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Search Results for: fart

Jackie Avalon 4

Jackie is back to fart for you some more today! She has some really bad gas again so she's going to fart for you on the coffee table! She spreads her cheeks and plants her big round booty on the coffee table and lets some airy farts hiss, then she bl... 3956 views

Jackie Avalon 5

Jackie is back to fart for you some more, and she just got back from a buffet and some soup makes her tummy feel like it's going to explode! So she decides to share it with you - lucky you! She lays back and pulls her buttcheeks apart and blows some ... 3406 views

Jackie Avalon 6

Sexy Jackie had some eggnog, and she's got a stomach ache so bad, she thinks she may have food poisoning! She lays back and blows some nasty stinky squeaky farts right into the camera - BOO-YAH! Jackie's farts really stink up the room and she's got l... 3447 views

Jackie Avalon 7

Sexy Jackie is bloated today from a bunch of Mexican food she ate earlier, and she's about to expel all that gas out of her asshole right in front of you! She leans over and pulls down her panties and you can see her little pink asshole open wide as ... 4693 views

Jackie Avalon 8

Jackie is on the bed with her ass in the air, and she says she's desperate to fart becaise she's lactose-intolerant and ate some yogurt! She pulls her buttcheeks apart and farts into the camera, then says she doesn't want to push too hard! She asks i... 3987 views

Jackie Avalon 9

Hot blonde Jackie has a load of gas to blast out through her panties! She spreads her cheeks and blows a squeaker. Then she does it again! You can see her asshole struggling against her panties as she farts! Jackie then removes her panties and throws... 3556 views

Jackie Avalon 10

Jackie's back, and she's in the bathtub because she's been a dirty girl! She's not going to get any cleaner in there, don't worry. The camera swings around behind her and you can see her fart in the tub - YIPPEE! The bubbles come up the back and she ... 6187 views

Jackie Avalon 11

Jackie walks into the bathroom with a towel around her, and she heads into the shower and shuts the door. She removes the towel and spreads her buttcheeks and presses her asshole against the glass and farts! What an excellent view! The shower glass f... 3650 views

Jackie Avalon 12

Sexy blonde Jackie walks into the bathroom nude, holding her belly. She sits sprawled on the toilet and starts blasting big, wet, stinky farts into the bowl - OH YEAH! She says it's uncomfortable. You can see her underside squirm as she blasts that g... 5309 views

Jackie Avalon 13

Blonde Jackie is sitting in a rimjob position on the sofa, holding her buttcheeks far apart when she blasts farts right into the camera! Then she strokes her pussy while the camera zooms in on her asshole and you can see her pink rosebud open up to r... 3687 views

Jackie Avalon 14

Jackie is sitting in a chair, nude. She says she's been holding in the worst gas today for you! She lays back and spreads her legs and holds her buttcheeks far apart, and says her stomach is cramping as she blasts a hot juicy fart into your face! Jac... 3756 views


Today you're in for a special treat as sexy brunette JR farts on camera for the first time! She's wearing jeans, and she blasts a great-big fart through those jeans, then another! She pulls her legs way up and says her pants are too tight, then lean... 4904 views

JR 2

Remember the new girl from last week, the hot little brunette named JR? Well, today she's back, she's nude, and she's got a bad case of the farts! She sits on the coffee table, and blasts a tasty fart against the hard surface! Then she gets onto the ... 5123 views

JR 3

JR runs into the bathroom wearing a see-thru net dress, and sits on the toilet. She's leaning over and straining, then she gets up and turns around, facing ass-out on the toilet seat, when she blasts a fart! Her ample behind is hanging off the edge o... 6018 views

JR 4

JR has a bellyful of gas to fart out for you, so she lays back and spreads her legs while the camera zooms in on her full-bottom panites. She's straining and you can see it, then she blasts a big fart! JR rolls onto her side and blasts another big fa... 3561 views

JR 5

JR is nude on the bed today, and she says she has to fart. JR lays back and pulls her legs up and points her ass at the camera and rips some big farts! She pulls her buttcheeks apart so you can see in there and blasts another one - WOOHOO! She lays o... 3984 views

Jazmyne Starr 14

JrnToday sexy Jazmyne is sitting spread-legged on the sofa wearing only a skirt and no panties! She says she's hungry, and grabs a muffin to eat, and farts! She's dribbling crumbs and stroking her pussy, then she spreads her legs and farts! She says ... 4205 views

Jazmyne Starr 17

Jazmyne is in the shower, and she immediately blasts a fart! She says you caught her off guard, and she farts again! She's washing her ass and farting, too! Jazmyne sure does look cute all wet and gassy in the shower - OH YEAH! She grabs her ass and ... 3171 views

Jizzelle Jennings

You're in for a special treat today! Making her debut is Jizzelle Jennings, a sexy little brunette who's bloated with chili-cheese-fries farts! She leans over and blows a couple silent-but-deadlies, then lays back on the sofa, spreads her legs, and p... 3829 views

Jizzelle Jennings 2

Remember the new girl from the other day? Well, today Jizzelle is back, and she's splayed out in a chair, full of gas and rubbing her belly. The camera zooms in between her legs as she lets an airy fart, then she removes her panties and gets on all f... 3868 views

Jizzelle Jennings 3

Jizzelle ate too much pasta at an Italian restaurant, and now she's bloated with gas! She's laying on her side and wearing purple lace panties with the camera under her ass, when she lets an airy fart hiss through her panties! Then she sheds her pant... 3690 views

Jizzelle Jennings 4

Jizzelle is on the bed, nude. Her stomach hurts from something she ate last night, so she spreads her legs and lets a couple of airy farts hiss right into the camera! You can see her asshole struggling to get the gas out - WOW! She rolls onto her sid... 4220 views

Jizzelle Jennings 5

Sizzling Jizzelle is in the tub with a tummyache. She spreads her legs and farts against the bottom of the tub! Then she does a one-cheek-sneak, but it's not so sneaky underwater, is it? You can see her cute little poots bubbling in the water - WOWIE... 3252 views

Jizzelle Jennings 6

Jizzelle had some popcorn at the movie theatre, and it's given her stinky farts today! She's wearing Daisy Dukes, and she spreads her legs and farts right through her shorts - NICE! The denim holds in the stench and makes it linger. The camera zooms ... 4433 views