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Search Results for: fart

Kat Stevens 7

Kat's back, and she's going to treat you to some jeans farting today! She blasts a big one through her pants, then excuses herself and starts ripping the most delightful stinkers! She squats in a chair to give maximum blast, and lets you have it righ... 4558 views

Kelly 4

Kelly is on the sofa, wearing a long-sleeve blouse and no panties! The camera zooms in on her ass as she blasts a couple of little farts! She pulls her cheeks apart and blasts a big one into your face - OH YEAH! Cute little Kelly just keeps ripping f... 3982 views

Kelly 7

Cutie pie Kelly is here to fart for you some more today! She farts through her shorts and then announces it's gone but it's not because her shorts really hold in that fart stench! She's laying on her tummy on the bed and farting, then she honks one i... 5124 views

Kelsey Obsession

Boy, are you in for a special treat today! Making her Fart Fantasy debut is Kelsey Obsession, an adorable, tiny little blonde with a great-big bellyful of gas! Kelsey has had a tummyache all day, so she sticks her ass in your face and pulls her buttc... 9163 views

Kelsey Obsession 2

Cutie pie Kelsey is sitting in the fart chair, with her ass between the slats. She asks if you want to take a look at her farting asshole, and boy do you ever get a good look at it! Kelsey's asshole pooches out as she blasts farts into your face - SE... 5375 views

Kelsey Obsession 3

Sexy Kelsey is back to fart for you some more! Today she's wearing a pink bra and panties and she's bloated with gas! She sticks her ass in the air and lets some airy farts hiss through her thong panties - HOT! Then she burps, excuses herself, and th... 5613 views

Kelsey Obsession 4

Sexy little Kelsey just got back from eating a big lunch, and she's wearing tight denim shorts. She spins around ass-out on the sofa and unleashes a barrage of farts through her shorts and into your face! She says it feels good to get all that air ou... 4915 views

Kelsey Obsession 5

Kelsey is going to fart in a bag, then pop it and see how good they smell! She sticks the plastic bag to her asshole and starts out with a couple of airy farts! Then she starts blasting farts in the bag, and you can see it start to fill with gas - WO... 7290 views

Kelsey Obsession 6

Little Kelsey is wearing a cute little halter top and cheerleader skirt, which she lifts to fart through her thong! You can see her asshole push her thong to the side as she blasts that gas out - WOWIE KAZOWIE! She just pulls her buttcheeks apart and... 5559 views

Kelsey Obsession 7

Little Kelsey walks into the bathroom and pulls her panties down and sits on the toilet and immediately starts blasting long, loud, juicy farts! You can hear them echo in the bowl as the camera swings around to the rear and you get to watch her fart ... 7417 views

Kendall Foxxx 7

Ass in the air - that's how this clip starts out. Kendall rolls over and plays with her pussy while pulling her ass apart and farting! Kendall plays with her farting asshole while the camera zooms in nice and tight - NICE! She grabs a lampshade and f... 3352 views

Kendall Foxxx 8

Kendall's got her ass in the air, and she rolls over and strokes her pussy, pulling it up so you can see her asshole release a big fart! Then she blasts some more. You can see her bare asshole open to let the gas out - OH YEAH! She grabs a lampshade ... 4266 views

Kendall Foxxx 9

Kendall is talking on the phone, and she's wearing a sexy see-thru pink mesh dress. She pulls one leg up and plays with her pussy and asshole, and blasts a fart! Then she puts the phone next to her ass and farts into it - WOO-HOO! She rolls over on h... 3948 views

Kendall Foxxx 10

Kendall is in front of the mirror today, and she has more gas for you! She's sitting on the bathroom counter, so she pulls her thong panties to the side and blasts a huge stinky bare-asshole fart right into the camera - SEXY! Then she rolls her ass t... 3403 views

Kendall Foxxx 11

Sexy blonde Kendall is on the toilet, farting today. She's got her legs spread, and she treats you to a whole bunch of bowl blasters - WOO-HOO! You can hear her farts echoing in the toilet bowl and she knows you like that. Kendall lifts her ass up of... 5361 views

Kendall Foxxx 12

Veteran fartress Kendall Foxxx returns to entertain you with her ass! Today she's in the bathtub - and she's giving herself a fart bubblebath! She starts to stroke her pussy, and blasts some bubbles up the front - OH YEAH! The camera zooms in and you... 4428 views

Kendall Foxxx 6

Sexy blonde Kendall is back to fart for you today! She immediately shows you her asshole by pulling her panties to the side, and farts right into your face! She rolls over onto her back and spreads her legs and blasts another good one! Then you get t... 4408 views

Kendra Secrets 2

Kendra is here to treat you to some ass worship today! While she's crawling around, she blasts a fart! The camera zooms up from underneath and catches Kendra's bare asshole farts! You can even see Kendra's asshole pooch out as she farts right into yo... 4308 views

Kendra Secrets 3

Kendra is back, she is wearing a tiny pink top and thong panties, and she has horrible gas today - lucky you! She bends over and blasts a fart right through her thong, then the camera zooms up from underneath to catch a huge blasting fart! Kendra rea... 4261 views

Kendra Secrets 4

Cute little brunette Kendra has eaten something bad, and now it's given her a tummy ache. She's wearing a see-through black mesh mini-dress today, and it does not even come close to covering her ass. The camera zooms up from underneath, giving you th... 4108 views

Kendra Secrets 5

Kendra is nude in the living room today, and she ate something that gave her some bad, painful gas. She bends over on the sofa and starts blasting some of the loudest, nastiest farts! The camera zooms up from underneath to give you a great view of Ke... 4074 views

Kendra Secrets 6

Kendra is lounging in the living room today, and she ate something that has given her gas! She starts out blasting a huge fart through her thong panties! Then she bends over, pulls her thong to the side, and the camera zooms up so you can see her far... 4230 views

Kita Zen

Today we introduce to you a lovely Asian fartress, Kita Zen! Kita is wearing a bra and nothing else, and she really has to fart so she gets up on the bed on all fours, spreads her cheeks, and farts right into the camera! Then she does it again - WOWI... 6584 views