sofa! She's talking about the burritos, tacos, and... 4135 views

Lux Play 2

Sexy Lux is back, and today she's wearing a cute pink-and-black negligee! She leans back on the sofa and spreads her legs and plays with her pussy - and she farts! She pulls out a titty and licks it, then blasts another fart through her thong! Lux su... 3195 views

Lux Play 6

Sexy Lux is nude in the bathroom today. She wants to play a game, so she sits on the toilet and farts into the bowl! She spreads her legs and pussy, and you are treated to extreme close-up views - NICE! After treating you to some great bowl blasts, L... 3303 views

Luxury Amore 2

Luxury came back today to fart for you some more! She's wearing a sexy zebra-striped thong bikini, and she pulls her thong to the side and does a great bare-asshole fart right into the camera! Then she removes her thong and spreads her cheeks and bla... 7271 views

Lynna Fox 2

Lynna came back to do a little more farting on the couch! This time she's got a little business-suit/bikini-thing going on that's pretty damn sexy! She's had a big cheeseburger before she came over today, and it makes her farts reek wonderfully - nas... 3772 views

Lynna Fox 4

Lynna the Fox is back, and she's going to fart in the bathtub for you today! Isn't that fucking exciting? Lynna's excellent big white booty is perfect for blasting butt bublbles in the tub! You get to see her tight stinkhole blast some big nasty smel... 3634 views